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Junior School News 17 September 2021

Dates for your Diary | From JACA | KG Upper Sea Explorers Return to Dun Laoghaire! | Maths Fun in KG Lower! | From the Art Department | Resilience at its Best | J2 Fighting Words Workshop

Dates for your Diary

Thursday 16         No Rock Jam classes in the afternoon (3-4 pm/4-5 pm)

Friday 17               Culture Night 2021 (lots of great events on this evening)

Monday 20           JACA AGM 7:30 pm on Zoom – all welcome  (info below)



The JACA AGM will take place on Monday 20 September @ 7:30 pm on Zoom.

JACA is the Alexandra College Junior School Association of Parents & Teachers. The Zoom link will be sent out in advance of the meeting on Monday 20 September 2021.

We welcome all parents to join this meeting where JACA will present the 2020-21 report and vote in the new members of the committee.

Learn more about JACA here. 

In other news...

The KG Upper Sea Explorers Returned to Dun Laoghaire at Low Tide!

The KG Upper girls were so excited for their return visit with Muriel at the INSS, in Dun Laoghaire, last Friday. The sun shone while all enjoyed another great day’s exploration!

Our first activity saw us beachcombing and rock pooling. We dug for lugworms, looked closely at their trails and learned more about the long tunnels they make. We even caught a Blenny fish and many baby crabs before inspecting bumpy sugar kelp, strong limpets, sea lettuce and colourful sea anemone.

After the seashore fun, we brought the marine life back to Muriel’s classroom and looked more closely at all our interesting findings in different discovery bowls and using our magnifying glasses. Muriel taught us all about the egg sac of a dogfish which is also known as a ‘Mermaid’s purse’.  Later on, she returned everything safely to its habitat.

Next, it was time to explore more of the harbour! We learned all about Lobster pots, the old Ice House in Coal Harbour and then through the boatyard, naming parts of a boat, including the mast, boom and hull. We had great fun walking up and down ‘a slipway’, hearing how the crane lowers boats and seeing how trailers reverse down the slip, for boats to enter the water safely.  It was very exciting to watch a fishing boat return with ‘a big catch’! We inspected a very big crab close up and a whelk covered in many barnacles!

Another favourite aspect of this trip is, ‘The KG Upper Lunch on deck’ and time to appreciate the beautiful views of Dun Laoghaire, observing all the busy activity and scenes from around the harbour area. We loved welcoming our surprise guest, Ms Lamplugh and telling her all about our amazing day.

This month we continue to be fascinated by all types of Marine life. We have been busy depicting our ‘Under the Sea’ knowledge, in different creative ways - making sea scenes in our Art, storytelling and imaginative play.

During the week, we made a special thank you card for Muriel to show her how much we love visiting and learning with her at the INSS. Hopefully we will return again sometime for more sea exploration and endless marine fun!

Very well done and thank you girls for your excellent behaviour, manners and interest, on another terrific day out! Now, where could our next adventures take us!?

Happy Discovering, everyone!

Best wishes,
Ms Boyd & KG Upper :-)


Maths Fun in KG Lower!

This week in KG Lower, the girls have been very busy sorting and categorising items from our classroom. They have also been trying out our new Numicon equipment. The girls have been using their number facts when using the Numicons and have created fabulous pictures. They also had a chance to practise cutting skills when creating our "Blasting into KG Lower" display.

Ms Kenny 


From the Art Department……

Picasso inspired portraits by J1

J1 created their portraits inspired by the artist Picasso. The girls learnt how Cubism was invented by Picasso. The girls explored different shapes and colours, resulting in their portraits appearing fragmented and abstract. We also had fun remembering Picasso's full name, it was 23 words long! Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso.

Several portraits using coloured paper hung on a white brick wall.A young blonde girl glues coloured paper to a white sheet of paper to create a self portrait.A young blonde girl smiles proudly at the camera, showing off a self portrait made with coloured paper.


Textile weaving by J4R and J4W

J4R and J4W learnt about textile weaving, one of the oldest crafts in the world. Even before weaving was used to make cloth, the practice of interlacing plants and branches was used to create baskets, shelter and fences. The girls explored texture and different weaving techniques using wool and recycled material reflecting on the environment, sustainability and fast fashion. Keep an eye out for the final finished pieces!

Ms Smith

Resilience at its Best

J5R has been researching people who overcame their disabilities to achieve success in their various fields - such as acting, theoretical physics, mountain climbing, teaching, horse riding and swimming. We have learnt about the people who fight for disabled rights and the inclusion of disabled people in sports, culture and academics. We particularly enjoyed finding out about the service animals, such as guide dogs, therapy ponies and even therapy bunnies who support people with disabilities in so many ways.

Ms Richardson


J2R and J2W Fighting Words Workshop

On 16 September, J2R and J2W participated in the Fighting Words Story Writing Workshop. The session took place virtually on Zoom. We talked about reading books, our favourite films and games as part of our warm-up activity. Then we agreed on all the elements of a good story character, an adventure, setting, a beginning, middle and end, no cliffhanger until the end, magic, interest, truth and possibly animals. We learned about the role of an author, publisher, editor and illustrator. We voted on all parts of our group story called The Mythical Land and then the girls wrote their own ending or created their individual stories. Our story will be published on the Fighting Words website and a link will also be sent to the J2 parents, so they can read the story with their daughter. We enjoyed our creative writing session and we look forward to seeing our work in print as well as the illustrations which the Fighting Words facilitator created.

Ms Gorry and Ms Murray