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Our Dining Hall

An Important Social Skill 

All the girls walk together from the Junior School to the school Dining Hall. There is a great buzz of chatter as the girls tell each other their news and talk about what they have learnt that morning. Taking the time to move away from the classroom, to take a break, to sit together, to eat well, to listen and to recount experiences is an important life skill. Lunchtimes are a daily opportunity for the girls to practise respect for themselves and for others.    

Healthy, Balanced Meals 

The girls have a long day of learning, playing and exploring. Nutrition plays an important part in helping them to be ready to keep learning and enjoying school throughout the day. Whether availing of the hot lunch we provide in the school Dining Hall or enjoying their packed lunch brought from home, the girls learn and experience together the value of eating well, of making healthy choices, and of eating together as a social activity. They gain an understanding of how food is produced, where it comes from and how it fuels our learning. Our Healthy Eating Policy ensures that the girls develop awareness of the importance of eating well for the growth of healthy bodies and minds and the daily habit of choosing healthy options. They also learn to enjoy treats together once in a while.

Hot Lunch

We are delighted to provide fresh, hot meals daily in the school dining room. 

We use a cashless lunch card system so the girls do not need to worry about losing money. The cashless system speeds up the process of each girl getting her lunch so that the girls can spend more time together at the table.  Each student is provided with a Debitrak smart-fob at the beginning of the school year. The girls are encouraged to practice responsibility by having their fobs with them. The smart-fob covers all food and drinks sold in the dining hall. The Debitrak system makes it simple for parents and for the girls to manage their lunch accounts. It also gives the girls an awareness of how to plan and budget for daily expenses. 


When you get your daughter’s smart-fob please register it following the instructions at and put an initial amount in the fob’s cash-purse. Once registered, the new fob is linked directly to your daughter’s Alexandra College Debitrak online account. 


You can see the current balance on your daughter’s fob at any time online at The girls can also see their fob balance themselves, either at the fob reader by the till or at the top up machine in the dining hall. 


Any payments made with the fob will appear immediately on your daughter’s Alexandra College Debitrak online account. 

You can top up your daughter’s fob at any time online at or here. The Auto Top Up feature facilitates a quick repeat of the last amount by which you topped up a fob. 

Your daughter can also top up her fob at the top up machine in the dining hall. Any tops up will appear immediately on her Alexandra College Debitrak account.

Sample Menu 

A sample menu for our dining hall; we encourage healthy eating habits in the Junior School.