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Alexandra College

Junior School News 6 November 2020

Dates for Your Diary

Nov. 9-13              Science Week (activities all week)

                              School Photos (info sent to you)

Mon. Nov. 9        JACA Committee meeting 7.30pm (on Zoom)

Nov. 10/11            Ger Brick: Internet Safety/Anti-Cyber Bullying workshops for J4-J6

Wed. Nov. 11      Ger Brick: Internet Safety/Anti-Cyber Bullying webinar for parents 7.30pm               All welcome to the webinar. Parents from J4-J6 are strongly                                         advised to attend


From the Office

Thank you!

The Student Council would like to thank you all of you for your great support on the last day of term. €800 was raised for the Make a Wish Foundation. Thank you for your generosity.


Parent/Teacher Meetings (KGLr – J6)

Class Teachers have emailed you sign up times for Parent/Teacher meetings. The meetings will take place on Zoom this year. Remember that we are here to help your child to achieve her full potential. We need your support to make sure that this happens. Communication is essential. A good relationship with your child's teacher will make it easier for you to stay informed about her progress across all areas of schooling and to work together if problems arise during the year 


School Photos

Our school photographer, Julie McCoy, will be in the Junior School next week to take school photos. Photo consent forms were sent home on Tuesday in school bags.  Photos will not be taken without a signed consent form. J2-J6 may wear their red or brown school uniform. If you would like a fun photo taken too, please send in a Santa hat/elf hat/Christmas head piece on the day as due to COVID-19, Julie cannot provide these items. If you wish to buy any photos, all the information will be sent to you by email.

Monday 9th           Preschool Lr, Preschool Upr, J1

Tuesday 10th         Kindergarten Lr, Kindergarten Upr, J5R, J5W

Wednesday 11th    J4R, J4W, J3R, J3W

Thursday 12th        J2R, J2W, J6R, J6W 



Hope you all enjoyed the mid-term break. Now we are back in school, the girls have received their sample Christmas cards. Due to the current climate, we have opted to work with a company that can facilitate online orders. This year’s offering includes gift tags, a customised calendar and a personalised Christmas stocking. It will also be possible to get your order delivered to your home address if you order online! Order instructions are on the back of each sample card. Just scan the QR code to place your order and customise your products. Or log in at: now (using the unique order code on the back of your daughter’s card). Alternatively, there is an envelope provided should you prefer to place a cash or cheque order (made payable to JACA). All orders will need to be placed by 11th Nov. to ensure delivery by early Dec. Late orders will incur a €6 extra charge.


Parent Information Evening – Internet Safety / Anti-Cyberbullying  Wednesday 11th Nov 7.30pm 

Ger Brick is an experienced facilitator who delivers Cyberbullying / Internet Safety talks to Primary Schools across Ireland. He will return to the JS to host online workshops with J4, J5 and J6 students on Nov 10th and 11th. Ger will present his findings to the parents on the evening of 11th Nov. We encourage all parents to join this session which will start promptly at 7.30pm:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 952 4795 2649 Passcode: 4747

Once again, if any of you have ideas/suggestions to share with us, please get in touch with your JACA class rep. Alternatively you are welcome to reach out to me directly via email:

Finally, thanks to all of you who placed orders for the cotton and silk face masks. The orders are due back by 7th Dec. There is no capacity to order any additional cotton masks. However, there is still some availability on the handmade silk masks. Please contact Kg Upper JACA Rep Maria Barber for further details:

Best wishes,

Veronica Brogan JACA Chairperson


Short Story News!

Adelina Ranalow’s story from the Lighthouse Competition during lockdown will be published online from the 11th November. There was a huge response to this competition and we are very proud of Adelina. Adelina read the great story to us all in assembly this week.


The Tale of Grimsmouth Cove

by Adelina Ranalow 

If you take a turn down Newbury Cove there’s a little lighthouse that sits on the rocks. Newbury is known for being haunted by terrible ghosts. The lighthouse is called Grimsmouth. It got its name from its first lighthouse keeper, Captain Joe Ishmael Grimsmouth. The legend said that Joe died on a stormy night after being struck by lightning. His soul came back to haunt the lighthouse for many years until a scientist banished him. The scientist isn’t known and hasn’t been seen since that night.

