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Alexandra College

Rules & Policies


Students are permitted a personal mobile phone.

Juniors, 1st, and 2nd Years must hand their mobiles into the office before they go to bed.

Students are not permitted to make or receive calls during prep, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Senior girls (5th and 6th Year) may not use their phones between 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

All mobile phones must be clearly named for easy identification and are kept at the girls’ own risk. The school assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to mobile phones. Students are only permitted to have one mobile phone.

iPads are used as part of learning in the College and are monitored closely so students are prevented from downloading social media applications. Juniors, 1st, and 2nd Years must hand their iPads in to the office before they go to bed. 3rd to 6th Years are exempt from these rules but are expected to use their iPads wisely.

Parents and students are expected to observe and adhere to the terms and conditions, including age restrictions when downloading apps to their devices.

Laptops, iPads and all mobile communication devices are the responsibility of students.

Parents are advised that if students have their own laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a separate internet connection, the school is unable to monitor or place any restriction on their use.

All Wi-Fi is switched off at 10:30 pm each night.

Uniform and Linen

The Alexandra College uniform is only available from Uniformity

The uniform is very practical and easy to maintain. The complete uniform must always be worn. School shoes are also available from school suppliers.

Boarders must adhere to the following uniform policy:

  • All clothing must be kept clean, pressed and mended at all times and marked clearly with students full name.
  • Formal uniform is to be worn to and from school – for 1st to 4th Year students.
  • A school jumper may only be worn as part of the school uniform.
  • School shoes must be brown leather shoes and kept clean at all times.

Linen required for boarding:

  • Duvet
  • Pillow
  • Duvet Covers
  • Sheets
  • Pillow Cases
  • Bath Towels
  • Hand Towels
  • Laundry Bag*

*Net Bags for In-House Laundry – One bag for colours and one bag for whites.

All articles of clothing and linen must be clearly marked with a clothes marker and name tags.

Lost Property

All items must be clearly labelled and kept secure in drawers or wardrobes when not in use.

Lost clothing is collected and placed in a box in the Boarding House laundry. Unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of every term.

It is recommended that all girls have their own laundry marker pen to ensure that all items of clothing brought into Boarding House are always clearly marked.

Lost items of value e.g. wallets, phone, jewellery are kept in the Boarding House office until collected by the owner.

Boarders are discouraged from borrowing other girls clothing, jewellery and other personal belongings. Girls who lose borrowed items are liable for the replacement value of the item.

While every effort is made to ensure the safety of articles, the Boarding House does not hold any responsibility for lost or stolen items.


The aim of the Boarding House (Res) is to provide security, stimulation, friendship and independence in an environment away from home.

Just like at home, the girls have duties they must carry out for the benefit of each other. There is an expectation that all girls will be responsible for themselves and also have an awareness of their fellow boarders as well as support each other in times of need.

By following the simple rules of the Boarding House, each girl is able to contribute to the running of the Boarding House in a positive and interactive way that is beneficial for all.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

School policy opposes the inappropriate use of legal drugs and the possession and use of prohibited substances.

The policy is applicable:

  • On school premises
  • At functions, excursions or camps organized by the school.
  • When members of the school community are representing the school or wearing the school uniform.

The school does not permit:

  • The use of prohibited drugs.
  • The inappropriate use of prescribed and/or non-prescribed medicines.
  • The inappropriate use of solvents, inhalants and/or other chemical agents.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • The smoking of tobacco and other drugs.
  • The possession of drug-related objects.
  • To be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The possession, sale, supply, exchange of or negotiation in relation to drugs or alcohol.

If any of the above requirements are disregarded; the student or staff member will be disciplined as deemed appropriate by the Principal.

Penalties that the Principal will consider for breaches of the requirements include the following

  • Bad reports
  • Detention
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

Behaviour Policy

All members of the Alexandra community have the right to enjoy a safe and ordered environment, free of bullying and harassment, where cooperation and interaction are encouraged, individuals are valued and property is respected.

Our aim is to prepare and guide students so that they can lead their lives in a responsible and positive manner as well-rounded and responsible adults.

Our girls are encouraged to live together in boarding, work together and to develop a sense of community. They are encouraged to demonstrate qualities of care, respect, tolerance, patience and flexibility that are needed to live in harmony. This entails certain rights, responsibilities and consequences.

Procedures for Dealing With Inappropriate Behaviour

  • Minor issues are dealt with by staff on duty in the Boarding House. These are recorded and reported to the head of boarding.
  • Continual minor offences are recorded in a daily diary and directed to Head of Boarding. They may also be reported to the Principal.
  • The Head of Boarding will discuss serious offences with the Principal and other staff as appropriate and also report to parents.
  • The consumption of alcohol and drug abuse is not tolerated at the school or Boarding House and will be dealt with by the Principal.
  • Parents and Boarding staff share responsibility for girls while they are living in the Boarding House. It is important that parents and Boarding house staff work together to ensure consistency in expectations in student behaviour.
  • Parental support and cooperation is greatly appreciated. Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the Boarding House manager.


Written email permission from parents or guardians is required if their daughter requests to stay with another family.

Names and contact details of the host family must be included.

Following a weekend or school holiday, the Boarding House re-opens at 12:00 noon. All girls are expected to return to the Boarding House by 9:00 pm except in the case of unavailability of public transport.