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Alexandra College

Junior School News 18 September 2020

Dates for your Diary

Thursday 24         JACA AGM 7.30pm


Thursday 1          JACA Guest Speaker: Fiona Forman – “Raising Resilient Children”

                              Webinar 7.30pm


From the Office

Happy News!

Congratulations to Mr. Fitzgerald and his fiancée Shannon who were married today! We wish them both a very happy day and future together.


Up to this, the  girls in J1-J6 have just had oral maths and language homework. From next Monday, September 21st, the girls will get written homework too. Please make sure that you sign your daughter’s homework diary every evening. Books and copy covers need be wiped down every day too.

Music/Drama/ Public Speaking: The girls going to the Senior School building for Music/Drama/ Public Speaking classes are asked to wear face masks for these lessons/classes from Monday.


Green Schools Committee 20/21

J6W        Matilda O'Donohoe

J6R         Caoimhe Davis

J5W        Charlotte Xia

J5R         Matilda Shine

J4W        Lucinda Heffron

J4R         Emily Richardson

J3W        Penelope Kirk

J3R         Claudia Leddy

J2W        Llanka Martin

J2R         Sadhbh Nangle

J1             Georgia Moore & Ali Field

Kg Upr.  Ellie Archer & Amelia Gleeson

Kg Lr.     Claudia Brennan, Charlotte Leonard


Student Council 20/21

J1              Nika Kapilevich & Jessica Cooney

J2W         Emily Dempsey

J2R          Clare O'Donnell

J3R          Lauren Walsh

J3W         Katie McGearty

J4R          Clara Duffy

J4W         Martha Moore

J5R          Katie Smith

J5W         Zoe O’Beirne

J6R          Ciara Halpin

J6W         Riley Foyle



J6 Sports Captains 20/21

Francesca Darcy

Susie Bohan

Alice Kent

Sophie Mallon

Olivia Nell

Lauren Rea

Emily DeMarco

Jahan Mangat


Making Patterns in KGUpper!

This week, KG Upper have been learning about patterns in maths. They spotted plenty of patterns around the classroom and school and were also very busy making different patterns using different materials. Well done girls!



Bebras Computational Thinking Challenges: National Finalists 2020 

Last year, a number of Alex JS students took part in the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenges. These challenges encourage students to creatively solve problems and are based on computer science concepts. Over 6,000 students had entered these challenges from all over Ireland and Alex JS was delighted to announce that 3 students had made it through to the National Finals. We would like to say a huge well done to  Alice Kent (J6W), Charlotte Xia and Olivia Wilson (both J5W) for their achievement. These students were honoured to receive their Finalist certificates in school today.  



Webwise National Poster Competition: Winner 2020

The annual “Safer Internet Day” promotes a safer internet environment for all users, especially young people. Last year, Webwise ran a poster campaign inviting students across the country to create a poster that advocates for a safer internet. Saoirse Jones (J5R) created a superb poster, highlighting the fact that the internet is neither good or bad - that it is the user who has the power to choose which. The judges awarded Saoirse with first prize and we were delighted to award Saoirse with her certificate today. Along with her certificate, Saoirse also won an amazing drone for the school to experiment with and a MakeyMakey Go for herself. 


J5W Assembly – Celtic Myths and Legends

This week for assembly, the girls in J5W brought the stories they had been learning about in history to life. The focus was on “Celtic Myths and Legends” and each pod group collaborated to create a visual audiobook with the use of the MacBooks and the iMovie app. Great fun was had as the girls worked tirelessly to create a variety of illustrations and audio clippings to complete their stories.



Science Fun in J3R

This week we have been learning about matter in J3R.  There are three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas.  A water bottle is an example of a solid, because it doesn’t change shape.  Water is a liquid because it takes the shape of the container it is put in.  Oxygen is a gas because it is everywhere.

Did you know that liquid is made up of evenly spread particles that can take any shape.  There is some space between the particles and that is why it can move and change shape, like water.  Solids are made of tightly bunched particles and it has a definite shape like rocks, twigs and more. The particles in gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide are super spread out and it also takes any shape. 

To finish off our study of matter, we did an experiment and made oobleck.  We mixed cornflour and water with food colouring in a bowl.  Did you know it can be a liquid and a solid?  When you rolled it into a ball with your hands, it turned into a solid, but as soon as you stopped rolling it, it turned back into a liquid.  It was messy, but a lot of fun!

Ms. Jansen



More photos of skippers!  J3W in action, followed by J6W and photos of J6R in skipping action mode!  Movement and coordination skills on view! 


J1s Measure Up!
Taking a rest from their skipping techniques, our J1’s were using their measuring skills to see how tall they were in PE class! With the help of fun stickers, chosen by each student, they marked their place on the gym are their results. 


J2R have settled into the start of the new term and to wearing their brown uniform for the first time. We welcomed two new girls, Alessandra and Sophie and we look forward to meeting our third new student, Sophia later in the year. We have started to use the iPads for Accelerated Reader which is for developing deeper reading comprehension, Spellings for Me-an individualised spelling programme and Top Marks-a fun website for working on mental maths. We have also learned about using Kiddle for researching information. We have enjoyed sitting on the grass outside our classroom when the weather is warm and dry and we can sketch or read in the sunshine. We are looking forward to lots of new learning this year.

Aisling Gorry, J2R Class Teacher