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Alexandra College


Welcome to the Maths Department at Alexandra College.

We are a dynamic, innovative and high achieving team with a passion for mathematics.


The mathematics teachers will promote an appreciation and enjoyment of their subject.

Teachers will help students develop the knowledge and problem-solving skills needed for further education, vocational training and personal fulfilment in everyday life. Within the context of the national syllabus, teachers enable students to apply mathematical methods to daily experiences while recognising its beauty, structure and use in the environment. The teachers will promote excellence in mathematics in Alexandra College by challenging students to take the highest level they are capable of. In addition, this approach will encourage higher confidence and skill in the students’ approach to mathematics.


It is the aim of our department to adhere as closely as possible to the general guidelines as outlined by the NCCA with regard to general aims of mathematics education.

With that in mind, it should contribute to the personal development of the students. It should also help to provide them with the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing their education, and eventually for life and work.


All classes are provided with five periods of mathematics per week (six for the honours leaving certificate classes).

1st Years follow the Common Introductory Course (CIC), preparing the students for the Junior Certificate mathematics syllabus. 1st Year classes are of mixed ability. All students continue to study mathematics at a level suitable to the individual up to Leaving Certificate. Maths classes are timetabled concurrently within 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th Year in order to facilitate movement of students between levels and to enable students to study at the level most suited to their abilities. Students have three periods of maths in Transition Year and classes are of mixed ability. TY students complete a range of module covering revision of Junior Certificate topics and also an introduction to some on the Leaving Certificate course.


Every maths class will have a common class test at the end of every chapter or topic.

Also, students will sit common tests for the Christmas and Summer House Exams at Higher and Ordinary level.


The mathematics classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard.

All of the mathematics teachers have laptops, iPads and access to data projectors. Broadband internet access is available throughout the school. The computer room is available on a booking system. There are also computers available for use in the science lab and a number in the library. Teachers can use mathematical programmes, such as GeoGebra, in class to demonstrate mathematical concepts. Maths teachers share their experiences and expertise in the use of the interactive whiteboards to allow for optimum use of the resource as a teaching tool for mathematics. The chosen textbooks have an online version with resources that can be used with the interactive whiteboards. All students have access to the computer room. Junior Cycle students have iPads. All the classrooms are networked and have access to the school’s intranet. The Maths Department has developed a number of resources that can be freely accessed by all mathematics teachers when required.


We have smaller class sizes allowing our students to receive more individual attention.

Mathematics is actively promoted. Consequently, we have a high percentage of students studying the higher-level courses at both Junior Cert and Leaving Cert attaining grades above the national average. In 2017, 54% of students sat the higher-level Leaving Certificate paper compared to 30% nationally. At Junior Certificate 91% studied at higher-level compared to 57% nationally.


The Maths Department organise and encourage as many students as possible to participate in a number of Maths Competitions run by the IMTA

In 1st Year all our students compete in the IMTA Irish Junior Maths Competition. This is a national competition for 1st Year students and the highest scoring students from round 1 are invited to participate in one of a number of regional finals held throughout the country.

In 3rd Year a team of four students will be invited to represent Alexandra College in the IMTA Pi Competition for 3rd Year students.

Transition Year, 5th and 6th Year students also have the opportunity to complete the first round of the IMO, to be invited to train with them for the chance to represent Ireland at the IMO (International Mathematics Organisation Competition).

In 6th Year up to 8 students (two teams of four students) will be chosen to compete in the Higher Level Team Maths Quiz organised by the IMTA.


Maths Club is run by 5th Year students with the help of teachers.

The purpose of Maths Club is to provide a place where those who enjoy mathematics can extend their knowledge and where those who have difficulties can get some help.

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