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Junior School News 5 February 2021

Dates for your Diary

Monday 8th          JACA Committee meeting 7.30pm on Zoom

Feb. 15-19th            Mid-term Break

Feb. 22-26th           LSMD Drama and Public Speaking exams (J2-J6)- see below



From Avril Lamplugh

This week we marked the first day of Spring with St. Brigid’s Day on Monday. The girls learned about St. Brigid in their class time. Saint Brigid was a smart, feisty, kind and tolerant woman, a woman way ahead of her time.

We are still all staying at home. Your home is supposed to a place where your children go to relax after a day at school. It can be difficult to steer your children’s remote learning, manage your own work and keep on top of all that is involved in running a household too. We will remain hopeful and optimistic that we will be back in school soon and that the girls will be back with their friends and playing sports again. We know from last year that the Alex girls are very resilient. As soon as we re-open the campus, they will bounce back in and settle back to the school day with ease.

In my video assembly that I shared with the girls this week, I reminded them all to move away from their screens during breaks and after school. They all need some fresh air and also need to stay active.

Well done to all the girls who entered who entered our poetry competition. The class winners will be announced next week.

The next edition of INSIDE ALEX – AT HOME will be available for you to view in the AlexPress next week. A huge thanks to Ms. Smith and the J6 girls on the news committee for all the work they put into this publication.

Please keep the Mahon family in your prayers. Sophie’s grandmother (Sarah’s mother) passed away last Saturday.


Birthday Girls this Week!

Martha Ryan          8yrs 

Lilian Hazeldine    4yrs

Joey Nell               11yrs

Saoirse Jones         11yrs

Jessica Cooney      7yrs

Maeve Darcy         8yrs


Parent Survey on JS Distance Learning Plan
You will be sent a link to a survey on the Distance Learning programme that is currently in place in the Junior School. We would appreciate you filling it out (one survey per child) and submitting it by Tuesday February 9th.


Important: LSMD Exams 2021

The Junior School ‘Speech and Drama’ and ‘Public Speaking’ exams will take place from Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th February. All exams will take place on Zoom. Students will meet with our examiner Ms. Eva Coffey from the comfort of their own home. An email will be sent to parents and students with more information about the day/time of their exam very soon. Ms. Coffey is very much looking forward to meeting the girls!

Ms. Quinn


Good Wishes from KG Lower!

Good Wishes From Kg Lower!  Hello Everyone and how are you?  We hope you’re feeling good and not feeling blue!     In Kg Lower, we are having lots of fun,  enjoying our work whilst thinking of everyone!     Each morning in Assembly, we say a little prayer,  that everyone in school is well and taking care.     We hope you’re having fun like us,  making the most of everything – without any fuss.     We try not to dwell on all that we might miss,  We often end our day by blowing a virtual kiss!     Shake Breaks, Dancing, Singing, French, P.E, Ballet and Art,  We feel so lucky for the activities - in which we can take part.     We have been Owl Experts, Snowflake girls, Superheroes, Explorers and more!  Each week we get excited – for what is next in store!     We hope everyone is keeping well,  staying positive and exercising - during a dry spell!     As we welcome brighter days and signs of Spring  We are ready to admire all that it will bring.     As Midterm approaches and the beginning of a  Chinese New Year,  Best wishes everyone, take care and treasure –  all that you hold dear!     Love Ms. Boyd and Kg Lower xx


Story Writing Workshop with Fighting Words

On Monday 1 February, the J2R and J2W classes participated in a story writing workshop hosted by Fighting Words. Fighting words is an organisation which hosts workshops to help children to harness their imagination and creativity to create wonderful stories, and our J2s did just that!

Both classes worked at first with Pierina and her team to create a collaborative story entitled The Friends who Rule the World. Creativity and imagination is something the J2 girls have in abundance, and they worked with great enthusiasm to create their story, with suggestions from unicorns to witches and from the “School of Dreams” to Hawaii!   

The girls also worked in smaller groups with a writing mentor to help them write stories of their own. In their groups, the girls were able to discuss the importance of characters, dialogue, plot and setting in their writing.

It was a wonderful experience and one which was thoroughly enjoyed by both classes.

Thank you very much to Ms. Jansen for helping us to organise this.  

To read our collaborative story, click here

Ms. Murray


J6R – Taking Care of their Mental Health

As part of children's mental health week, J6R completed a guided art meditation on Tuesday afternoon. The girls simply took a piece of A4 paper and wrote three positive things about themselves in a font of their choice. They then drew three things that were important to them in and around their writing and filled the empty space with line patterns and doodles. It was a lovely way to lose ourselves in our thoughts for an hour and the results were amazing!

L to R: Artwork by Zayneb, Lauren, and Claudia (J6R)


KG Upper LOVE Science!

Last week, the KG Upper girls had a special visit from Philip Smyth from RTEĢ’s School Hub! Ms. McMahon and the girls were so excited that Philip could come and visit them online.  The girls asked Philip lots of interesting questions and Philip even did a little experiment for us using a glass of juice and cardboard which he turned upside down. He managed to not let the juice fall out of the class which was really impressive!

One important point that Philip told us was that we don’t need to study Science to be a scientist. We are natural scientists and carry out experiments nearly every day such as measuring things or cooking or completing Maths sums.

The KG Upper girls really enjoyed Philip’s visit and will continue to be the best scientists that they can be!

Ms. McMahon


PS Upper – We are Learning about African Animals!

The theme for this week in Preschool Upper learned all about African animals. The children loved learning about the elephant, the largest living land animal. They were fascinated to learn that the elephants have great memories, that they use mud as sunscreen and that they are afraid of bees. Then we moved on to the zebra and were amazed to learn that zebras stand up while eating and that the ears of a zebra show its mood. Zebra crossings are named after the black and white stripes of zebras. The next animal we looked at was the giraffe. The giraffe is found in the dry savannahs of Africa. They are the world’s tallest living land animal. They only need  five to thirty minutes of sleep in a 24-hour period. They sleep and give birth standing up. Finally the girls looked at the crocodile and found out that they are reptiles. They have the strongest bite of any animal in the world as they have very sharp teeth. They can survive for a long time without food. The girls then enjoyed drawing their African animals. Well done, girls, on your great art work!

Ms. Murphy and Ms. Moran