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Junior School News 23 April 2021

Dates for your Diary | JACA News | Bebras National Finalists | Earth Day in Junior School | Preschool Upper on Earth Day | Preschool Lower | J3W Evaporation/Condensation Experiment | J6W - Celebrating Famous Female Environmentalists

Dates for your Diary


Friday 23                 Motus Mental Health programme J6

Tuesday 27             Motus Mental Health programme J6

Wednesday 28      Motus Parent webinar 7 pm (Zoom link emailed to J6 parents)

Friday 30                 J3 school trip to Airfield


Monday 3               Public Holiday – School closed

Sunday 9                Europe Day

Monday 10             JACA Committee meeting 8.30pm

Friday 14                KG Lr/Upr school trip         

Friday 21                J2 school trip

May 24-28            J5/J6 Summer exams 


Friday 4                  J4 school trip

Monday 7              Public Holiday – School closed

Tuesday 8              J6 School trip (TBC) 

Thursday 10          J6 Farewell Assembly (time TBC)

Friday 11                 Terms ends for KG Lr to J6 at 12:30 pm (No After Care)

Monday 21            Preschool term ends at 12 pm (No After Care)


J6 Graduation Gift

The J6 girls were delighted to receive personalised white hoodies last Friday, as a JACA graduation gift. They had great fun posing for pictures in their brilliant whites! We wish the girls an enjoyable last term in the Junior School. 


JACA Virtual auction

Our virtual auction got off to a great start. We are well on our way to meeting our fundraising commitments for 2021. This week we added new items including a signed golf cap and a signed golf flag by Open Champion Shane Lowry (both commemorating his momentous win at The Open Royal Portrush 2019). Thank you to parents who already registered, placed bids or donated funds. If you haven’t yet had a chance to do so, please check out our dedicated website

There are 8 different categories in our auction catalogue, the largest being Kids. Other categories include Sports, Interiors, Food & Beverage, Beauty, Fashion. Bidding will close between 9pm and 9.35pm on Thurs 29th April (one category will close every 5 mins) to facilitate anyone who is bidding in more than one category. 

We hope you have fun browsing, bidding or donating on our website! JACA Virtual Auction 2021 


JACA Committee 2021-22 – new class reps needed!

JACA comprises of volunteer parents from every class plus a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Ms. Lamplugh and Ms. Boyd. This team works together throughout the school year to organise and support key fundraising and other fun activities for the Junior School. The committee meets monthly to share ideas and plan the various events. Class reps communicate JACA news to their classes. 

As another school year is coming to an end, approximately half of the class reps are finishing up their two-year term. If you are interested in joining the committee or learning more about what the role involves, please contact your current class rep by Friday 7th May. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best wishes 

Veronica Brogan 

JACA Chairperson


Bebras National Finalists

On Tuesday, seven of our Junior School students participated in the 2021 National Finals of the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenges. The challenges are a set of online questions called Bebras tasks and encourage students to problem-solve based on informatics concepts.

It was a super achievement to make it through to the Finals and we would like to wish Julia Dunleavy, Carmen Meta Ní Aodha, Natasha Nangle, Chloé Corcoran, Bella O'Rourke, Mackenzie Gorman and Emily Mullan all the best with their entries into the competition. 

Ms. McGarry


Earth Day in the Junior School

This week we marked Earth Day 2021 with a number of different activities throughout the week. We had daily assemblies led by the students on our Green Schools Committee where they reminded us about the things that we can do at home and at school to help the environment. 

Our Walk on Wednesday where students were encouraged to walk, cycle or scoot to school was a great success. This initiative will continue on Wednesdays for the remainder of the school year.

On Earth Day itself, Thursday 22nd, all students took part in ‘ Walk a Mile with a Smile” where every class went out throughout the day and went for a walk. The beautiful weather made it a most enjoyable time for everyone. 

We also held a poetry competition and will let you know about the winners in next week’s AlexPress. 

Thank you to Ms. Richardson and to all the students on the Green Schools Committee for all the work that they do around the school. Our next Green Flag award is on the theme of Travel. 

Keep up the great work, everyone!



Preschool Upper on Earth Day

The Preschool Upper girls celebrated Earth Day this week by designing lovely posters depicting recycling, conservation, planting seeds, picking up litter and protecting the oceans. The girls watched videos on protecting our planet and the class collectively composed a beautiful poem about the Earth. The highlight for the girls was walking/running 5 laps of the Green (1500) metres. The girls sat down afterwards and we read a lovely book that Chloe brought in to the teachers entitled “Chloe saves the Oceans” , written by J.D. Green. The girls really enjoyed the story and thinking about all the ways they could protect the planet earth. 

Great work, girls.

Ms Murphy & Ms Moran


Preschool Lower

This week we celebrated Earth Day and Preschool Lower have been learning about the ocean and how many of the creatures that live in the sea are put at risk due to pollution, overfishing and climate change. 

We read a book called “Somebody Swallowed Stanley” by Sarah Roberts which told the story of a plastic bag called Stanley who was swallowed by fish, a seagull, a whale and a turtle as they thought he was a jellyfish. After a little boy helped the turtle, he recycled Stanley into a kite so thankfully this story has a happy ending. This is not always the case as we learnt when we watched a National Geographic clip about water pollution set in Hawaii. It was sad to see the amount of rubbish in the water and all the dead fish that washed up on the shore due to pollution. From now on we are going to try to use less water and to pick up any litter we see when we go to the beach or walk along the Dodder.

Ms. Brandon & Ms. Malseed



J3W Evaporation/Condensation Experiment


  • Soil
  • Grass
  • Water
  • Very small bowl
  • Big bowl 
  • Coins
  • Rubber band/tape Cling film/plastic wrap
  • Hot sunny day! 


  1. Take the large bowl and fill it with 2cm of water. 
  2. Add the grass and soil to the water and mix it together. 
  3. Put the small bowl in the centre of the soil/grass/water mix. 
  4. Put the cling film over the bowl; there should be no gaps. 
  5. Secure the cling film with the rubber band or tape. 
  6. Put the coins in the middle of the cling film, above the small bowl. 
  7. Put the bowl outside in the sun and leave it for several hours. 
  8. During that time, check to see if there are droplets on the cling film (condensation). 
  1. After several hours, check to see if any clear water is in the small bowl. 
    1. See how the water evaporated from the soil and grass. 
    2. Warning: Do not drink the water!!! 



J6W - Celebrating Famous Female Environmentalists

We celebrated Earth Day as a school and global community this week and we, in J6W, thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about the people who have campaigned for and fought to protect the environment. While almost everyone knows about the amazing work of David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg, we decided to focus upon other environmental advocates who have stood up over the years to remind people that there really is only one planet Earth.

People such as Isatou Ceesay, Wangari Muta-Maathai, Jane Goodall, Eugenie Clark, Sylvia Earle, Rachel Carson, Dian Fossey and Maria Merian have dedicated their lives to helping us appreciate the world around us. 

We hope that we can do our own part, both individually and collectively, to protect our planet in years to come. 

Mr. Fitzgerald

Celebrating Female Environmentalists