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Two girls in a classroom wearing red and white tracksuits smile and raise their hands.

Past Pioneers Future Leaders


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Past Pioneers Future Leaders


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Past Pioneers Future Leaders


A young girl in a brown school uniform sits behind a drum kit.

Past Pioneers Future Leaders


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Past Pioneers Future Leaders


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Past Pioneers Future Leaders



A School for Life

An Alex education is an Odyssey that will bring your child on an exciting journey. At 3, she will come to school excited with her satchel on her back. At 12, she will be champing at the bit of independence. At 18, she will take on the world.

Junior School


'Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul.' - Friedrich Froebel

Senior School


Academic excellence is our hallmark, embedded in a culture of vivacity, happiness, and vitality.



Being a boarder at Alex is like being in a cocoon. You have your own life; you know the world is out there but you also know it can wait for you.

It was Aristotle, my namesake, philosopher and educator. 

Areas of Excellence


Our students consistently achieve excellent results in the Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations. All of our classes and activities are structured to help our students enjoy a challenge and do their best. We celebrate success and recognise the effort put in by all of our students.


Not only do we promote sport in Alex for well-being and fitness, but our students also learn how to show up with deep presence, express themselves authentically, and embrace sincere relationships. 


Music is ingrained in us as people, and is a deeply embedded part of the culture at Alex. Here, music is for everyone, not just for those who study it formally. It's a community activity that imbues the soul of the College.


At Alex, the visual and dramatic arts imitate and express life. They are a potent means of communication and make a powerful impact on the sensory perceptions of all involved. 

Holistic Education

Our teachers are fully committed to the inclusive education offered at Alex, where the strong bond between student and teacher offers security, support, and belonging.

"Those who know do; those who understand teach."Aristotle

At a Glance


Average Leaving Cert Points in 2021


Subjects Available in the College


Leading Women's Education since 1866

Alex Stories

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I was blown away by how the school is run and the people here. They are generous, loving, and caring, not only towards the students but also towards each other, which is something you don’t really see in the workplace. Being able to work with people who genuinely care is something that is worth being a part of; being able to work with very talented and skilled people in their profession is inspiring.

Carol Higgins, Junior School Admissions

I love the ethos here. The school is vibrant and forward thinking, and I enjoyed being part of the community. I and my two daughters attended Alex, and I loved watching my daughters grow here.

Hilary O'Donnell, Parent, Past Pupil, and Former Staff

We celebrate the students of successive generations, each of whom is given significant encouragement to flourish as an individual towards the forming of a community in her time.

The Most Reverend Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin and Glendalough (Council Chair)

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