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DramFest 2022

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we invite you to DramFest 2022 this weekend, 26 and 27 March from 10:30 am. All our drama and public speaking students will be performing, including some of our Junior School students this year. 

It is so exciting for us to be returning to an 'in-person' festival and to give the students an opportunity to show off what they have been working on and to perform in front of a live audience. 

Due to the recent surge in Covid 19 in the wider community, we would really appreciate it if you would wear a mask when coming to support any of the competitions, this will ensure we keep our young performers safe.

We are looking forward to seeing you there - please see the timetable of competition below. 

Information for Competitors

Competition Timetable

DramFest Competition Timetable 26 March 2022 - an accessible PDF is available for download below.DramFest Competition Timetable 27 March 2022 - an accessible PDF is available for download below.

A downloadable timetable is available here.

Information for Competitors

In advance of Saturday:

  • The list and order of competitors in each competition, including whether they are in groups A or B, will be displayed in the Senior School from Wednesday morning 8 am (outside room 26 and room 38).
  • Students should be rehearsing their individual pieces every evening to make sure they are ready for their competitions. Duologues should be rehearsed in school with partners either at lunchtimes or before or after class time.
  • Type up your pieces! All competitors should have an unmarked copy of their pieces to bring with them on the day of the competition. This is for the adjudicator and so should be printed out before coming to school. **please note that we will not have access to the school printers at the weekend.

Before you leave the house on the day of the competitions:

  • Senior School students should be wearing black for the public speaking, group impromptu, improvisation and poetry speaking competitions. Junior School students entering the poetry speaking competitions should be dressed neatly with their hair tied back off their faces. 
  • J6 students who are entering the solo drama competition may wear costume. They should arrive at the school in costume and can change for the poetry speaking competition, if they wish.
  • All drama competitions such as solo drama or drama duologues are fully costumed this year. The students have been asked to bring in any parts of their costume that they may have at home. Any period costume or unusual items (like a particular hat etc) can be borrowed from the drama department costume cupboards, but must be arranged with the TY helpers beforehand.
  • The students should remember to bring in any props that they are using for their drama pieces. Any unusual items can be borrowed from the drama teachers, but must be arranged in advance.
  • Public speaking students must remember to bring their prompt cards with them and anything that they might need for visual aids (if using).

When you get to school:

  • Competitors need to sign in at the desks in the concourse. They will be given a number which they must wear for the competition and they will be told where to wait.
  • Each competition will be assigned to a venue: The Lecture Theatre, The Library, Room 23/24 and Room 29 (our TY Drama Reps will be able to show you where to go).
  • Each of these venues will have a waiting room where the students must stay until they are called to their competition.
  • When the competition begins, each competitor will be announced by a TY helper and they will take their place in the performance space. They will be given time to set up and the adjudicator will tell them when to begin. When they have finished, they should clear the floor and return to the audience.
  • When all the competitors in your category have performed, there will be a five minute wait whilst the adjudicator makes her decisions. Then she will stand and speak briefly about what she was looking for in that competition, before announcing her winners from Highly Commended, to First place. The number of medals/certificates that are awarded is based on the number of entries in any competition and, of course, the standard of work.
  • If you have been nominated to go forward to a final round on Sunday afternoon, you will be notified at the end of your competition.
  • There will be lots of TY Drama Reps helping out on the day and so if you are confused about where to go or what to do, just ask!

The Final Rounds, Sunday 27th March (Senior School students):

  • There will be two adjudicators at each of the Final Round Competitions.
  • Students who have placed First or Second in any poetry competition will go forward to compete in either the Junior (1st-3rd Year) or Senior (4th-6th year) Poetry Award Competition.
  • Students who have placed First or Second in any duo drama competition from 1st-3rd Year, or have placed First in any improv competition from 1st-3rd Year will go forward to compete in the Junior Ensemble Award Competition.
  • Students who have placed First or Second in any solo drama competition from 1st-3rd Year, will go forward to compete in the Junior Drama Award Competition.
  • Students who have placed First or Second in any solo or duo drama competition from 4th-6th Year, will go forward to compete in the Senior Drama Award Competition.
  • The adjudicators can nominate any comedy performances they wish from any competition to go forward to compete in either the Junior (1st-3rd Year) or Senior (4th-6th Year) Comedy Award Competition.
  • The Award Winners from the final rounds will be announced at the Prizegiving at 5 pm on Sunday. At this ceremony, the adjudicators will also announce The Junior and Senior Adjudicator Awards, The LSMD Shield, The Junior Shakespeare Award, The Shakespeare Cup and The Patricia McHugh Cup.