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Boarding School FAQ

Are boarding students required to have a guardian?

All students must either have a parent or a guardian living in Ireland.

The College can provide a list of experienced guardians on request.

Can I give my daughter pocket money?

Yes, you can give your daughter regular pocket money but it is preferable for all students to have their own bank account with access facilities for parents.

This enables parents to guide their daughters in basic money management. Parents may also wish to leave money in the Boarding House office safe for emergencies. This way, students can develop their budgeting and financial skills.

Can the parents of boarders get involved in the school?

The boarders form a community and are at the heart of the school.

Their parents appreciate opportunities to meet and to get involved in the school. At the start of the autumn term, there is a welcome tea for the 1st Year boarders and their parents the afternoon the girls move in, the day before the older girls arrive. There is also a welcoming cup of tea for the parents of the older girls when they bring their daughters into Res.

Starting in 2014 there is an annual boarders’ parents’ lunch to which all the parents are invited, an enjoyable social occasion in a local restaurant. Boarder parents are also warmly invited to all school events and are very welcome to get involved on committees and with the parents’ association (ACA).

Do many boarders stay in at the weekend?

We have on average seventy boarders in at the weekend.

This always increases coming up to examinations.

Does Alexandra College offer short term boarding?

Day girls are welcome to board short term if required.

This is available to girls from 5th Class in the Junior School (age 10) and to all Senior School girls.

To apply, please download the document below and return it to the College. The fee should be paid online on Easy Payments Plus.

Short Stay Accommodation Application

Payment Page for Short Stay Accommodation

How are parents of boarders advised or consulted with on disciplinary matters? 

The Head of Residence and the Principal will discuss the matter with the student and then the parents will be advised in writing by the school Principal.

How diverse is the student body of the boarding school?

Our boarders come from all over Ireland and from all across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. 

At present there are boarders from Church of Ireland, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, and no faith backgrounds. All faiths and none are made welcome.

All of the different nationalities, cultures and religions in the residence house lend a diversity and vibrancy to our boarding school community and learning environment that we value enormously. It is a key element of providing a broad liberal education that prepares our students to thrive in a complex, connected, global society.

How do I arrange a visit to the school?

Please contact Ms Yvonne Ginnelly, Head of Residence, on (01) 5634530 or email her on and she will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

How easy is it for my daughter to stay in contact with her family while she is boarding?

Your daughter is allowed to use her mobile phone in the evenings after Prep (study), and can also Skype you from the computer in the hall.

If necessary, parents may call the staff Res landline or mobile number and ask to speak to their daughter if they cannot reach her on her mobile. In general, we do not encourage boarding students to speak to their parents on a daily basis as this can make them homesick.

How many boarders to a room?

For 1st Years there are two, three or four boarders per room.

For 2nd, 3rd and 4th Years, there are two boarders per rooms.

For 5th and 6th Year boarders, there are single bedrooms.

What after-school activities are there for boarders?

We have lots of sports to offer the girls in the afternoons.

Depending on the season these include basketball, soccer, hockey, cricket and athletics, as arranged by the school staff. In Res we offer aerobics twice a week (optional, no extra charge and the girls can take part on and off as suits them).

Girls who are involved in the school choirs or orchestras have the opportunity to rehearse before or after school and boarders taking music and singing lessons can use the Music Block facilities to practice. Boarders who are involved in College shows, musicals or special events will be allowed to attend after-school and weekend rehearsals.

Depending on their year group, the girls are allowed go to the local shops as appropriate.

When we visit Res, what may my daughter and I expect?

You are very welcome to make an appointment to visit Res.

You are encouraged to ask us about the daily routine, how the girls get on, about our staff and to see the entire building. If the girls are around you can chat to them and ask them how they find Res. Our staff will be happy to tell you about practicalities like laundry and pocket money arrangements, outings, and the options for taking your daughter out for a weekend, and to answer any other questions you may have.

Will my daughter have any free time at boarding school?

Although life in Alex Res is run very much to a strict routine for practicality reasons, the girls do get time to themselves.

Each girl is free from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm after school each day. Some girls may have music lessons, hockey or other sports practices, but there are girls who choose to either go out (depending on the rules for their year), or they may choose to have quiet time in their room. After Prep (homework) in the evenings, there is usually another half to three-quarters of an hour free time.