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Alexandra College

Junior School News 20 November 2020

Dates for your Diary

Nov. 16-27            Parent/Teacher Meetings (on Zoom) -info sent to you by class


Friday 27              Food collection for Capuchin Day Centre due by 9am (see below)

Tues. Dec. 1          Food vouchers for Ms. Carr’s Home (see below)

Nov. 30-Dec.4     Christmas exams J5/J6


From the Office

School Uniform (J2-J6)

From Monday, November 23, the girls in J2-J6 may wear their red PE uniform to school every day. The weather is getting colder now, but we have to continue to keep the windows and doors open in all of the classrooms. Good ventilation, hand sanitising, correct cough etiquette and the excellent daily cleaning regime in the Junior School are all helping to keep germs out of the Junior School. As a result, we have almost had full attendance in the Junior School every day this year. The girls may wear their red uniform every day – no hockey skorts please. Every child needs a coat too as they will all go outside at yard time unless it is torrential rain. We will review this change in uniform policy at the February mid-term break.


Food Collection:

The Student Council is organising a food collection for the Capuchin Day Centre. We are asking that every child brings in at least one item by Thursday, November 26. There are collection boxes in every classroom. The food will be picked up on Friday 27 November.

Items needed: tea bags, sugar, canned food (veg/fruit/beans), pasta, rice, grains, biscuits.


Ms. Carr’s Home

At Christmas time, the Junior School has a long standing arrangement with Ms. Carr’s Home (Carr’s Child and Family Services) on Northbrook Road, Ranelagh. They offer support to families, so that children can live in a loving and safe setting. We traditionally donate hampers from each family in our school which are distributed to the residents of Ms. Carr’s Home and people in need in the community. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to support Ms. Carr’s Home in this manner this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. We know the difference which these hampers make in providing meals during Christmas time and we have devised an alternative plan to maintain our donation this year.

We would ask each Junior School family to purchase a gift card for the main supermarkets such as Lidl, Aldi, Dunnes Stores, Tesco or SuperValu. Please give as generously as you can to the value of the hamper which you would usually donate. The voucher should be placed in an envelope and your daughter can give it to her class teacher by 1 December. The vouchers will then be donated to Ms. Carr’s Home who will distribute them to people in need. The recipient can purchase groceries for their specific requirements. We appreciate your support and assistance in maintaining our link with Ms. Carr’s Home and for bringing some Christmas cheer, especially in these challenging times. Thank you!


New Hockey Coach in JS

My name is Peter Caruth and I would like to introduce myself to you as I have recently joined the staff at Alexandra College Junior School.  My background is that I have a degree in Sports Studies and currently I am a full time hockey coach and a member of the Irish Men’s Hockey Team with 148 caps to my name.  I am also very fortunate to be able to call myself an Olympian after representing Ireland in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

My role this year will be working with the P.E. Department and all the children from KGLower up to J6.  I will be implementing my “Fundamentals” Programme with the children which is designed to create an environment which fosters the success of all students. I have met a lot of the girls so far and their reception to me has been great. They are always polite and full of spirit. No minute is without a laugh or a question. I am a strong believer in the power of sport and exercise and the positive influence it can have with their coping skills and preparing them for all of life’s challenges. 

I have a passion for development of all players and I am eager to share my knowledge with both coaches and children to ensure everyone gets the most from the sport.   My aim for the children is to come to each session with excitement, freedom to experiment and eventually to have learnt the basics of hockey. 

J2W Assembly




In J2W we really enjoyed celebrating the festival of Hallowe'en with our friends and families this year. We decided to learn about some other feasts and festivals from around the world to see how other people celebrate. 

We learned about Diwali, Holi, Thanksgiving, and Chinese New Year. We enjoyed researching information and facts with our groups and creating beautiful posters illustrating these festivals. Here are some facts that we learned: 

  • During Diwali people create beautiful rangoli patterns outside their front doors using coloured rice or sand. 
  • The first Thanksgiving celebration happened in Massachusetts in 1621. Thanksgiving celebrations last three days.
  • Holi is also known as the Festival of Colours. During Holi, people celebrate by having fun and throwing brightly coloured powder at each other. 
  • During the Chinese New Year celebrations, people hang red lanterns in their houses and have a big celebration meal with their families. 


J6’s Engineering Experience! 

Over the past two weeks, J6 has been participating in an engineering course run by FemEng! FemEng is a network of female engineers or girls training to become engineers at the University of Glasgow. We were invited to hook up with this group through a past Alex student, Lauren Ashmore, who is currently studying engineering there.

The two engineering courses we have done so far are Aeronautical engineering with Toni and Biomedical engineering with Natalia and Rujie. They were very interesting! 

During the Aeronautical engineering course we made gliders with paper and straws and during the Biomedical engineering course we made cells out of wine gums.

Aeronautical engineering is the engineering of planes, engines and even spacecraft. Some aeronautical engineers design planes, in order to make them the fastest and safest possible to fly with. It is up to engineers like Toni to design and recheck their creations.  If there is something wrong with it, it’s back to the drawing board! 

Biomedical engineering is the engineering used for medical purposes.

Biomedicals engineers design medicines, artificial limbs and artificial hip/knee replacements amongst others! This is a very exciting field of engineering which is developing really fast.

I really enjoyed these two workshops and I look forward to continuing them. Engineering has definitely caught my interest.  I would love to do more engineering as part of our curriculum in school! 

By Mia Walsh

STEAM Captain in J6R


Autumn Fun!

The J3R girls were out on Wednesday afternoon enjoying the fabulous weather and taking in the last remnants of autumn. We did some leaf rubbings and sketches in our books and had a nice walk around the campus. What a super treat in November!