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Alexandra College

Boarding School 

Boarding at Alex

Alexandra College Dublin is the leading boarding school for girls in Ireland. 

Boarding plays a central part in the life of the College, lending the school the energy, warmth and fun of a village community. 

Alexandra College is a community of learners in which every member is encouraged to support, challenge and help each other for their own good and for the common good. Our boarders are central to the buzz and fun of our campus community. 

A Local and International School Community

The boarders in “Res”, our boarding house, form a close, supportive group of girls from all over Ireland, Europe and the world. 

One in five students at Alexandra College is a boarder, with the majority of our boarders coming to Alex from around the island of Ireland and staying until they complete secondary school.   

We offer: 

  • 7 day and 5 day boarding, as well as Flexi-Boarding by arrangement
  • 5 day boarders may stay in Res for weekends by arrangement
  • Day students are welcome to board for a few days or weeks with short-term Flexi-Boarding
  • caring supervision and stable daily routines
  • encouragement and facilitation of active participation in the wide range of co-curricular activities available: sport, music, drama, debating, and more
  • a vibrant, engaged Transition Year experience including work experience, TY-led initiatives and community care
  • supervised evening study with designated individual study desks
  • transport arranged to and from Heuston Station
  • boarders’ parents are very welcome and encouraged to join school committees and ACA, the parents’ association, and to join us each year at the boarders’ parents lunch.

In a safe environment that seeks to nurture independence, respect and a well–rounded, assured character, boarding students at Alexandra College are supported to explore and develop a strong sense of self. Living with others encourages empathy, understanding and fosters mutual respect for the rights, responsibilities and individuality of others.

Boarding makes the world feel like home.

As a boarder, you have a wonderful opportunity to form friendships that will last a lifetime and to learn first hand about different parts of Ireland and other countries, cultures and traditions. We want you to love your time in the boarding school and to feel that you are part of a large caring family. This is your home during term time. We support you to be happy, comfortable and assured.

If you stay with us in Res at weekends, you will enjoy cultural and social outings and relaxation time with friends so that your weekends are special, just as they would be at home.

If you are new to boarding, we are all happy to help and welcome you: staff and fellow pupils understand your experience and will help you to find your place in, contribute to and enjoy Alexandra College life.

We are above all else, a family.

Yvonne Ginnelly

Head of Residence



Ever wondered what it's like to be a boarding student at Alex? We sat down with some of our boarders and chatted about living and learning in Alex Res. 


Boarding Facilities

We are now in Phase 2 of our Campus Development Plan. Construction of our beautiful new Residence, the Hermione Building, at the heart of our Campus in Milltown is set to be completed in August 2022.  We look forward to updating the school community as our development plans progress. 

5th and 6th Year students have individual study bedrooms, affording them distraction-free personal space for this key developmental and educational period.  Best practice internationally demonstrates that this leads to improved academic performance and better all-around learning and boarding experience. All students have the option to share a room if they prefer. 

Junior boarders each share a dormitory with no more than three other girls. 

Breakfast and dinner are served in the main dining room. 5th and 6th Years also have access to their own separate kitchens and to dedicated recreation rooms, on their own floors. Transition and 3rd Years share a recreation room on their own floor.  1st and 2nd Years together with J4, J5 and J6 girls share a recreation room on theirs.

The ground floor has six individual music practice rooms, a computer area, and a dedicated study room with anytime access for all students. The entire building is Wi-Fi enabled.