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Alexandra College


Our PE curriculum in the Junior School covers a wide variety of physical activities. The children are encouraged to participate in as many sports as they can, with the main focus being on the fun to be found in learning new skills and discovering abilities. 

Sports class is an integral and compulsory part of the Junior School day: 

  • Each class participates in over 2 hours of games and activities each week. 

For the younger students, this is done through fun gymnastics and mini-game activities.

From J2 to J6 our activities include both team and individual sports: athletics, badminton, basketball, dance, gymnastics, golf, hockey, kwik cricket, orienteering, mini-circuit training, mini-tag rugby, rounders, swimming, tennis and spikeball.

  • We have many mid-week matches, mini-matches and events. Playing away matches is part of team bonding and develops a sense of independence and adventure. Hosting other schools at home matches builds a habit of gracious welcome and responsibility to others.



Exercise is Fun!

We encourage active involvement in a wide variety of exercise and activities through which the children learn all about their fundamental movement skills.

From Preschool through to J6, we explore and develop agility, balance and co-ordination skills. 

We help to promote a positive understanding of the health benefits of exercise and sports participation, both physically and mentally. 

Inspiring Team Spirit

We are delighted to take part in the Leinster Junior Schools Hockey League and the AIJS sports events which run throughout the year. We join other schools in blitzs and tournaments in: hockey, basketball, swimming, athletics, volleyball and tennis. All of these activities promote and inspire team spirit and group work.


Based on adult games, mini-sports help to develop all the basic fundamental movement skills, along with methods of play and associated rules. Children are challenged fairly and in a fun way, to accommodate their enthusiasm. They are introduced to ‘formal rules’ in a gentle manner, and are encouraged to develop physically and cognitively.

Sports and Citizenship

Sports Captains in Physical Education.

Our Sports Captains are J6 students who apply for the role and are chosen to be part of the helping team in various sports activities: looking after equipment following a game or helping set up an activity. The role gives students an appreciation of the organising skills required in sports development within their school.

The role nurtures responsibility and awareness, understanding and leadership.

Each Thursday morning our Sports Captains host an ‘Active School Assembly’.


Aquatics is part of the PE programme in Alexandra College Junior School. Every student from J1 to J6 will have a block of swimming lessons during the school year. Our lessons take place in the Swan Leisure Centre in Rathmines, and for the girls the trip with their teacher to and from the pool on the school bus is all part of the exciting adventure.