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Junior School News 12 November 2021

Dates for your Diary | From the Office | JACA Update | J5W Engineers | Budding Scientists in KG Lower! | The KG Upper Explorers - Investigate Ladybirds! | Science Week Fun in J3W | Our Young Scientists at Work! | J2R Assembly on Good Manners | J5 Cycling Safety Workshops

Dates for your Diary

 Thursday 18

Saturday 20

 KGLr Hearing and Vision tests

1st Year Scholarship Exam (J6 students) 

From the Office

Ms. Carr’s Home

At Christmas time, the Junior School has a long-standing arrangement with Ms. Carr’s Home (Carr’s Child and Family Services) on Northbrook Road, Ranelagh. They offer support to families so that children can live in a loving and safe setting. In the past, we have donated beautiful Christmas hampers, but with Covid restrictions in place last year, we gave gift cards instead. Ms. Carr's Home was hugely appreciative of your generosity last Christmas and every voucher was given to a family who really needed it. Over €8000 worth of food vouchers were donated by the Alex families. 

We would ask each Junior School family to purchase a gift card for the main supermarkets such as Lidl, Aldi, Dunnes Stores, Tesco or SuperValu. The voucher should be placed in an envelope and your daughter can give it to her class teacher by Friday, December 3rd.  The vouchers will then be donated to Ms. Carr’s Home who will distribute them to people in need. The recipient can purchase groceries for their specific requirements.

We appreciate your support and assistance in maintaining our link with Ms. Carr’s Home and for bringing some Christmas cheer, especially in these challenging times. Thank you!

JACA Update

Alex Christmas Cards

Thank you to everyone who placed their Card Orders this week. For those that have missed the deadline of Wed. 10th – please note you can still order your cards with Please reach out to your class rep, if you require your daughters Ref Code to Order.




Toy and Book Fair 2021 – Friday 26th Nov

We are very excited to see the return of the Toy & Book Fair this year, JACA has lots of exciting plans in store. Watch this space!!!!

DONATIONS: We will be accepting donations of Toys & Books next week from the 15th – 19th Nov. All donations can be left in the Junior School entrance area. Please give what you would like your daughter to receive. Thank you.

The Annual Alex Xmas Gift with JACA

This year the Christmas Gift will be a bespoke notebook, personalised by the girls and incorporating artwork from every girl in the Junior School.

Inspired by famous notebookers of the past including Leonardo da Vinci, Beatrix Potter, Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo, the girls have embarked on an exciting journey of creating their own bespoke notebook.

It was a great collaborative school project as every girl drew an image inspired by the title Under the Sea, linking with the STEAM theme this term. Using a graphic design team, these images will be scanned and gathered into a one-page collaborative piece of Artwork for each Class.

We ran a competition for the title of the notebook, each class proposing their own creative title. We have had great fun reading through the suggestions and the class representatives have voted for their favourite title. All will be revealed when the notebooks are in everyone’s hands!!

This 100-page spiral notebook will consist of a plastic protective cover with the chosen title of the notebook in foil print and the inside pages will be both lined and blank to encourage writing, sketching and doodling. The front cover of the book will be a collaborative illustration of shells by the J6 girls, dispersed throughout the book will be 15 full colour pages, a page dedicated to each class, showcasing all their beautiful drawings.  All paper used is from a sustained FSC source the printers are part of the ‘World Land Trust’.

The notebook will cost €15 per book or €40 for a pack of 3. Expected delivery week commencing Monday 6th December.

The notebooks will be available to purchase on a pre-order basis only, via your class representative from Monday 15th Nov – Friday 19th Nov. Full payment will be required in order to confirm your order.

A beautiful gift for family and friends this Christmas!

‘You work it out and play around with it. You doodle…. you make notes… it grows, it grows…..’                                                              

Roald Dahl

Sarah Jane Dempsey (JACA Chairperson)


Science Week in the Junior School

We marked Science Week in the Junior School in lots of different ways. During assembly, we learned about famous Irish scientists and women in STEAM careers. The J3W class recited a poem for us about how to be a good scientist and shared great science riddles with us too.

J5W Engineers

As part of Science Week, J5W took part in a FemEng outreach workshop with students from the University of Glasgow. The main aim of FemEng is to promote inclusivity and diversity in engineering. We learned about many different types of engineering, including biomedical, mechanical, software and environmental engineering. 

Next we learned a little more about aeronautical engineering and how these engineers work with aeroplanes, rockets and even Formula 1 cars! Each girl then constructed their own wind turbine using only paper, a straw and some tape! In the real world these turbines would be connected to a generator as a more sustainable source of electricity. 

It was great fun and the girls learned a lot from experimenting with different size blades and extra rotations!

Ms. Byrnes & Ms. McGarry


Budding Scientists in KG Lower!

This week as part of Science week, we have been performing many different fun experiments. We have loved getting to see all the wonderful things that can happen in Science. 

At the start of the week, we did the "walking water" experiment. We were delighted with the results but we were even more excited on Tuesday morning when our colours moved even further!! We then conducted an experiment with bread to see what kills the most amount of germs; water, soap or sanitiser. We will need to wait a week before we can see any real changes in the slices of bread but we love looking up at our Science board every day to check just in case!!! 

