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Junior School News 30 April 2021

Dates for your Diary | From the Office | Earth Day Poetry Competition Winners | J2R/J2W Project on Animal Habitats and Adaptations with Dublin Zoo | J5R - Learning about our Past | 'Just Us' Writing Workshop with Fighting Words

Dates for your Diary


Monday 3               Public Holiday – School closed

Sunday 9                Europe Day

Monday 10             JACA Committee meeting 7.30pm

Tuesday 11              J3 school trip to Dublin Zoo

Friday 14                 KG Lr and KG Upr school trip to Airfield

Friday 21                 J2 school to Airfield

May 24-28              J5/J6 Summer exams

Friday 28                J1 school trip to Dublin Zoo


Friday 4                  J4 school trip to Kilruddery

Monday 7               Public Holiday – School closed

Tuesday 8              J6 school trip (TBC)

Wednesday 9       J5 school trip (tbc)

Thursday 10          J6 Farewell Assembly (time TBC)

Friday 11               Terms ends for KG Lr to J6 at 12:30 pm (No After Care)

Monday 21           Preschool term ends at 12 pm (No After Care)


From the Office

J2-J6 Uniform: Brown/red uniforms are to be worn on the correct days from Tuesday May 4th.

If brown shoes do not fit, please let Ms. Lamplugh know.


Earth Day Poetry Competition Winners

Overall Winner: Alice Kent J6W

Class Winners

  • J1          Amy Mintern
  • J2R      Maggie Gilmore
  • J2W     Lila Jane McElligott
  • J3R      Molly Cahill
  • J3W     Sophie Molloy
  • J4R      Seraya Matchett
  • J4W     Megan Pearle
  • J5R      Matilda Shine
  • J5W     Claudia Kelly
  • J6R      Salla Kirk
  • J6W     Alice Kent


J2R/J2W Project on Animal Habitats and Adaptations with Dublin Zoo

Over the past few weeks, J2R and J2W have been learning about the habitats and adaptations of some of the animals in Dublin Zoo such as the Western lowland gorilla, California sea lion, Asian elephant, okapi and Amur tiger. We explored physical, behavioural, predator and prey adaptations. We were unable to visit Dublin Zoo in reality due to the COVID restrictions but they sent us PowerPoint presentations, fact sheets and videos which we enjoyed and then we emailed a list of questions to the zoo. We met with John Muldowney on Zoom and he answered our questions and told us fascinating facts about the zoo and their animals. We are delighted to know that the zoo is reopening soon and we are glad that we could fundraise and support them when they were in need of funding during lockdown.

Thank you to Ms. McMahon for arranging this experience for us and congratulations to J2R and J2W for their enthusiastic engagement with the project.

Ms. Gorry, J2R teacher


J5R – Learning about our Past

J5R have been diving into a project on World War I, exploring the life of Franz Ferdinand and the causes of the war, researching life in the trenches and the use of animals in the war. We found out about the Christmas truce of 1914 and the exploits of women in the war and learnt about aerial and naval warfare, the end of the war and how it is commemorated today.


'Just Us' Writing Workshop with Fighting Words

This week, the girls in J4R were asked to take part in a writing workshop with Fighting Words, in conjunction with the US Embassy. Having already worked with Fighting Words in the past, the girls were all extremely excited to engage in another class! Ten schools in Ireland were asked to take part in these workshops. The theme of this workshop was 'Discrimination' and we learned about how we can all use our voices to stand up to discrimination. The girls put their creative hats on and worked together as a class to write a beautiful and eloquent story about Hunter the she-wolf who dreams of becoming the alpha in her pack, despite being a girl. The final product was an impressive tale with an important moral! After the workshop, Fighting Words informed us that our finished story will be published by the US Embassy later in the year. We can't wait to hear more about that and will keep you all updated! Well done to all the girls in J4R - keep writing! 

Ms. O'Brien