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Alexandra College

Junior School News 6 May 2022

Dates for your Diary


Saturday 7           AIJS Tennis tournament - good luck to Katie W, Eva D and Tory J!

May 9-13               Music Week in the Junior School (daily musical performances)

Monday 9            J6W Seashore Safari (Sandycove)

                               JACA Committee Meeting 7.30pm

Tuesday 10          J6R Seashore Safari (Sandymount)

Wednesday 11     TY Artisan Market Day in front of the Dining Hall  1pm - 4.30pm 

                               All welcome (Only cash accepted)

Friday 13               International Coffee Morning 8.30am outside the Dropping Well

Tuesday 17            JS/PS Yearbook photos (J2-J6 in brown uniforms for class photos)

Thursday 19          The Big Dig archaeology workshop (J2-J6)

Friday 20               The Big Dig archaeology workshop (J2-J6)

Saturday 21           RC J2 First Communion

May 23-27              Summer exams J5/J6

Wednesday 25      J3 and J4 school trip to Funtasia

Thursday 26           J1 school trip to Dublin Zoo

Friday 27                 STEM talk by Shane Nolan from Google (J4/5/6)

                                  AIJS Art Exhibition – St. Kilian’s 2-4pm

Tuesday 31              JS Sports Day (info to follow) 9.30am – 12pm

From the Office

TY Musical: The Sound of Music

Congratulations to all the cast and team on the wonderful production of “The Sound of Music" this week. We were especially proud of our JS girls in the cast - Emily Mullan (J5) and Aisling Carty (J4) and of course our J6 teacher Mr.O’ Connor too! Well done, everyone. It was a fantastic show! 


Celebration Music in the JS

As you all know, music is an integral part of our Froebel ethos in the Junior School. Next week, we will celebrate music in a special way throughout the week. Our Head of Music in the Junior School, Ms. Fitzgerald, has planned lots of different musical items for us like the SS Jazz band, Rock Jam, students from the TY musical etc to perform for us. 

May/June List of Events

A list of dates were emailed to you all this week. There will be a few more school trips added. Keep an eye on the weekly emails for any changes. 


JS Awarded Green Flag!

We were delighted to receive the news this week that the Junior School has been awarded its fourth Green Flag Award. Green-Schools is an international environmental education programme, offering a well-defined, controllable way for schools to take environmental issues from the curriculum and apply them to the day-to-day running of their school.

The focus of this flag was on transportation. Many thanks to all the members of our wonderful Green Schools Committee for all their work in leading this programme in the school. A special word of thanks must also go to our Green-Schools coordinators Ms. Richardson and Ms.Stapleton.  We will all attend an online Green Flag Award Ceremony on May 25th.  Our Green-Schools flag and certificate will be sent to us in advance of the event. On this date, we will celebrate a National Green Flag Raising Day with hundreds of other schools around Ireland receiving their Green Flag award. This was a true team effort so well done to everyone! 

AIJS Art Competition 2022 - Class Winners

The AIJS Art Competition and Exhibition will be held this year in St. Kilian’s German School on Friday, 27th May 2022 from 2pm to 4pm. The theme this year was “What Makes Me Happy”. The following girls’ artwork was chosen to be sent from Alex to the exhibition. Well done, girls! The pieces are currently on display in the JS Reception area. They all received special certificates in assembly this week. 

KG Lower: Margaret Darcy, Lily Ranalow

KG Upper: Pearl Kelly, Laura Niall 

J1: Holly McGuinness, Hannah Pye

J2W: Shiloh Tsang

J2R: Juliet Keogh

J3W: Lila Jane McElligott

J3R: Zoe McNally

J4W: Alannah Corr

J4R: Lauren Walsh

J5W: Katelyn Anderson

J5R: Elsie Stalley

J6W: Millie Langseth Hughes

J6R: Emily Sexton


AIJS Art Competition Class Winners 2022

KG Lowers on Tour!

