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Junior School News 11 February 2022 


Dates for your Diary

Feb. 14-18                   Kindness/Friendship Week

                                     School photos (see below)

Monday 14                Sarah Webb workshop – J5s

Wednesday 16         No Ballet/Dance classes

Friday 18                    Full school day - After Care open until 6 pm

February 21 – 25      Mid-term Break

From the Office

Ballet/Dance – Wed. 16th

There will be no Ballet/Dance classes next week as Ms. Lyons is unavailable.

School Photos

Julie McCoy ( will be in the school next week to take school photos. A photo consent slip must be signed before any photos can be taken. The girls may wear their red or brown (J2-J6) uniform and all hair must be tied back. If you have any questions, please contact Julie at: 


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As the first signs of Spring are starting to emerge, the JACA team has started back into the new school term with great enthusiasm! The lift in restrictions has raised everyone’s hopes, and the Class Reps are now busy planning class coffee mornings and dinners. We recognise how important it is for these social events to resume.

JACA is also thrilled to be working with the school on a number of key events over the coming weeks;

International Day of Women & Girls in Science - 11th February

Working with Ms McGarry, JACA arranged for a number of parents to visit the school today to share with the girls details of their careers in STEAM related roles.  A special thank you to our guest speakers, Dr Susannah Harte, Rose O’Leary and Ursula Fitzpatrick and we hope this will be the start of a more regular programme of talks.

Friendship Week - 14th - 18th Feb

JACA always looks forward to sponsoring an activity for the girls in celebration of Friendship Week. Class Reps, Liz Murphy (J1) Tara Field (J2R) and Gemma Creevy (PS Lr) had the fun task of researching this year’s activity, and with it falling on Valentine’s week, we couldn’t resist spreading some love throughout the school.  We look forward to sharing details with you next week. 

JACA Auction & Kids Experiences – 23rd March - 7th April

The JACA Committee is very excited to share with you that the funds generated from this year’s Auction will contribute towards the development of the outdoor areas and playground in the Junior School.

With thanks to parents, past pupils and many local businesses, JACA has secured some exciting items for the forthcoming Auction including:  Rachel Allen to join you at your home for an in person cooking tutorial for you and your dinner guests; your daughter can join the Funky Friday line up to record the Friday tune; bid for a piece from Simone Rocha's latest collection, and lots lots more... 

Sarah Jane Dempsey

JACA Chairperson


International Women & Girls in Science Day

The United Nations General Assembly decided to establish an annual international day to recognise the critical role as agents of change that women and girls play at all levels of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines all over the world.

In order to celebrate amazing female scientists from around the world and encourage girls to pursue a career in STEM/STEAM, JACA invited some of our parents who are scientists to give informative talks to the Junior School girls. Today, our guest speakers were Dr. Susannah Harte (mum to Olivia)and Rose O’Leary (mum to Annabel and Lexie) /Ursula Fitzpatrick. We will give you a full report on the talks in next week’s Alex Press. We would be delighted if any other parents working in the STEAM areas would be willing to come in to share their knowledge with the girls. If you are interested, please email Ms. McGarry –

J5W – Looking at Dublin in the 1900s

This term J5 have been enjoying our class novel, “The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street”. For our assembly we decided to research the author of The Little Bee Charmer, Sarah Webb and to investigate what life was like in Dublin in the early 1900’s. We knew Sarah Webb had written lots of books for all ages, but we found it really interesting researching the toys and games children would have played with at that time. We also learned a lot about the living conditions of in Henrietta Street and the hardships people faced. We are really looking forward to meeting and engaging with Sarah Webb on a webinar next week!

Writers in Training!

There was great excitement in KG Lower this week as our new friends arrived, our Space Buddies!! We have been practising our neatest writing on special lines and Ms. Kenny has been pretending to be our "Full Stop Police", making sure each sentences ends with a full stop. Now that our Space Buddies are here, they will help us space out our words and make writing so much more fun. We can’t wait to see where our writing adventures take us!!

Ms Kenny & KG Lower

KG Lower - Writers in Training!

In Dublin’s Fair City...

