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Junior School News 4 February 2022



Dates for your Diary


Monday 7                JACA Committee Meeting 7:30 pm

Feb. 7-11                   LLMD Speech and Drama/ Public Speaking exams (J2-J6)

Friday 11                   International Coffee Morning 8:30 am outside the Dropping Well

Feb. 14-18                 Kindness/Friendship Week

                                   School photos (see below)

Monday 14              Sarah Webb workshop – J5s

Friday 18                 Mid-term break. (21 – 25 February) Full school day. Aftercare open until 6:00 pm 

From the Office

School Photos

Julie McCoy ( will be in the school during the week of February 14th-18th to take school photos. A permission slip must be signed before any photos can be taken. Permission slips were sent home in school bags this week and are due in by Wed. Feb. 9th. The girls may wear their red or brown (J2-J6) uniform.

Saoirse Women’s White Out Campaign

Thank you for your fantastic support to this campaign. The TY students were extremely appreciative of your generous donations.

LSMD Speech and Drama/Public Speaking exams

These exams will take place during the week of February 7-11th during the school day. There will be no regular Speech and Drama/Public Speaking classes during the week that the exams are on.

You have been sent an email from the teachers in the Drama Department with all the information on the exams. 

Chinese New Year

We celebrated the Chinese/Lunar New Year in lots of different ways around the school this week. During our morning assemblies, we learned all about China, its traditions and customs, the significance of the Year of the Tiger and lots of interesting facts about China and its people. We also enjoyed some delicious Chinese food at lunchtime in our Dining Hall. 

J3W learned all about the Chinese New Year too. Miya and Isabella taught us the different traditions and animals associated with each year. Isabella made every girl in the class a special gift with a handmade craft, a sweet and a lucky, red traditional bag. She stayed up really late to make them! We had such a lovely week. 

Ms. Stapleton

J3W Chinese New Year

Hard at Work!!

In KG Lower, we love to get outside as much as possible. Normally, we go outside to play but last week, we decided to bring our books and colours outside to do a class in the beautiful sun. We loved being able to work outside and it was so much fun being able to lie in the pit and do our work with our friends. We have been working very hard on our sounds and are doing really well with our writing and reading. We hope to continue doing classes outside when the sun starts to shine again!!

Ms. Kenny

Hard at Work! KG Lower

Green Fingers in KG Lower

The girls have been very busy learning all about flowers in KG Lower. We learned about the different parts of the flower and what is needed to help the flower to grow. We also learned a little rhyme to help us remember "Roots, stem, leaves flower. Sun and air and a little rain shower!". We loved singing this song as we did our flower diagrams. Over the course of the 3 weeks, we made a beautiful "Flower Project Workbook" containing all of our work completed relating to the topic like Maths sheets, Phonics activities and pattern making. We can't wait to plant our own flowers in the coming weeks during the season of Spring!

Ms. Kenny

Green Fingers in KG Lower

J4s - Orienteering

Our J4s  are enthusiastically enjoying our Orienteering module this term. They are divided into twos and threes and work together to figure out where the clues (control points) are located.  They must map read and seek out numbered clues.  Then, they have to record these on their control card.  Each team sets out at different time intervals (starting time), searches and records the clues and on finishing, their ‘finishing time’ is also recorded.  This is where Maths skills come into play!  Each group subtracts their starting time from their finishing time to get their overall time taken.

Busy teams indeed! Points are awarded to each team according to their finishing time.  Our Tuesday course was the orange course, themed on the Winter Olympics.

Our photos show our intrepid clue finders in investigation mode!

Ms. Tracey

J4 Orienteering

From the Art Department

Watercolours with Kg Upper

Kg Upper finished their self-portraits using watercolour. The girls depicted their personality in their portraits by use of colour. We looked at some artwork from the Young Zurich Portrait Prize for inspiration. To finish off our lesson we talked about how we are all different and unique.

Ms. Smith

Watercolours with KG Upper

J5R - Aztec Time

J5R have been learning all about the ancient Aztecs, one of the great civilisations of Mesoamerica. We have learnt about their beliefs, homes, social hierarchy, food, agriculture, technology, sports and fashion. We even constructed temples and designed some Aztec clothes.

Ms. Richardson

J5R - Aztec Time