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Junior School News 4 June 2021

Dates for your Diary | From the Office | Special Junior School Awards 2021 | La semaine française à l’école | Art Prizes 2021 | The J3W Snails

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 8                J6 school trip to Carlingford

Wednesday 9         J5 school trip Avon Rí

Thursday 10             J2 school trip to Airfield

                                   J6 Farewell Assembly on Zoom (2.00pm)

Friday 11                 Terms ends for Preschool  to J6 at 12:30 pm (No After Care)

Monday 21             Preschool term ends at 12 pm (No After Care)


From the Office

Extra-curricular Classes

These classes ended today Friday June 4th . Prep and After Care will continue for Preschool to J6 until June 10th. 

There will be no After Care on Friday, June 11th for any classes. The Junior School and Preschool will finish at 12.30pm.

*After Care for Preschool will resume from Monday June 14th until 4pm every day. There will be no After Care on Monday, June 21st.


Special Junior School Awards 2021

Every year, the specialist teachers choose a student or students who stood out from the rest in their classes during the school year.  At a special assembly on Thursday morning, the awards were given to the following girls:





Sports Person of the Year

Millie Hartwell and Sophia Kelly

Claudia McEnroe

Sorcha Moran

Jahan Mangat


From Ms. Smith (Art Teacher)

Millie Hartwell, J6W

I am delighted to have chosen Millie for this year’s Art Award. Millie was one of my Art Captains and a valued member of that team. Millie is patient, kind and considerate at all times. Her ability to be creative across all mediums is a credit to her artistic talent. She welcomes and understands the process of art and has a great ability to talk and reflect on her work. She is also a valued member of her class by assisting her peers with art challenges. She has carried out her Art Captain duties with great confidence and contributed a lovely piece to the school newsletter about her role. Millie has an amazing raw artistic talent that is unique to her. I’m very proud of Millie and I wish her very best of luck in Senior School and with any further creative projects she embarks on.

Sophia Kelly, J6R

I am delighted to have chosen Sophia for this year’s Art Award. Sophia was one of my Art Captains and always willing and able to help me, whether it to move around art materials or help me in class. She assisted me in many ways from displaying artwork to tidying up the classroom. She has shown great leadership amongst her class and the Art Captains throughout the year. Sophia’s quiet determination and resilience is evident in everything she does. Sophia’s a conscientious student and produces artwork to a very high standard. Sophia is a self-starter, uses her own initiative and contributed great ideas at our Art Captain meetings. Sophia has a superb student with amazing natural artistic talent that will bring much joy in her life. I’m very proud of Sophia and I’m glad to have worked with her. I wish her very best of luck in Senior School.



From Ms. Quinn (Drama)

Claudia McEnroe is a very deserving recipient of this very special prize in Drama. Claudia is an extremely gifted performer who embraces each and every drama exercise and activity with enthusiasm, humour, joy and an endless amount of creativity. Her ability to spontaneously create instantly colourful and thoroughly engaging and memorable characters is truly admirable and a delight to see. Claudia’s focus and commitment to her ‘Speech and Drama’ exam preparation was very apparent throughout the year and this work was awarded with a wonderful result for her Grade 4 ‘Speech and Drama’ exam.

I wish Claudia all the very best as she enters her senior school years and I have no doubt that she will continue to entertain and bring joy to so many people with her shining, bright and natural talent in performance.

Congratulations, Claudia!



From Ms. Fitzgerald (Head of Music)

It is my very great pleasure to award Sorcha Moran the Alexandra College Junior School Music Prize this year. Sorcha is a wonderful musician and since her arrival to Alexandra College in J3 she has added hugely to music in the school.

She is a superb leader of the orchestra and I know that she has always been very helpful to Ms. O’Rourke during orchestra rehearsals.

She is a hard-working member of her RockJam group and is very helpful to others around her.

She has been a dedicated member of the choir and when we visited a Stroke Support Group last year to sing some carols, Sorcha also brought her violin along and gave us all such a treat by playing a Christmas medley.

Sorcha has helped out in many other ways and she has been a great influence during Orff classes. She approaches her music without fuss. Ask her to do something and she just gets on with it.

I know that Sorcha will be a huge asset to the Senior School and I hope she continues to get as much joy from her music as she clearly does now.


From Ms. Tracey (Head of PE)

This is one of the most sought after titles in our Junior School, this unique cup, presented by Ms Evans in 2010. It is a testament to a J6 student’s overall positive sporting spirit, sporting attitude and dedicated teamwork. This year, a year like no other, was for sure a tough decision to find only one deserving student out of a very exceptional and talented group of J6 students.