Our third experiment was with celery sticks and food colouring. We got to see the celery change colour over the course of a few days with the food colouring. We definitely didn't want to eat a blue or red celery stick by the end of the week!!

Our final experiment was our favourite experiment from the whole week. Using skittles, plates and water, we created beautiful rainbows. We came up with the name "rainbows for lunch" as we thought it would be very funny to have eaten a rainbow!! 

We have ended Science week having learned so much more about the world we live in. We definitely will be doing more experiments in class in the future.

Ms Kenny and KG Lower :)

The Kg Upper Explorers - Investigate Ladybirds!

Our weekly nature walk led the way inspiring us with our topic for ‘Science Week’! A fascination with Ladybirds! What an interesting week - learning all sorts of information about these amazing beetles - from their colourful appearance, the stages of their lifecycle, watching how scientists discovered their unfolding wings from their wing-cases (elytra) and to more surprising information including how they can release a scent from their leg joints to warn off any threatening predators!

Our nature walks now include a Ladybird hunt to see how many we can spot before they are off to hibernate!

We have all enjoyed this project - singing Ladybird songs, imaginative Ladybird playtimes and learning many different facts about these little creatures. Creating ladybird craft set the scene for our weekly storytelling and writing activity - prompted by a title, "The Ladybird Who.....". What do you think could make a good Ladybird story!?

Ms Boyd and Kg Upper ;-)

Science Week Fun in J3W

The girls in J3W participated in some fun activities in class on Thursday afternoon.  They had a super time testing out some of the properties of science.

The first STEM activity involved the girls having to ‘Save Sam.’ Sam the gummy worm is stuck on a boat.  He went out for a nice ride and his boat capsized.  Luckily Sam was able to climb on top of his boat but his gummy life preserver is in under his boat.  He needs to get this to swim back to shore safely.

The challenge of this activity was to save poor Sam by recovering his life jacket from underneath his boat.  The only materials the girls could use to accomplish this challenge were paperclips.  They were not allowed to touch Sam, the rowboat, or the life preserver with their hands, only the paper clip.

Tea Bag Hot Air Balloon

The girls used tea bags to create a hot air balloon.  They observed how the less dense warm air rises above the denser cooler air, causing the tea bag to lift off like a hot air balloon.

Fizzy Rockets

The J3W girls used film canisters and filled them with some water and added half an Alka Seltzer tablet, sealed the canister and watch as the intense pressure inside the canister caused the canister to launch in the air.

Ms. Jansen


Our Young Scientists at Work!

Preschool Lower

This week Preschool Lower has chatted about being scientists. We discussed inventions we would come up with which included a pink flying motorbike to come to school on and read some lovely rhyming books by Andrea Beaty about two little girls who were interested in science and engineering. We did an experiment about surface tension by launching a paper rocket in water using soap and we used glitter on our hands to show how fast germs can spread by touching and the importance of washing your hands using soap and warm water to get rid of all the germs. We enjoyed science week and look forward to doing lots more science.

Ms. Brandon and Ms. Malseed

Preschool Upper

The Preschool Upper girls had a very exciting week with the sinking and floating experiment inviting them to play, experiment and explore how and why different objects float and sink when placed in water!

We also looked at the force of magnets and how the north and south poles are attracted to each other. They quickly observed that iron, nickel and cobalt are attracted to magnets while most metals are not, for example copper, silver and gold.

The girls were intrigued with an experiment using a ping pong ball and a hairdryer to show how a plane stays in the air. The ping pong ball stayed within the column of air coming from the hairdryer because of air pressure.

Finally the girls enjoyed learning about a scientist and  colouring one.

Well done, girls, for a great Science week!

Ms Murphy & Ms Moran

J2R Assembly on Good Manners

On Friday, 12th November, J2R presented a class assembly on the importance of using good manners. Each girl thought of a manner which is important and she drew a picture to accompany her point. The list of good manners and the illustrations were shown in a PowerPoint presentation.

Here is the list of good manners:

  1. We show good manners when we help someone else, for example if they have fallen and hurt themselves.
  2. We always try to be kind and helpful to other people.
  3. We show respect for everyone by accepting them for who they are.
  4. It is important to use the word ‘please’ when you ask for something.
  5. Please remember to say ‘thank you’ to show your appreciation when someone does something for you.
  6. You never hurt another person by playing roughly and if they hurt you, it is never right to hurt them back.
  7. We need to choose kind words and not shout at people or be mean to them.
  8. Sneeze, cough or yawn into your elbow to show good manners.
  9. You should not use other people’s belongings without their permission.
  10. Show respect by not interrupting other people when they are talking.
  11. Use good manners when you are eating and drinking.
  12. Show respect for teachers and parents by doing what we are asked to do.
  13. If you make a mess, you need to tidy it up.
  14. If you are walking through a door, it is good manners to hold the door open for the person behind you.

Well done to the girls in J2R!

Ms. Gorry

J2R Class Teacher


J5 Cycling Safety Workshops

Our J5 students enjoyed their bike safety workshops over the past two weeks. A Green Schools Travel Officer showed the girls how to maintain their bicycles and how to navigate the roads safely.