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Alexandra College

Mission, Ethos, Values and Philosophy

Our Mission  

Alexandra College educates girls across four areas of excellence: Academic, Music, Visual and Performing Arts, and Sports.

We are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive learning environment in which every girl is enabled to know her worth, see the worth of others, and to live each school day well, for her good and for the common good.

It is our hope that every student leaves this College equipped to continue her lifelong learning process joyfully, to carve her own path, to make and sustain relationships, and to make her particular positive contribution to society. 

Our Vision

Since 1866, Alexandra College has worked to realise gender parity and societal well-being through the education of girls. 

Our Ethos

We educate our students in a Church of Ireland ethos, influenced by the Quaker values of our founder Anne Jellicoe. We welcome students of all faiths and of none. From our ethos we derive our values.

Our Values 

Our core values are a daily commitment to a way of being in the world. Together, they provide a framework to help us to think clearly, behave positively, reach sound decisions, be well, and contribute to the wellness of others.

We are committed to: 

Independent Thinking 

We teach our students how to:

  • know themselves
  • think freely, critically and purposefully
  • value learning for its own sake
  • shy away from rote learning and from accepting untested assumptions
  • reason respectfully
  • ask questions and to question answers.

Our teachers are committed to modelling and facilitating agency, co-agency,
curiosity, compassion, collaboration, community, citizenship and creativity.


We respect ourselves, each other and our environment. 

We acknowledge the perspective, development and contribution of every individual and work together to benefit personal growth and the common good. 

Our teachers inspire an atmosphere and community of respect, understanding, non-judgmental challenge and encouragement.   


We are responsible for ourselves and to society. We encourage our students to create and to take leadership opportunities, to act purposefully with a social conscience. 

Teachers model conscientious behaviour knowing that when they encourage civic responsibility in their students, they are contributing to the building of a better society.


We value the identity, heritage and culture of every student. We acknowledge and celebrate interconnectivity and the value and challenge of difference. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that:

  • learning is questioning, exploring, understanding and sharing
  • learning is a challenging and enjoyable lifelong process 
  • teaching must stimulate, encourage and excite the students
  • girls benefit from a safe environment in which they can stretch, experiment and discover their potential

We reflect consistently on how we educate and learn so that we facilitate and inspire engaged learners and citizens.

Recognising and Realising Our Shared Potential

Every girl is unique. She has her own blend of interests, talents, challenges, needs and desires. She is also an integral part of an interconnected world. Our goal is to help and support each girl in the broadest sense – not only to gain the academic qualifications she needs, but also to develop her sense of self, her sense of community, her love of learning, her ability to make and sustain friendships, to enjoy her creative, artistic and sporting pursuits and to leave us as an assured young woman who will make a useful contribution to her world.

Our Teachers

Whether academic, creative, musical or sporting, our teachers understand that the true reward of teaching is having a positive, lasting impact on the lives of students. We keep classes as small as we can to give teachers and students the best chance to: foster dialogue, enjoy a creative learning environment, stimulate each other’s thinking, and develop a deep understanding of all subjects and of the interconnectivity between subjects and ideas. Our teachers guide students in the process of learning. They adapt their teaching styles to the specific needs of the girls, who quickly feel comfortable exploring a broad range of subjects from languages to the sciences and the arts.

A Safe Environment

The most important thing we can do for our girls is to help them to develop a love of learning in their early years. So we provide an environment that is safe, leaves space for thoughtful risk-taking, and invites open sharing and testing of new ideas. We show girls how to challenge themselves and others in a supportive way, how to share their thinking and how to see learning as a lifelong process. 

Our Community

It is important for our girls to experience a school community that reflects their larger community in our city, our country and our shared world.

We want our students to engage with issues beyond the school gates in a mature, open and positive way. We engage regularly with groups outside the College, both locally and globally. We encourage girls to maintain a breadth in their thinking and a clear focus on their purpose. We promote demonstrated respect, understanding and self-awareness. We hope that through daily practice and experience of our lived values, the girls develop balance, emotional intelligence, a strong sense of self and a broad definition of community.  We hope that they are happy and that this will reflect not only in the college community but in their broader lives and always.