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Alexandra College


Director of Hockey, August 2021

Alexandra College Dublin has enjoyed a great reputation as one of Ireland’s premier hockey schools, having in recent years won the All-Ireland Senior Schools Championships. The School has also won the Leinster Senior Cup more times than any other school in the 104 year history of the competition, with five of the 13 wins in the past 15 years, each Leinster Senior cup win earning a spot in the All Ireland Championships. In the same period of time the Senior, Junior and Minor teams have won numerous league titles, at all levels, to go with the massive enjoyment and love of hockey experienced by more than 220 pupils who play hockey.

Job Description

The Director of Hockey at Alexandra College will work closely with the hockey coaches and hockey games staff to develop and execute our hockey programmes and player development strategy to provide the best hockey experience for Alexandra College. As well as this, the Director of Hockey will be expected to respect and promote the ethos of the College and to encourage all staff in their charge to do the same. This refers to the manifestation of the ethos on the hockey pitch amongst the girls and to coach engagement both during matches and training. The Director of Hockey will be expected to instil a love of the game in the students so that hockey is a source of happiness for the girls and of school spirit and pride.

The aim of Alexandra College is to ensure that all hockey players are given opportunities to develop as individuals within a team environment while being involved in all aspects of hockey within the school. The Director would be expected to enhance current structures which would continue the success achieved by Alexandra College in the past.

The Hockey Director will report directly to the Principal.

The Director of Hockey will have the following roles in Alexandra College Senior and Junior Schools:

Implementing a hockey development plan.

  • Designing a hockey progression plan for the individual development of all technical and tactical skills, at all levels of play.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the above plan on a day-to-day basis by all coaches.
  • Organising and overseeing pre-season training.
  • Designing and implementing a fair and measurable method to assist in team selection, while still allowing for coaches’ discretion.
  • Being directly involved and responsible for coaching the top teams in Alexandra College, while still being mindful of coach development.
  • Videoing and analysing matches using game analysis software.
  • Ensuring a strength and conditioning programme is in place.

Administrative duties.

  • Arranging and managing all fixtures, umpires, coaches and travel plans within the hockey programme.
  • Implementing an electronic system for team selection, notification and record keeping of participation.
  • Ensuring Health and Safety standards are maintained at all times and ensuring upkeep of all first aid equipment.
  • Sourcing coaches for the Senior and Junior Schools, when required, for interview with the Principal and the Director of Hockey.
  • Being present every day during the full school day from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays, monitoring attendance and timekeeping of students and coaches.
  • Opening and closing the hockey pitches and associated facilities at any time that they are required to be used.
  • Liaising with parents of hockey players who may have queries about team selection or coach behaviour and methodologies.
  • Although the Hockey Director will not be the primary point of contact for parent complaints with respect to parent conduct, playing time, or coaching, the director of Hockey will be expected to try to sort out any minor issues on an informal level. Anything more serious must be escalated to the Principal.
  • Preparing an annual report for the Principal.

Oversee coach development.

  • Organising pre-season and in-season coach development sessions.
  • Appointing and assigning coaches to teams to gain the best benefit for players and coach development.
  • Where necessary providing advice to coaches regarding practice plans and drills to advance the execution of skill progression for each level, based on the hockey progression plan.

Additional responsibilities.

  • During the summer school term, managing and coordinating another sport offered by the school – to be agreed.
  • Planning, managing and accompanying students on a school hockey tour every 2 to 3 years, usually a senior team during pre-season and in conjunction with an International hockey event to maximise learning and the overall experience for students.
  • Managing and running hockey camps during mid-term breaks and summer holidays.
  • The above job description is not intended as a complete list of responsibilities. Therefore, the Director of Hockey is required to respond with a flexible approach when ad hoc tasks arise.

Required experience and qualifications

  • Candidates must have a minimum of a Hockey Ireland Level 2 qualification or overseas equivalent.
  • Candidates must have experience of coaching at International level or Head coach of a provincial team. 
  • The candidate must show a track record of success and achievement in a previous hockey role at school, provincial or international level.

Terms and conditions of employment

  • This is initially a fixed-term contract for one year.
  • Salary will be negotiated with the successful individual.

How to apply

  • If you are interested in this role please apply via email to with a cover letter and CV.
  • Deadline for applications is Friday 30 April 2021.