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Our Family Groups

Mixed-age learning groups develop self-esteem, collective identity, camaraderie and a happy interest in learning from and with everyone.  

Each girl in the Junior School is a valued member not only of her traditional class peer group, but also of a mixed-age family group. There are ten ‘Family Groups’ in the Junior School, each with a mix of students aged from three to twelve years.

These groups promote and encourage cooperative and interactive learning across the peer groups. The girls learn and explore together and present their findings to each other.

Within the groups, the girls learn to express and defend their own ideas and to have respect and patience as they work together. 

Great emphasis is put on exploring, recording, experimenting with language, and formulating and exchanging ideas in the group. 

The older girls are given leadership roles that help them develop a sense of responsibility toward the younger girls, which enhances their self-esteem. The younger girls benefit from their sisterly connection to those who are senior students. 


The Family Group system aims to:

  • stimulate collective working
  • develop social skills
  • create a sense of responsibility 
  • build gracious habits of respect. 


Each year the composition, theme and name of each Family Group is changed. This allows each student to work and develop with other girls throughout her passage through the Junior School.