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Alexandra College

Master and Strategic Plan

We’ve always prided ourselves at Alexandra College as being a leading example within Irish education.

From our foundation in 1866, we’ve consistently played a unique role we play in the education of the young women and girls who passed through our corridors – and in the early 20th Century, we were the first school in Ireland to aspire to and succeed in the attainment of Third Level degrees for women.

But while we’re immensely proud of our heritage, we’re very clear that the history of Alexandra College is still being written – our recent 150th Anniversary celebrations told the tale of a school that has never been content with standing still, and today is no different.

Building upon our heritage and our accomplishments, we’re taking another step forward in our mission to provide the educational community with a school recognised not only as among the best in Ireland – but among the best in the world.

And as a part of this development, we have published two connected documents outlining our vision for the future, and the steps we will need to take in order to make it a reality.

The Strategic Plan outlines the educational vision for the future of the College, while the accompanying Master Plan provides an overview of the Milltown Campus College construction and refurbishment plans over the next five years.

The building scheme is particularly ambitious and is akin in its aspiration to the move Alexandra College made from Earlsfort Terrace to Milltown in 1972.

But for all our achievements, we’ve never had to go it alone. Since the day we opened our doors for the first time, our wider community has provided an enormous contribution to getting us where we are: ranked consistently as one of the top schools in Ireland for academic, sporting and artistic achievement.

And as we move forward to this exciting new chapter in the history of the college, we trust that this tradition will be carried forward.