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Alexandra College

Junior School News 13 May 2022

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 17           JS/PS Yearbook photos (J2-J6 in brown uniforms for class photos)

Thursday 19         The Big Dig archaeology workshop (J2-J6)

Friday 20              The Big Dig archaeology workshop (J2-J6)

Saturday 21          RC J2 First Communion

May 23-27              Summer exams J5/J6

Tuesday 24           KGUpr go to Van Gogh exhibition in the RDS

Wednesday 25     J3 and J4 school trip to Funtasia

Thursday 26          J1 school trip to Dublin Zoo

                                 J3 Visit Van Gogh exhibition in the RDS

Friday 27               STEM talk by Shane Nolan – Google 9.30am  (J4/5/6)

                                 AIJS Art Exhibition – St. Kilian’s 2-4pm

Monday 30            STEM Talk - Vets 10am

Tuesday 31            JS Sports Day (info to follow) 9.30am – 12pm

From the Office

Start Time for School

Please make sure that your daughters are in school on time. All students should be in school by 8.30am. This gives students the chance to unpack their bags and get ready for the school day. Assembly starts at 8.45am and everyone is expected to be in their place then. Classes start at 9am sharp. 

Yearbook photos

Class and group photos for the yearbook will be taken next Tuesday, May 17th. J2-J6 will need to be in brown uniforms for the class group photos. Red PE uniforms will need to be brought in for Sports Captains/teams etc.  All hair is to be tied up. 

Music Week in the Junior School

This week was a special week in the Junior School as it was Music Week.

For our first concert of the week, we welcomed 6th Year students Rachel, Caroline, Lola, Charlotte, Alice and Róisín to the Junior School to give a piano recital. They were excellent and we all enjoyed their performances very much.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Cooney and the Jazz Band played for us. They are a huge favourite here in the Junior School. They were superb as always. 

Wednesday was Rockjam! And what a treat it was. Five groups with girls from J1 to J6 playing their own compositions, and an extra solo drum performance from Ciara. The girls were amazing! 

On Thursday morning fresh from their recent outstanding production of The Sound of Music, we were entertained by some TY students. They sang 2 choruses and performed a short scene from the musical. It was especially delightful to have our own Aisling J4 and Emily J5 perform with the group. 

Finally on Thursday afternoon, we enjoyed a concert with songs from Kg Lr up to J4. We had a lovely mix of songs and we all had a great afternoon. 

Ms. Fitzgerald

Music Week in the Junior School 2022

Ava Burke’s Day as Principal of Alexandra College Junior School

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be made Principal of Alexandra College Junior School for a day. It was a fantastic experience and I was so excited to have won this amazing JACA experience prize and here is what I did for the day. To start things off, I came to school at 7.45am and started my duties. At 8.00am I did a Meet and Greet with all the students. Afterwards, I led the assembly and Ms Lamplugh and I put on two songs for music week which were “Thank you for the Music” by ABBA and “Part of Me” by Katy Perry. After the songs, I declared that there should be no homework for today. I think the girls' cheers could have been heard in Wilde and Green!

When Assembly was finished, I went over to visit all of the classes from Preschool to J6. I also met with Ms Ennis and Ms Corr along the way and had a nice chat with both. Once the class visits were completed, I went to the Sound of Music performances and then I had my break in the Staff Room.

I helped the KG classes with their lunches shortly afterwards, and it was followed by Ms Lamplugh and I going to Wilde and Green for our lunch. I sat down for all the Music Performances shortly after that and I even got to perform some songs myself.

Thank you Ms Lamplugh for being so kind to me! It was a pleasure being Principal for a Day. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky enough to do it all again for real in about 20 years time.  I hope all the girls enjoyed the no homework day!

Sincerely, Ava Burke aka Ms Burke

Principal for a Day 2022

Preschool Upper - All About Mini Beasts

This week the girls continued the theme ‘Mini Beasts’. They looked at the lifecycle of the butterfly and designed beautiful butterflies using doilies!  They moved on to learn about the ladybird and how they like eating the greenfly. Their bright colours act as an important defence mechanism. They then moved onto the bumble bee and discovered that they are important pollinators. They were fascinated to learn that their wings beat 130 times per second! They designed beautiful mini beast creatures. Well done girls!