Fifteen Years Later….

Jack and Parker are ghost hunters. They had just finished de-glooming a fairground and are heading to the bar. “Where are we going next?” asked Jack, taking a sip of Cola. “Grimsmouth” replied Parker. “After that Ishmael guy died the whole island was called Grimsmouth”. “So who’s picking us up this time?” asked Parker. “Oliver” replied Jack. Parker stared at him and said “Don’t call him that! If you call him that you have to take your hood down Jack”. “Fine” replied Jack. “Then you have to take your plaits out”.  “Fine, then it’s settled” said Parker, smirking a little. Suddenly the whole bar shook.

Jack and Parker ran outside to see what was going on. Outside there was a huge red truck. The door opened and out stepped…. “Oliver” said Jack. Parker looked at him with fury, pulled down his hood and put his cap on backwards. Jack turned to Parker, pulled out her bobbins and took off her hat. “Don’t call me that! I hate when you call me that?” scolded Oliver. “Okay BONES” said Jack. “I don’t like Bones anymore” said Oliver calmly. “What were you thinking of then?” asked Jack impatiently. “I was thinking of El Fuego” Oliver said. “Isn’t that a boxer’s name?” asked Parker, finally finding her voice. “Yes but I stole it”. Both Jack and Parker exchanged puzzled looks. “Just get in the truck” said El Fuego.

They said goodbye to El Fuego and headed to the cove. Jack spotted a speedboat, jumped in and started zooming around. Jack came zooming Parker’s way and splashed her. “Hey!” shouted Parker. Jack parked the speedboat and walked towards her. “You wanna explore the caves?” “Sure” said Parker, disappointed to see that Jack hadn’t noticed she was wet.

It was dark in the caves but sunlight came in. Footsteps were coming and out popped a skeleton with a silver gun. The skeleton stared at them blankly. Jack and Parker rushed out of the caves freaked out but skeleton was still following them. “Shoo!” said Jack, antagonised. There was a loud honking noise that seemed to have scared it off.

Jack and Parker turned to see El Fuego was back. “Someone wants you” he said with boredom. They hopped in and after the red truck disappeared in the distance lots of ghosts started floating around, cackling. And there was the all famous Joe Ishmael.

To Be Continued….


A History Lesson…..from J3R

The J3R girls have been studying the Stone Age. The girls were very keen to work on a project and after doing some individual research they broke into small groups and learned about different aspects of the Stone Age: cave paintings, homes, food, animals and clothing. Each group created a fabulous poster and we all learned lots of interesting facts. Each group did a super job presenting their posters at assembly. Well done, girls!

Club Gaeilge (Rang a Dó)

Rinne Club Gaeilge 'Gráinneog' i gClub Gaeilge an tseachtain seo. Rinneamar iad le pláta páipear, duilleoga, gliú, súile agus na dathanna donn, oráiste agus dubh. Nach bhfuil siad go hálainn?!

Beart!: Tá 5000 coilgne ag an gráinneog. 


The girls Club Gaeilge made hedgehogs in Club Gaeilge this week. They made them with paper plates, leaves, glue, eyes and the colours brown, orange and black. Aren't they lovely?

Fact!: A hedgehog has 5000 spines!



Alex STEAM Challenge 2020

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, the annual Intel Mini Scientist competition will not be going ahead this year. In order to keep the spirit of the competition alive, we will be hosting our own internal and online event - the first Alex STEAM Competition 2020. Our aim is to keep the competition quite similar to the Intel Mini Scientist competition. As it takes an online format, we have modified the guidelines accordingly. We will ask an independent judge to view the girls' presentations and award first, second and third prizes as before. As we cannot use the JS Gym and present to a judge, each class will now present to the camera.

KG-J2: Each group will do a class video, max 4 minutes

J3 - J6: Individual/small group videos, max 1.5 minutes each. 

Once all the videos have been collated, we intend to host the videos on Google Sites. This will allow the videos to be viewed easily by the judges, other students and parents. The winner(s) will be announced on Friday, November 20th.

Ms. Mc Garry (STEAM Coordinator)


Autumn Fun in KGLr