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Junior School News 11 March 2022



Dates for your Diary

15th March           Green Day (girls wear green, white and orange clothes)

15th March           Seachtain na Gaeilge Celebration

16th-18th               S chool closed for St.Patrick’s Day break

21st March            J6W Relationship and Sexual Education Class (J6W will need to bring a packed lunch)

21st March            J2s First Reconciliation in Milltown Church

From the Office

We are delighted that school life is returning to near normal since the easing of restrictions. We will continue with the arrangement of dropping off and collecting the girls from outside the school building. If you need to deliver something into the school, please ring the bell in the reception area and Ms. Higgins, our school secretary will come out to assist you.

Today's Assembly with J3W!

Preschool Upper

The Preschool Upper girls had great fun this week for Seachtain na Gaeilge, learning the words of our National Anthem in Irish, practising their Irish sentences, learning the words of an ‘Bogha Baistí’ and ‘Bah, bah caoire dhubh’ and talking about the weather in Irish. Well done girls on a great week speaking the Irish language!

Ms Murphy & Ms Moran

KG Upper

KG Upper remain very keen Gaeilge learners and are really enjoying their current topic on Éadaí, during Seachtain na Gaeilge!

The girls became wonderful wardrobe designers with Ms Smith in art class, they enjoyed drama games with Ms Crowley and in the classroom, we have had great fun learning and practising many phrases and songs!

Such creativity and enthusiasm KG Upper!

Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

Ms Boyd 

KG Upper


It is Seachtain na Gaeilge this week and J2R have been working hard. We have been doing our best to speak Gaeilge as often as possible, while learning new phrases and words in our Seachtain na Gaeilge booklets. We look forward to performing our poem ‘Gráinne Gráinneog’ at the special school assembly next week.

We have also been looking all around the world at how other countries will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day next week. One of our favourite places was Chicago where they dye the river green. Have a great weekend everyone!

Ms. Upton



This week the J3W's had lots of fun learning fractions!

This week in J3W Troy, an engineer from RTÉ came to visit us. We learned how teamwork and planning is so important before we build things and we built our very own structures from marshmallows and pasta sticks. It was a lot of fun!

J3W Learning Fractions

J5/J6 Mini-Hockey Blitz

The sun shone on our hockey players from J5 and J6 classes as they played in a round robin mini-hockey tournament on the 4th March. Fun and skills were to the fore with each player giving their all, and it was especially great to see those new players to this amazing game show off newly learned skills with ease! Matches were well contested, cool goals were scored and thankfully, bruises were at a minimum! Future stars in the making.

These wonderful action photos were snapped by our roving photographer Maryam, who clearly has a keen eye for a mini-hockey moment in time, well done to you! Our afternoon’s competition was followed by light refreshments managed by our helpers from both groups who organised everything so well. Good job girls. Looking forward to more matches to come soon. Well played girls.

J5 & J6 Hockey Blitz


This week in J6R, we tested our architectural and engineering skills by designing and building bridges using only dry spaghetti, paper straws, blue tack, sellotape and glue. So far, all of the bridges have survived their stress testing, but we'll report back with future findings…


Colour wheels in J6R

J6R created their colour wheels, which show the relationship between primary and secondary colours. J6R explored how a colour wheel helps you understand colour theory. We also looked at colour and association along with colour and emotion. 

Ms. Smith

J6R on what International Women's Day means to them:

Ella Rose McElligott

I believe that there should be an International Women’s Day (IWD) because women throughout history have suffered many belittlements and hardships because of their gender. In fact, it happens a lot more casually than some might think. For example, many clips of women speaking in court or in conference meetings are usually hand in hand with men laughing or interrupting, especially when she is being a little aggressive with the way she’s speaking. Then, of course, a man speaks up and everybody listens. If he behaves aggressively he is just being assertive. While this doesn’t really affect women as a whole, it is still evidence that modern-day sexism has been ingrained into our brains so much so that we might act sexist without even realising.

I have never really felt any different on IWD.  When I was younger I thought that this would change when I was much older – well, I more assumed it, to me it was a given. Obviously I’m not at the age of change I had in mind, but I still notice things. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s very hard to find women who actually feel this change.  Although it’s much better than it was before, gender inequality is definitely still out there, even on IWD.  While they are nice, banners and signs for IWD don’t actually promote its meaning, just its presence, if that makes sense.  From what I’ve seen, there is very little done on this day.  I definitely think this should change in the future, it makes the whole day seem a little performative.  

In conclusion, I appreciate IWD, I think it is a great message. However, there is simply not enough done on this day. However, the world has evolved a lot from where it once was with gender equality, and I hope it keeps evolving.


Saoirse Jones

I think it's very important to raise awareness of the need for equality, regardless of gender. International Women’s Day also helps to raise awareness of the social, education and political achievements of wonderful strong women in all walks of life all over the world. 

This year is especially important, and sad too, as we think of all the Ukrainian women crossing borders to unknown countries with their children, leaving their homes behind and also those brave women remaining to fight for their country.

