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Alexandra College

First Aid & Medical Care

A fully qualified nurse is on the Residence staff and other Residence staff hold FETAC First Aid qualifications. Medicines are dispensed each day after breakfast from the Sickbay dispensary as required.

Serious conditions are brought before the local school doctor or to the local hospital. There is a “Sick Bay” in Res for temporary use in case a girl is feeling very unwell or is contagious.

Transport for a non-urgent appointment will either be by taxi or Luas. In case of serious injury, if a doctor, dentist, or hospital visit is required, the student will be accompanied by a member of staff in a taxi or ambulance.

All boarders must have health insurance through a recognised insurance scheme. International boarders must show that they have a health insurance policy prior to arrival. EU/EEA nationals and residents are required to have a European Health Insurance Card. Non-EU/EEA nationals must show that they have an Irish health insurance policy. 


It is vital that the school is aware of any medication each student is taking to enable the appropriate care to be given in the event of illness or injury.

The health and well being of all students is of the utmost importance to us. Students with asthma are encouraged to carry their inhalers with them at all times. Under no circumstances should any student share their medication with other students.

A wide range of ‘over the counter’ medication is kept in Boarding House office medicine cabinet and will be supplied to those who need it. All students with serious medical conditions must have a doctor’s letter with them.


Students with severe allergies requiring an EpiPen should keep one with them at all times.

Boarding House staff must be made aware of students with any severe allergies. All minor allergies will be dealt with by the Boarding House staff.

Doctor and Dentist

You are free to choose your own doctor in the area, but it is often more convenient to consult one of the local practices that have both female and male doctors.

Routine dental appointments should be made outside term time where possible. If dental treatment is required during term time, older students may travel by taxi or Luas to appointments. Parents or guardians must accompany younger students.