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Alexandra College


Founded in 1866, Alexandra College set out to fulfil the need for advanced education for young women at a time when the prevailing system did not provide them with any opportunities for real academic involvement, or prepare them for any engagement in public, social or academic affairs.

From its earliest days Alexandra College has had a reputation for looking outward to the community and world at large.

Then as now, the College has always stood for freedom and diversity in religious beliefs, social tolerance and equality. The Alexandra College Guild was founded in 1897, not only to form a bond of union between past and present students and staff, but also to promote a spirit of service to the community and to undertake social and philanthropic work.

For more than 100 years from its foundation the College was based in Earlsfort Terrace in Dublin’s city centre. But in 1972 a major change occurred when the College moved to a spacious campus in Milltown, some 6 kilometres away, where new buildings housed the schools and residence facilities for our students. This meant modernisation and change for the College and gave much opportunity for further improvement.

Since that time the College has added buildings dedicated to science and to music, has installed impressive sports facilities and in 2013 opened a multi-purpose hall to accommodate sports and performances in the creative arts. Known as the Henrietta White Centre – after the suffragist, educationalist and advocate for women’s education, Dr.Henrietta White who was Principal of the College from 1890 – 1932 – this new building represents the most recent expression of our optimism for the future.

Initially founded as a separate university college and a feeder high school, Alexandra College is now a junior and senior school providing high academic achievement and a liberal broad curriculum to girls drawn from around Ireland and overseas. Each generation inherits the values of the past and creates those of the future. From days when women had to strive for the right to education to days of equality for women in careers and public life, Alexandra College has always aimed to educate girls for life and for whatever career or calling the future may bring, and Alexandrans are found in all walks of life – in the professions, in business, in homemaking and in the creative arts.