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Junior School News 28 May 2021


Dates for your Diary 


May 31 – June 4      French Week in the Junior School (activities all week)

Monday 31               Mass for J2/J3 RC students at 3pm (students only)

Wednesday 2         Mass for J6 students at 3pm (students only)

Thursday 3              KGLr trip to INSS

Friday 4                    J4 school trip

Monday 7                Public Holiday – School closed

Tuesday 8                J6 school trip to Carlingford

Wednesday 9         J5 school trip Avon Rí

                                   Summer Reports go home in school bags (KGLr to J6)

Thursday 10             J2 school trip to Airfield

                                   J6 Farewell Assembly (2.00pm)

Friday 11                 Terms ends for KG Lr to J6 at 12:30 pm (No After Care)

                                Preschool Day ends at 12.30pm  (No After Care)

Monday 21             Preschool term ends at 12 pm (No After Care)


From the Office

Extracurricular Classes

These classes will all end on Friday June 4th except for Speech and Drama/Public Speaking  and Rock Jam which ended today.   

Prep and After Care will continue for Preschool to J6 until June 10thThere will be no After Care on Friday, June 11th for any classes. The Junior School and Preschool will finish at 12.30pm.

*After Care for Preschool will resume from Monday June 14th until 4pm every day. There will be no After Care on Monday, June 21st.


Extracurricular Classes 21/22

You were emailed an information pack last Wednesday on our extracurricular programme for the next school year. You were also given a link to sign up which will go live on Wednesday, June 2nd at 10am. Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis. 


Ms. Quinn (Drama/Public Speaking teacher)

Our Drama/Public Speaking teacher, Ms. Lorna Quinn, will be taking a career break from Alex next year as she will be returning to her role in the very popular RTÉ series “Fair City”. We will all miss Ms. Quinn, but realise that this is a very exciting opportunity for her. Ms. Mairead Crowley who currently teaches Drama to the younger girls and Ms. Gianna Nordon will teach all the Drama and Public Speaking classes in the Junior School next year. We wish Lorna Quinn all the very best next year and look forward to her returning to us soon.


Poetry and Drama Festival Showcase 2021

Congratulation to all of our J5 and J6 students who took part in the virtual Poetry and Drama Festival last week. Ms. Brehony, Ms. Crowley and Ms. Quinn commended the girls in assembly this week and presented the girls with their prizes and special certificates. Well done, girls!

From J5:

  • Katie S.                            
  • Roisin O’C.     
  • Sofia S.                    
  • Ella G.                               
  • Emily S.                          
  • Maryam K.            
  • Aurora C.                     
  • Aifric D.                       
  • Josephine N.                                                                          
  • Kate M.    
  • Aoife M.                        
  • Matilda S. 

From J6:

  • Ciara H.                           
  • Sorcha M.            
  • Olivia N.

Prize Winners:

J5 Poetry Speaking

First Prize                            Josephine N.    The J5 Poetry Prize     ‘Head’

Second Prize                      Maryam K.

                                               Kate M.

Third Prize                           Matilda S.

Highly Commended        Aifric D.

                                               Ella G.                 

J6 Poetry Speaking    

First Prize                            Sorcha M.        The J6 Poetry Prize     ‘Excuses, Excuses’

Second Prize                      Olivia N.

Third Prize                           Ciara H.           

J6 Prepared Speech                                                   

First Prize                              Ciara H.          The J6 Public Speaking Prize 

                                                ‘Centre Parcs’


All Kinds of Weather!

J3W led the assembly this week with a presentation about the weather. They discussed the different aspects of weather - temperature, precipitation, wind, and the sun and clouds. They looked at why we have the weather we do, and where on Earth has the most extreme weather conditions. They finished by singing our weather medley of Here Comes the Sun and Have You Ever Seen the Rain.

Mr. O’ Connor


PE Fun with Mairead and Peter!

Our youngest students are really enjoying their PE classes this term with their teachers Mairead Wales and Peter Caruth.


Solo Singing Group

We were all delighted to hear this group of beautiful singers perform for us at assembly this week. Many thanks to their teacher, Ms. Fetherston, for organising this wonderful event for all of us.


Preschool Upper - Birds of a Feather!

The Preschool Upper girls enjoyed learning all about birds this week. They listened to the life cycle of the bird and then drew the life cycle stages and then they watched videos on all the different species of birds. They were amazed to hear that there were over 10,000 various species of birds across the world. These feathered creatures are warm-blooded, can fly due to their wings and lay eggs. They also enjoyed learning about flightless birds like the Ostrich, Emu and penguins. We then had a quiz on the different types of birds and the girls did really well recognising the pictures. We finished off with art classes showing the girls how to draw a bird and they produced beautiful colourful pictures of birds. Well done, girls!

Ms Murphy & Ms Moran


Chromatography with J4R 

This week, the girls in J4R learned all about chromatography which is the separation of a mixture using a solution. We learned about this by separating black ink using water. We watched as the water drew the black ink apart on paper, creating a rainbow effect with many different colours. From our experiment, we learned that black ink is made of many different colours that can be separated using water. Then we wrote up our experiment to show others how we did it. If you'd like to try our chromatography experiment, you'll find the instructions below as written by Emelie G. Well done to all the J4R scientists on completing another great science investigation!

Ms O'Brien