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Alexandra College

Boarding at Alex 

Alexandra College Dublin is the leading boarding school for girls in Ireland. 

Boarding plays a central part in the life of the College, lending the school the energy, warmth and fun of a village community. The boarders in “Res”, our boarding house, form a close, supportive group of girls from all over Ireland, Europe and the world. 

Boarding at a Glance

  • We offer 5 day and 7 day boarding to girls aged 10 and up.
  • One in five students at Alexandra College is a boarder.
  • Boarders are actively encouraged to participate in the wide range of co-curricular activities available: sport, music, drama, debating, and more.
  • Our boarders come to Alex from all over Ireland and the world, including France, Russia, Germany, China, Spain, Ukraine, Mexico, and more. 
  • Construction of our beautiful new Residence, the Hermione Building, at the heart of our Campus in Milltown is set to be completed in August 2022. 

To learn more about what your Alex experience could be like, please contact our Admissions Team

Boarding makes the world feel like home.

As a boarder, you have a wonderful opportunity to form friendships that will last a lifetime and to learn first hand about different parts of Ireland and other countries, cultures and traditions. We want you to love your time in the boarding school and to feel that you are part of a large caring family. This is your home during term time. We support you to be happy, comfortable and assured.

If you stay with us in Res at weekends, you will enjoy cultural and social outings and relaxation time with friends so that your weekends are special, just as they would be at home.

If you are new to boarding, we are all happy to help and welcome you: staff and fellow pupils understand your experience and will help you to find your place in, contribute to and enjoy Alexandra College life.

We are above all else, a family.

Yvonne Ginnelly

Head of Residence


Ever wondered what it's like to be a boarding student at Alex? We sat down with some of our boarders and chatted about living and learning in Alex Res.