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Alexandra College

Safety & Security

It is the responsibility of all Boarders to keep themselves safe at all times and to inform the Boarding House staff immediately if they have any concerns. For safety reasons, Juniors and 1st Year students are not allowed out alone.

Students are permitted to go jogging between 7:00 am and 8:00 am or 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm around the grounds of the campus at Rathmines.

It is the responsibility of boarders to sign in and out on departure with the staff on duty, always carry a fully charged telephone and let staff on duty know where they plan to go. Students must check in with the duty staff upon return.

House Security

All boarding staff sleep in the Boarding House.

The Campus gates are locked at 6.00pm each night. If a Boarder is to be off campus after that time, she must ring the bell to be let in.

At night, the Boarding House is wired with an alarm that is activated if an external door is opened. The building is floodlit throughout the night and checked by an external security company guard regularly.

Every room is fitted with a smoke detector. Excessive use of hairspray or any talcum powders can activate an alarm and should be avoided. Intentional alarm costs caused by activation will be charged to the parents of the offending student/students.

Personal Items of Value

It is recommended that students do not bring valuable belongings to the Boarding House.

Jewellery and other valuables must be locked in the safe provided for each student in their room. It will be digital so students will apply their own code.


Boarders often take advantage of city living to pursue other interests.

Girls may use public transport if they have a personal mobile phone as an aid in securing their safety, otherwise, taxis must be used to and from the venue. The Boarding House is conveniently situated on an excellent bus route that girls are encouraged to use.

Bus and Luas schedules are available from the Boarding House office.

Taxis are also used for out of school appointments. Occasionally, it may be necessary to send a girl in a taxi alone. The taxi drivers of the company used have been Garda vetted and are used regularly.

There is no need for any Boarders to have a car while living in the Boarding House. Dedicated buses bring the students the short 2km journey from the new campus to Milltown each school morning. They will return to the Boarding House at 4.00pm and again when extracurricular activities end in the College at 5.45pm.

If there is a specific purpose for requiring a car, a request must be made in writing and sent to the Principal. If a car is deemed necessary and appropriate, students, parents the principal and head of Boarding must sign an individualized contract.

Students may keep a bicycle at the Boarding House for personal use. A helmet and written parental permission are required.