Ms. Murphy and Ms. Moran

J1 Class Assembly

This week J1 performed their assembly about Irish myths and legends

There is a long standing tradition in Ireland of storytelling. Long long ago before there were things like TV or the internet, people used to tell each other stories as a form of entertainment. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation.

 The girls told three stories: The Children of Lir, The Giant’s Causeway and The Salmon of Knowledge.

Well done J1, fantastic work!

Ms Martin

STEM Talk Series - DNA

On May 6th Darina Hynes came in to give us a STEM talk on DNA. Darina is Hana and Siún’s Mum from KG Lower! She told us all about her job and about what DNA is. She told us that DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid . The alphabet of DNA is made up of only 4 letters - AGCT .

After her talk, we did an experiment with strawberries. 

  1. First we mushed up 3 strawberries.
  2. Then we added a teaspoon of dish soap.
  3. Then we mixed in one teaspoon of salt.
  4. Next you put your mix through a sieve with a tissue on it until you get pink juice coming through. This separates all of the fruit parts so that it is just a pink liquid that drains into the container.
  5. After that, we poured the pink mix into a small glass and added ice cold alcohol to it.
  6. Finally, we were able to see a cloud-like substance at the top of the liquid.

The first time we tried, we added too much dish soap at the start, so we had to redo it. However, we tried again and then we could see a cloud-like substance floating on top of the pink liquid. This was the DNA from the strawberries!

I think that the experience was interesting and informative about DNA. The J2s and the J1s enjoyed it and definitely learned a lot. DNA is definitely a fun subject to learn about and I would like to learn more. It left people having a lot of questions about DNA that were quite interesting.

Everyone who was there had fun learning about DNA and were interested and listening.

By Freya Nolan, J5W

JS STEM Talk Series - DNA May 2022

J6R Seashore Safari

On Tuesday, we went on a school trip to Sandycove beach to look and learn about crabs, seashells, seaweed and other interesting creatures of the sea. We were split into groups, each to look for whatever interesting things we could find on the beach. We crossed a slippery bridge of rocks, discovering little things on the way to find interesting creatures. We found starfish, crabs, mussels, shrimp, seals, fish, barnacles and lots of shells.  Each group had a net, a sheet to identify the things we saw, and a little bucket to collect whatever they found. Once we were back to the shore, we discussed everything we saw and collected.  We then ate our lunch on the rocks and got a surprise from Mr. O’Connor. He bought us all 99s from Teddy’s!  We really enjoyed our trip and hope you enjoyed reading about it.  

By Aurora Corcoran and Ella Rose McElligott

J6W Seashore Safari

On Monday, J6W went to Sandycove to learn about the beach. We were split into groups and found all sorts of things like shells, shrimp and different types of fish. We looked in the rock pools for all the different fish, shells and lots of different types of sea things. We then used buckets which we used to scoop up the sea animals. Once we had finished examining them, we would put them back in the sea so that they could live a long and happy life. Fun fact: we fished up a shrimp giving birth. We found so many different types of sea creatures. It was a really good experience and we think we all learned a lot! We would like to thank our guide Muriel for our Seashore Safari. 

By Sophie Butcher and Clara Galvin, J6W

J6 Seashore Safari 2022

AIJS Tennis Tournament

Saturday last saw the return to the fun tennis tournament that is the AIJS Tennis morning. Sunshine greeted us as we arrived in Rathdown School and our team of 3, Eva Duffy playing in the singles event, along with Katie Weedle and Tory Johnson, playing in the doubles. Almost immediately,  the girls got into their warm up routine prior to the start of the competition.

Many schools took part, (Saint Andrews, Saint Gerards, Dundalk, Headford, Mount Anville, Rathgar, the host school, Rathdown and ourselves), with Rathdown winning the girls singles, where Eva came in third place, and our doubles pairing of Katie and Tory coming in first place, winning the doubles event. The competition format was a round robin ‘short set’, which is similar to a standard set, but instead of playing to 6 games, the aim is 4. If there was a draw 4-4, then a standard tie-break was played. Sporting matches were played, points won and lost, and moreover, new friends were made!

Dry and sunny conditions remained for the medal presentation. And there were smiling faces all round as goodie bags appeared and were well received indeed!

So a big thank you to Virginia and Rathdown School for organizing a great fun tennis morning. Well done to our Alex team (and their drivers, thank you so much for being on time!) and congratulations to you all for playing so confidently and especially in a very sporting and fair manner.