The student who has been chosen for this award is remarkable in that she always has a smile on her face. She quietly displays a confidence in her own sporting prowess and ability, while not neglecting those of her teammates in both J6 classes. She has determination to do her very best, is responsible and aware of others and promotes a positive feeling around her peers. She is happy to help move cones, collect hockey balls, etc., and shows strong but fair leadership qualities. Her enthusiasm for fun is infectious, her enthusiasm to learn new skills is commendable and her amazing smile is never too far away.

As mentioned earlier, this was truly not an easy decision, but having given much thought to this, we know that this student is “The One”.

It gives me great pleasure in announcing Jahan Mangat as our 2021 Sports Girl of the Year. Many congratulations  Jahan, on a marvellous achievement and of your consistent happy participation in all our sporting activities and challenges which you take on with great enthusiasm. Very well done! 

You follow in a very distinguished group of Cup winners as you will see. Continued success in sports in the Senior School, keep enjoying it and having loads of fun making new friends through sports.


La semaine française à l’école // French week in the Junior school

 Cette semaine, nous avons célébré la semaine Française « Je parle un peu Français ! ».

During four days, all the girls in the Junior school presented a project in French during our assembly. They had lots of fun and worked very hard behind the scenes.

Nous avons:

  • Chanté des chansons traditionnelles et modernes (sang traditional and modern songs : Kg-Lower « Frères Jacques » - Kg-Upper « Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds » (head, shoulders, knees and toes) - J1 « Alouette » - J2  « Les chiffres de 1 à 20 » (numbers from 1 to 20) - J3  « Le Boogie Woogie » - J4 « Trois petits pas » de Green team (Three littles steps) - J6W « On écrit sur les murs » de Kids United - J6 R «  Les lacs du Connemara » De Kids United
  • J3 girls presented a dance called the Boogie Woogie which names the parts of the body.
  • Présenté des vidéos de notre quartier et de notre école à des touristes Français (through videos presented our area and our school to potential French tourists)
  • Lu des histoires et des poèmes (read stories and poems)
  • Joué au Loto (played Bingo)
  • Mangé un goûter des pains au chocolat ou des croissants (ate a snack ‘pains au chocolat’ or ‘croissant’)

Some J6 girls came to different classes to read their French story book written during our Zoom lessons. Native French speakers added great fun to the week by drawing or “Pioche” the bingo for each class and gave prizes. 

Voilà, Bravo à toutes les filles. Vous êtes incroyables. Bon weekend à toutes (Bravo to all the girls. You are amazing. Enjoy your weekend)

Madame Conan



Art Prizes 2021

It was so difficult to pick pieces of artwork for a spot prize kindly sponsored by JACA. So we decided to award the spot prizes based on the individual's work ethic, collaboration, working hard and choosing kind always during art class.

Ms. Smith 

Well done to the following girls:

Overall prize: Best in creativity: Evie Daunt Brennan, J5R

  1. Class art: Preschool Lower
  2. Class art: Preschool Upper
  3. Class art: KG Lower
  4. Class art: KG Upper
  5. Class art: J1
  6. Best in 3D art: Annabelle Power, J2W
  7. Best in colour: Alessandra Kravetz, J2R
  8. Best in watercolour: Serena Killoran, J3R
  9. Best in clay: Audrina Conlon, J3W
  10. Best in painting: Mackenzie Gorman, J4W
  11. Best in canvas art: Emily O’ Hanlon, J4R
  12. Best animal drawing: Holly Kinsella, J5W
  13. Best in pencil drawing: Saoirse Jones, J5R
  14. Best in mixed media: Millie Hartwell, J6W
  15. Best in colour: Erin Hartley, J6R

Special commendation: Sara Doherty J4W, Nina Conan, J4W 


The J3W Snails

By Aisling Carty

How it first started:

I was outside with my puppy, and I saw some interesting snails, so I decided to bring them into my class (J3W). We have had the snails for about 6 weeks, but it feels like we've had them much longer. We have eighteen snails, and we started off with 3 or 4. We have names for almost all of them now. My favourite names are Slimy, Festus, Happy, Joy and Bubbles. Mr. O’Connor feeds them lettuce, carrots and even apples sometimes.

A few facts about snails:

  • Did you know that snails are both female and male?
  • Snails live up to 2-5 years and if you keep them as pets they might live up to 10-15 years.
  • Some species of snails hibernate during the cold months of the year.
  • Snails can see but they can't hear.
  • There are giant snails that are almost as big as a 7 year old's hand.
  • Did you know that snails live in slow motion?

Thank you for reading all about snails.