On Thursday, 5th May, the KG Lower girls got to go on their very first school tour to Airfield Estate. We got to go on the school bus and sit with partners. It was so much fun! Once we arrived, we were greeted by Sarah and Jules who led us all around the farm. We saw calves, goats, pigs, hens and even a rooster. We were so lucky that we even got to see a cow being milked. Next, our guides let us look at loads of different bugs that loved our banana peels. To end our fabulous tour we got to play in the playground. They had slides and huge things that we could climb on. We plan to write all about the animals we saw on the farm soon.

Ms Kenny, Ms Mott and KG Lower :)

KG Lower Trip to Airfield Estate 2022

J2 Trip to Airfield

On Tuesday, 3rd May, the two J2 classes visited Airfield Estate. We toured the house which was the home of the Overend sisters who attended Alexandra College. We saw the beautiful wild and landscaped gardens with the mountains in the distance. We saw chickens, pigs and a cow being milked. The girls had the opportunity to use nets to find examples of different forms of pondlife and we found a newt and many forms of pond weeds. We enjoyed our trip and we would recommend Airfield as a lovely place for an outing. 

J2 Trip to Airfield Estate 2022

J2W Class Assembly on Sea Creatures

This week in assembly, J2W were exploring an under the sea theme and learned about some of the different marine life that we can find in our oceans. We focussed on the stingray, jellyfish, dolphin, eel, cuttlefish and seaweed. We also learned a poem about the animals which can be found underwater called Animals on Show.

Ms. Murray


Animals on Show

How good to swim just for a while,

And gaze down through the ocean mile;

The ocean is a mystery, It’s calling and enticing me.


A beam of light shines down below,

To illuminate the world on show;

Seahorse dance and jellyfish glide, cuttlefish swim and eels slip and slide.


Seaweed twirls and pufferfish puff,

Dolphins dive below the rough.

Crabs do scuttle and lobsters nip, stingrays drift below the ship.


The animals are outstanding here,

They can be seen from far and near;

A magical kingdom down below, whose secrets I will never know.

J4 Trip to the Irish National Heritage Park

On Wednesday, J4 went to the Irish National Heritage Park in Wexford. We learned about the people who came and settled in Ireland, from the Stone Age to the Normans. We saw the kinds of houses people used to live in, and how they changed over the years. We also learned about religion throughout Irish history and saw a dolmen, a stone circle and a monastic settlement. We went to a Falconry too, and we learned all about lots of birds of prey such as the Peregrine Falcon, and the Barn Owl. We had a great time!

AIJS Debating Competition 2022

We went to St. Conleth’s for the AIJS debating competition on Wednesday 6th May. It was an amazing experience. We arrived at 1:00pm and we were introduced to everyone. Then we went on to do our two debates. We won both debates and got to the final! The other teams were all amazing speakers. It came down to Loreto and Alex in the final. It was very close but in the end Loreto won. We came in second place and received silver medals which is amazing considering it was our first debate ever! We are so grateful to Ms. Lamplugh and Mr. O’Connor for giving us this amazing opportunity. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and to experience debating for the first time. We would definitely recommend future Alex girls to get involved in debating. We will definitely be doing it again. 

Jessica O'Sullivan, Ella Rose McElligott and Sophie Mahon, 2022

AIJS Debating 2022

The Toyota Art Competition

The Toyota Art Competition is an art contest for fifteen years and under. This year I entered the competition and had to draw my dream car. There are three categories and I went into the age 12-15 category. Only three people from each category could be chosen to win out of over a thousand entries from all over Ireland. If you are in the top three, your drawing is then put into a worldwide competition which includes the winners from all the other countries that took part in the contest. If you win that, then you get a prize of €15,000 and a trip to Tokyo!

My entry was of a car that took out all the carbon dioxide from the air and replaced it with oxygen wherever it went - it’s basically a giant tree on wheels, but it’s always hard to explain drawings so here’s a photo.

A while after entering I received a call telling me that I was in the top three in my age category (12-15) and I was very happy. The award ceremony was held on 28th April, and I came in second place!

When I went to the award ceremony I had to walk down a red carpet with a photographer taking my photo the whole way down, it was very strange. I was presented with my certificate, printed picture and an Instax camera. We then had lots of food and more photos before heading home. 

I would recommend entering next year -  it’s a lot of fun.