On 4th of February, J6R and J6W went on a two-hour bus tour around the city centre. The bus we went on was roofless and fortunately, everyone was able to sit on the upper deck. The bus tour was fascinating and we went to many interesting places, for instance, the Guinness Storehouse. The most memorable part was when we went to Áras an Uachtaráin in the Phoenix Park where the president of Ireland lives. We all started to shout Michael D Higgins’s hoping that we would see him. Overall the bus tour was lots of fun and enjoyed by everyone!

PS Lower - Environmental Awareness

This week in Preschool Upper, the girls were very excited to learn all about Environmental Awareness. We spoke about three very important words Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We spoke about the importance of picking up litter, even if it’s not yours. We discussed recycling materials with the girls - paper, plastic, glass, metals and how these materials could be recycled again, to produce items such as birdhouses, paint cups, cutlery holders, candle holders and much more. The girls watched a very interesting video and at the end of the video the girls engaged in a quiz, identifying items that should go in the waste bin, items that need to go in the recycling bin and finally items that go in the compost bin.

The highlight of these lessons for the girls had to be designing a robot from waste materials around the classroom and they did an amazing job here as evident from the pictures. Well done, girls!

Ms. Murphy and Ms. Moran


From the Art Department

Friendship Week

This week J2R added messages to their love heart post-it during art class ahead of Friendship Week. Every girl in the school will write a message about what makes a good friend which is then displayed on a giant collaborative love heart hanging in our gallery for all the girls to read. A common theme of ‘Be Kind’ is emerging. Looking forward to Friendship Week next week. 

Friendship Week 2022

Poetry Responses

Mr. O’ Connor’s J6R class read this poem this week and the girls were asked to write a response to it.


An Irish Airman Foresees His Death

By William Butler Yeats

I know that I shall meet my fate

Somewhere among the clouds above;

Those that I fight I do not hate

Those that I guard I do not love;


My country is Kiltartan Cross,

My countrymen Kiltartan’s poor,

No likely end could bring them loss

Or leave them happier than before.


Nor law, nor duty bade me fight,

Nor public man, nor cheering crowds,

A lonely impulse of delight

Drove to this tumult in the clouds;


I balanced all, brought all to mind,

The years to come seemed waste of breath,

A waste of breath the years behind
In balance with this life, this death.


Carina Bradley…..

Though this poem is a sad one, it is one I really like. It puts you in the head of the character. When I read this poem, all I can think of is a soldier lying on the dirt as they have been shot while on No Man's Land, bullets going overhead. They are staring up at the sky wondering why they did everything they did in their life as they slowly wither away.

The line ‘Those I fight I do not hate, Those that I guard I do not love;’ really makes you feel sorry for the character. They don’t want to be here anymore, they have no attachment to this idiotic war. This poem’s name makes it seem like they know they are going to die and it adds to the sorrow of this poem. Yeats is a spectacular poet though most of his work that I’ve read are sad poems. He always captures the misery so well; it's no wonder he is such a famous poet.   


Sophie Mahon……

The poem ‘An Irish Airman Foresees His Death’ is a sombre and reflective poem. I feel the tone of this poem is extremely depressing as the airman feels he’s going to die and he believes his life was meaningless. 

Some of the images I see while reading this poem are of a pilot in an old fighter jet among the clouds. He is alone. He enjoys flying and that’s the only reason he signed up. However, while flying he is reflecting on why he is there and whether any of his Irish countrymen will gain anything from the war. He knows he’s going to die and just before it happens he’s thinking back on his life and how he got here.

The line ‘Nor public men, nor cheering crowds’ conjures up an image of war propaganda and men being pressured into fighting. 

I think the most powerful line in this poem is ‘Those that I fight I do not hate, those that I guard I do not love’ because it really sums up the feeling of some of the soldiers at war. They don’t know any of the higher powers who told them to fight. They don’t hate the ordinary people of the enemy country. At the time Ireland was going through a Nationalist movement and some people did not want to be fighting for Britain.  

The message that I feel the poem is trying to convey is the futility of war, especially if you have no loyalty for the country you're fighting for. I think this message is why the poem is so famous. 

I feel the title says that he knows he’s going to die in an air battle. It also shows he’s Irish and therefore may be a Nationalist. I like the message of the poem because war is senseless, especially to a country that has little to gain.

Some other poems by Yeats are ‘The Stolen Child’, ‘The Second Coming’ and ‘Leda and the Swan’.