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Junior School News 15 January 2021

Alex Virtual Junior School

The Junior School moved online last Monday and everything is going well so far. A huge thank you to all the class, specialist, music and extra-curricular teachers for making the school day work so well online for all the girls from Preschool to J6. We are very appreciative of the support that you as parents are giving at home to our online lessons too.  We have almost 100% attendance every day. We are very proud of all of the Alex students in how they are engaging online. They are on time every day and have the books and materials that they need. Well done, girls!

Please remind your daughters to adhere to our online protocols at all times. Mobile phones are not allowed during the school day when the girls are on the campus, so that rule is the same during online classes too. No recording or photography of any of the teachers’ online inputs is permitted. The Chat Button on Zoom is only allowed to be used with the permission of the teacher. 


From the Office

We have some good news to share with all of you this week. 

Engagement: Congratulations to Ms. Murray and George as they got engaged over Christmas! 

Baby News: Our Dance teacher, Sophie Newell, who is on leave this year, had a baby girl, Adelyn, over Christmas.  Congratulations also to Juliana Byrne (PS Upr) and her family as they welcomed a new baby boy, Ethan, to their family over Christmas.  

Birthday Girls this Week!

Mona (PS Lr) 4yrs

Rosie (J2W) 8yrs

Kate (J5R) 11ys 

Louisa (J4W) 10yrs

Holly (KG Upr) 6yrs

Caoimhe (J4R)


Fighting Words Workshops (J3)

On Tuesday, the two J3 classes participated in a creative writing workshop via Zoom with the team working at 'Fighting Words.'  The classes worked together with two facilitators to begin to build a story.  The story was called, 'Bethany's Adventure,' a tale about a girl who was afraid of a monster in her book.  The children were then invited to begin individual writing, finishing the group story or creating something totally new.

It was a fantastic workshop and the facilitators were very impressed with the creative input and how well the children were able to use Zoom.  The children are still busy trying to complete and illustrate their individual endings.

Well done, J3!!

This is the digital booklet of the story the two classes wrote together.


Distance Learning Tips and Tricks from J5W

Some views and tips on online learning by

  • Charlotte Xia
  • Emilia Kravetz
  • Holly Kinsella 

What do you like/dislike about online learning?

EK: What I like about online learning is the fact that we don't need extra time to commute to school and we can use that time instead to sleep in. What I don't like about online learning is that we don't get to interact with friends and we don't get to move around as much.

HK: What I like about online learning is that since we’re at home, if we need anything we can just quickly get it. What I don't like about online learning is that there can be glitches and it can be hard to communicate with your teacher.

CX: What I like about online learning is that it is much safer as everyone is not crowding in a classroom so that Covid can’t spread that easily. What I dislike is that we have to look at the computer (or iPad ) screen for such a long period of time, it might make our eyes bad. 

What do you look forward to when going back to school?

EK: I am looking forward to seeing my teachers and friends  and being able maybe to get up and do stuff instead of sitting at a screen all-day.

HK: I look forward to seeing my friends again and working on fun projects. I also am looking forward to being able to sit in the classroom instead of looking at a screen all day.

CX: I am looking forward to playing hockey when we go back to school, because we can’t play during lockdown, but I really like it. I am also looking forward to meeting all my teachers and friends when I am back.

What advice would you give to other students when working online?

EK : Advice I would give other students is that if you know that you are going to be working online, then get blue light glasses to reduce screen glare and I would also try getting a fidget toy or something for the day because personally, I think it's kind of hard to sit still all day.

HK: I would advise the other students that they should be patient with the calls because it can get very frustrating with all the glitches and all the other tech problems, and it does happen to everyone so don’t worry.

CX : I would advise the other students that they can have a little walk during break. And I think it is a good idea that you open the window to breathe some fresh air.



Art Webinars

Last year as part of Art Appreciation week, all the girls from Kg Lower-J6 got to visit the National Gallery of Ireland, but this year the galleries are closed so we decided to bring the gallery to the girls by way of a process-led workshop. The girls explored and discovered the creative techniques behind Mondrian’s abstract paintings. They learnt about his life, his artwork, and his inspiration. The girls got to interpret his work by making their own experimental artworks. They also had an opportunity to ask questions and to develop their own visual literacy by speaking about and identifying abstract art. All the girls from Kg Upper, J1, J4R and J4W got involved in this webinar.

Ms. Smith

Ellie Archer KG Upper                                                             Emily Richardson J4R


Preschool Lower – on Zoom!

Wow, well what a fabulous first week on Zoom for Preschool Lower. They have never done this before, but have taken to it like ducks to water - so well done girls on a super week! 

On our first day, we spoke all about Christmas and what we all did for our holidays. We then did our numbers, had some stories and even had a preschool band - thank you so much to Ms. Higgins for playing her ukulele with us. We sang songs and played instruments like the drums, ukulele, keyboard and even a recorder. The Butterflies and Ladybirds loved playing in the new formed Preschool Band!

We continued our week and got some exercise with Mairead Wales who played a really fun bean game with us - we absolutely loved it and had a great time! Thank you, Mairead. On Wednesday we did a zoom art lesson and made winter trees. This worked really well and the girls made fabulous snowy winter trees. On Thursday, we continued learning our numbers and sang even more songs with Ms Higgins in our band. 

Friday was Show and Tell Day and the girls all brought really cool things to show us and tell their friends about. What a great first week of Zoom Preschool! Thank you to all the parents,  grannies and minders who helped the girls sign on and assisted us with some activities. See you all next week for more Zoom Preschool.  

Ms Brandon & Ms Malseed 


KG Lower

Our Kg Lower girls have responded so enthusiastically in their first week of Zoom school, engaging fully in every activity! They have impressed me SO much!
Considering their age, the girls have shown great computer skills and positivity, participating fully towards all aspects of our action-packed programme!
Some of our themed activities included, daily special Assemblies, Letter and Number Fun, An Aimsir, Cosmic Yoga and an Owl project, alongside interesting and interactive lessons with our extra-curricular teachers. These topics were all enhanced by our super singing, lively dancing, colourful and creative work. 

This week, I have recognised not what our girls might be ‘missing’ from being ‘in school’ but rather what they are ‘gaining’ from this online experience! While our Froebelian emphasis will remain with us online and at home too, we are already excited for next week's adventures and more online fun to come...


Best wishes to staying safe, from Ms. Boyd and the KG Lowers :-)