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Create The Look Competition

During our online classes the TY production team of The Pajama Game have explored the various production elements that combine to make a successful musical. Among the areas we explored were set design, costumes, props, hair and make up and we discussed in detail the importance of researching the period the musical is set in to create an authentic production. We then decided to have a ‘Create the Look Competition’ (details on the poster). Those who took part produced very imaginative and innovative work of a very high standard and we had great difficulty making our final decisions. A huge thank you to all who took part and the results are as follows:


Sienna O’ Riordan -  1st Place

Here is a quick breakdown of my 1950s look. I took inspiration from watching a video filmed in 1951 in which a man named Ern Westmore shares beauty and makeup secrets.

Shoes: In the early 1950s the stiletto heeled opera, court, and pump shoes were all the rage. With its sharp pointy toe and high thin heel, it was trendy in the 1950s  for formal and even at-home wear. 

Props: When driving, women in the 1950s would often wear their neck scarf around their head to protect their hair do. Polka dots were a fashion staple for all 50s women. The most popular style of sunglasses in the 50s was the cat eye, seen on big actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. 

Dress: As for dresses, fit and flair was the dress style to wear. The hourglass figure of a small waist and wider hips was desirable as women were encouraged to take on a more motherly role after the war. The fit and flare style cinched the waist and flared out around the hips, ending at around knee level.

Accessories: Pearls were a staple in every 50s women closet. Pearl earrings and necklaces were very on trend as it was considered a symbol of wealth and elegance. Pearls were a piece beloved by Audrey Hepburn, especially in her film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Makeup: For my makeup look I chose makeup that fit my face shape - in true 1950s style. I started by using some light foundation as a base and then patting some cream rouge into my temples and a little bit down below my cheekbone to achieve a more oval face shape as that was the most desired face shape of the time. I arched my eyebrows more with a pencil and used some light mascara on my top lashes only. I lined a thin black line on my lash line and followed my natural lip line with a red lip liner, filling it in with red lipstick.

Hair: For my hair I back combed the top to give it lots of volume. I then curled the remaining hair at the bottom and used a lot of hairspray!


Catarina Elizondo Arevalo – 2nd Place

I based my costume on “Rosie Riveter” on the "we can do it poster". I chose this look because I am usually a boarder so I do not have many clothes in Ireland. I got all the clothes and makeup from home. I looked up some inspiration in order to know how to approach doing my hair and makeup. Back in the 1950s, the common makeup look was usually arched eyebrows, red lips, blush, and mascara. The hair was usually big at the front and longer at the back. I kept my hair up with a bandana because of the inspiration.




Lily Fowler – 3rd Place

My outfit was more of a younger teenage girl look with the collared jumper and skirt, I would’ve used a longer skirt but I didn’t have one, my makeup matched my skirt and the hair was a high ponytail that was curled at the bottom, you can’t really see the curls at the bottom in the photo. I added small nude pump shoes with little white ankle socks.


Highly Commended – Rebecca Vance

I used my uniform skirt, a shirt I already had, and a cardigan that I borrowed. I went for a more casual everyday look. For hair and makeup, I got inspiration from Pinterest from photos of makeup that celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe wore. I used red lipstick and winged eyeliner for my makeup look. I went for a kind of school/studying theme by using books as my prop and by taking the photo in black and white so it would look like an old school photo.


Highly Commended – Cindy Xu:

I found the dress and coat while going through my mom’s closet , I was going to wear the coat but then discovered it’s too big for me but the coat is essential to the hierarchy look I was trying to create so I decided to leave it draped on my shoulder, I also thought about having a fur around the neck but sadly there’s none that fulfills my expectations at the house so I thought instead of a fur, I could get my cat to sit on my shoulder like a fur, but that didn’t work out too well due to his incorporation so I went with the final idea of putting him on my lap.