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Visual and Performing Arts

Creative Art plays a fundamental role in the Froebelian ethos of education. The Visual and Performing Arts give girls the skills, language and curiosity to discover, explore and engage with cross-curricular links, interconnection and ambiguity. They facilitate self-reflection and self-awareness, self-directed learning.

Practising the arts develops intrinsic motivation and builds the habits of self-discipline, risk-taking and resilience.

The Visual Arts

Visual Arts practice enables the girls to make sense of and express their world in a tangible visual form. Learning through art supports the holistic development of the girls and acknowledges their individuality while nurturing their kindness, tolerance and respect for and responsibility to others.

We actively encourage the girls to engage with all of the art that is around them both in school and in the wider community.  We encourage the girls to respond to art in a positive manner and to express their own creativity, imagination and identity in the process of creating art. 

We have a specialist teacher in art whose background in graphic design lends an extra aspect to how art is presented to the girls. 

Art and crafts are used throughout our curriculum to enhance the girls’ work.  The girls explore using a wide variety of materials and techniques, including drawing, painting, printing, 3D construction, working with clay, fabric and fibre. At the end of all their art projects, the girls are encouraged to hang up their work and talk about it with their peers in a constructive way. 

Finished work is put on display in classrooms and throughout the school and we visit the National Gallery of Ireland.

Visit our own Gallery of Alex below:



The Performing Arts

The NCCA (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) notes that the impulse to make-believe is spontaneous in young children. Being creative and using their imaginations is fundamental to the healthy development of our children’s minds and spirits and is essential training in leading them to become confident, kind adults.

Collaboration, communication and cooperation are the cornerstones of educational drama at Alex. Not only do the children work together daily to create theatre, there is also amazing collaboration between the class teachers, the whole College drama department, the art and music teachers and our Transition Year drama reps in creating school plays. We all work together to create a truly educational and creative experience and have lots of fun in the process.

The creative process promotes self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience and imagination. 

  • The children are learning performance skills which lead to increased self-confidence. 
  • The children benefit from a sense of achievement leading to enhanced self-esteem.
  • The children develop resilience by dealing with challenges in the moment.
  • There is cross curriculum learning which teaches children to think in an interconnected way.


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