I learned today that International Women's Day has been celebrated since 1911. Things have got a lot better in some parts of the world for women since then, but we still have a very long way to go to have gender equality across the whole world.  I am very lucky because in my everyday life I don't feel like I'm being discriminated against because I am female. Unfortunately, this is not the same for other women.  In some parts of the world, men are legally seen as better than women; in Nigeria men are legally allowed to beat their wives if they need “correcting”, and in more than 100 countries child marriage is still legal for young girls. This has to change. Until women all over the world have equality then it is very important to shout loud for women who do not have a right to voice their opinions or live their own life.

As we celebrate it together we should be proud to offer support to each other and not be mean and back-stabbing to each other. 


Sophie Mahon

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a day where we celebrate the achievements of women. Unfortunately, men and women aren’t always seen as equal. This is why IWD exists. As well as celebrating women’s achievements, this day is also about gender equality, women’s health and discrimination. In many scenarios, women are seen as less than men. For example, they may be paid less than men. International Women’s Day is about stopping gender stereotypes. I think this is important. Women should never have been seen as less than men. So I don’t think this day should have to exist. Women shouldn’t have to fight for their rights; they should have had the same rights as men in the first place. However, in the society we live in, women still have to fight for equality in terms of equal pay, health and issues such as childcare. There is also a problem around violence against women. Thankfully, in western culture, there wouldn’t be as much violence as in other places around the world.   

There are many people who still think that women are less than men. IWD can prove that women are equal to men. Then, hopefully, in the future, people won’t need to be persuaded and the event will die out. 

In the future, I like to believe that women and men will be equal, and any stereotypes about men and women will cease to exist. I hope that men and women will get paid the same without question. I hope that sexism will be seen as being as cruel as torture.  

I hadn’t heard much about International Women’s Day in the past. My mum has only heard about it in the last decade. There probably should be more attention to it in the days leading up to it. This year is the only year so far that I remembered the 8th of March for being International Women’s Day. 

I think schools should focus more on IWD. For example, remind students that IWD is next week. Children should also learn about it from a much younger age. They could celebrate it more and do projects for the day. In workplaces, people should acknowledge it more.

I think International Women’s Day is extremely important in today’s society but I hope it will not need to be as important in the future. 


Kate Molloy

I think there is an International Women’s Day because it is very important that women are recognised for their efforts to help improve society and make advances in science and all other areas. I think there should be an International Women's Day because it is a very important day for women all over the world. IWD for me is just like any other day except we do work based around important women of today and in history. I think we could maybe have a fundraiser for the Alex Women's Charity (AWC) next year, and we could help women who are in need of some help and support. We could have a pyjama day or a no-uniform day. Women face a lot of things today that are not right. For example, men getting higher pay even though they work the same job in the same position and possibly work harder, women feeling like they always have to prove themselves and feeling they are not safe on the streets due to the amount of violence. In my opinion, there is still a long way to go in women being completely equal to men but it is a million times better than it was 100 years ago.

Sofia Sambataro

International Women’s day is a very important celebration around the world because it reminds people how important it is to be equal and make sure everyone has the same rights. It also reminds people of what we’ve achieved, and that women aren’t just born to clean the house and look after children. I think there’s an International Women’s day because women have achieved a lot in the past few years and it’s important to remember that and show that women are as important as men. During International Women’s Day women are usually treated more fairly than normal days. I think that this is a very special day, especially for women who still have to work hard every day. I think International Women’s Day is a great idea since women will feel more special and accepted and treated equally to men. I think International Women’s Day should be celebrated by giving gifts or cards or flowers to the women in your house. There should also be a short video on a big TV in St. Stephen’s Green showing all the work that women have done. Women have achieved a lot but there are still women that don’t get as much respect, education, access to new careers and a say in politics. I would like women to get a say in almost every political thing, and every girl should be allowed to go to school. I think that women’s rights have improved but there’s still stuff to be done.  


Emily Sexton

I think there is an International Women’s Day because, not even a hundred years ago, women didn’t have the privileges men had. For example, women were required to stay at home and cook for their husbands. They were not allowed to do the jobs men did because people thought of them as ‘too weak’. Finally, women were given the same rights as men and were allowed to vote, so I think International Women’s Day is to remember all the brave women who fought, or are still fighting, for women’s rights. 

International Women’s Day is the same as normal days for me, but I like in school how we research and learn about inspirational women we haven’t heard of before. 

I one hundred percent agree that there should be an International Women’s Day, because, as I said before, there were so many women who did amazing and extraordinary things to help fight for women’s rights. These people should not go unheard of so this is a day to commend those women. 

In school, I think it would be very interesting to find out more information about inspirational women who might have grown up close to where we live. Also, learning about the women who founded Alex would be very fascinating.  

In Ireland, we are very lucky that women have the same opportunities as men, but in other countries that isn’t the case. So, I would love it if something happened to change that. In sports, a lot of female teams don’t get the recognition they deserve. Another problem is that sometimes women don’t get the privileges men get. For example, the women’s rugby provinces were playing and they had to get changed outside in tents near the bins with lots of rats, but the men can get changed in the changing rooms, which, as someone who would love to play on an international team one day, I think is a disgrace. I would love to see all of that change.