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Junior School News 7 May 2021

Dates for your Diary | From the Office | From JACA | J3W Visit Airfield | J3R Visit Airfield | Olympic City 2021 - Tokyo! | An Elephant Never Forgets! | Ainmhithe agus Ealaín! | J5W - Living ThingsPreschool Upper - Zoo Animals

Dates for your Diary


Sunday 9                 Europe Day

Monday 10               JACA Committee meeting 8.30pm

Tuesday 11                J3 school trip to Dublin Zoo

Friday 14                   KG Lr and KG Upr school trip to Airfield

Thursday 20            Pajama Day in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland

Friday 21                   J2 school to Airfield

Friday 28                  J1 school trip to Dublin Zoo

May 24-28                J5/J6 Summer exams


May 31 – June 4      French Week in the Junior School

Friday 4                    J4 school trip

Monday 7                 Public Holiday – School closed

Tuesday 8                 J6 school trip

Wednesday 9          J5 school trip

Thursday 10              J6 Farewell Assembly (time TBC)

Friday 11                  Terms ends for KG Lr to J6 at 12:30 pm (No After Care)

Monday 21              Preschool term ends at 12 pm (No After Care)


From the Office


Please keep Mia Crilly and her family in your prayers. Mia’s grandmother, Emer’s mother, died this week after a long illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mia and her family.

Important: Alexandra College - Nut Free Policy

It is important that our school community looks after all students in its care.  Whilst an allergy to peanuts is still a relatively uncommon occurrence, we do have a growing number of students presenting with this condition.  As a school, we would like to provide responsible support for children who have such allergies and suffer severe anaphylactic reactions that may be life-threatening.

To this end, we endeavour to ensure our school is a nut-free school and seek the school community’s co-operation in supporting the safety of all students at the school.

We would appreciate your full co-operation on this matter. 



Our first virtual auction was a huge success! We are so grateful to the 59 companies, JACA class reps and Junior School parents whose donations helped us create an auction catalogue containing 100+ items. The auction raised a total income of €17,500 from bids and cash donations. Consequently, JACA is able to commit to our targeted investment in educational resources in the Junior School this year. This includes:

  • STEAM programme - two 3D printers for the school plus the necessary filaments/spools of plastic and associated teacher training
  • Creative Technologies/STEAM - extra materials
  • Numicon maths programme - equipment (KGLr to J1)
  • Nexus high quality learning materials (Preschool to J1)
  • New reading books for all classrooms
  • iPads (20), covers and charging box (J2-J4)
  • Educational trips / online events / guest authors / educators for the girls
  • Extension of mobile garden

Thanks again to all of you who supported JACA fundraising activities throughout the school year.


Best wishes

Veronica Brogan

JACA Chairperson


J3W Visit Airfield

It was with great excitement that J3W headed off for Airfield, on our first school trip of the year. The dark clouds above did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm, as the girls sang an optimistic rendition of Here Comes the Sun on the bus. We were greeted by our guide for the day, Fiona, who introduced us to Airfield and told us the story of the three women whose vision led to the beautiful estate that we can visit today. We met calm donkeys and mischievous goats, as well as some well-protected roosters and hens. As we walked through the vegetable and herb gardens we saw onions, garlic, lettuce, beans, and more flowers than we could count. The girls also spotted a honey bee busy at work – Fiona told us that this was the first bee she had seen this year.

Then it was off to the dairy section to visit the cows! We met two pregnant cows (one was a Jersey, just like the first ever cow at Airfield!) and learned that they would soon be ready to give birth and start producing milk. We even got to see Farmer Brian milking some of the Airfield cows, and watched as the fresh milk was carried through pipes and tubes into a big tank where it could be cleaned.

After a quick snack in our own J3W wooden cabin, it was back out on to the farm. Unfortunately, the rain arrived, but as we were going hunting for beetles and bugs in the pond, the wet weather might have been an advantage! The girls found spiders, water beetles, water snails, and even some tadpoles. After studying them in our collection trays, we returned the pond life to the water, and went to meet more Airfield animals. The girls quickly made friends with Airfield’s newest calf, who enjoyed being petted and stroked through the gate. We also met three healthy young pigs, although we were warned not to try petting them, as our fingers might look like a tasty snack! Finally, we came to the beautiful Jacob sheep, whose wool was an unusual blend of brown and white, and who had the most amazing curly horns! As the sun came back out to shine, it was back to our cabin for a hearty lunch, followed by a breathless game of chasing to warm everyone up. We shouldered our bags and wandered through the beautiful trees (some of them are over 150 years old!) on our way back to the bus. We waved goodbye to Airfield, said hello to our bus driver Ray, and headed back down the road to Alexandra College. It was a wonderful day out, and we can’t wait to visit Airfield again!

Mr. O’ Connor


 J3R Visit Airfield

Last Friday we went on our first school trip this year – to Airfield!! Lots of us couldn’t sleep properly the night before with excitement.

We went on the bus early in the morning. When we got there we were greeted by Amy, our tour guide. She showed us the edible garden that is at the entrance to the farm. Airfield use that produce in their kitchen “Overends” to make delicious food. After we visited the cabins, we learned all about the animals and the history of the property. A family, Lily and Trevor, lived there with their two daughters Naomi and Letitia. We saw donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens. We watched the cows being milked, learned about pasteurisation and looked at old machinery that was used before tractors.

Next we went bug hunting and pond dipping. Both activities were very exciting. We found tadpoles, spiders, snails, beetles, ants, bees, woodlice and house flies. Then it started to pour rain!! We had a very enjoyable lunch with a dance party and then came back to school.

Ms. Stapleton


Olympic City 2021 – Tokyo!

I had a little ‘surprise presentation’ for the J5’s this during class this week. Three of the TY students, Chica from Tokyo and Moya and Katherina spoke to the girls about Tokyo, Japan and sports. English is not Chica’s first language, but she presented her facts beautifully.  Our J5’s did an Olympic sports project during lockdown (on Zoom!) and I thought that this might make it a ‘real event to happen coming soon thing’ and would link in with their projects too. The TY girls were brilliant and well organised and they even took a question and answer section at the end. Well done, girls!

Ms. Tracey


‘An Elephant Never Forgets!’

Our Elephant and Zoo themes, from these last two weeks, have been so interesting and exciting!

When we read the heart-warming stories about Elmer and friends by David McKee, we were keen to find out more about these amazing mammals and make our own Elmer designs and pictures!

Some of the information we learned included, hearing about their varied habitats, how African and Asian elephant ears are different shapes, that elephants are herbivores - not carnivores and that they can peel a banana and even carry a coin - using their trunk!

We compared our feet to the shape and size of a calf’s footprint!

It has been great fun to talk about these wonderful creatures and to watch how playful they can be!

This morning we really enjoyed a ‘Zoom with Dublin Zoo’. We listened to really fascinating information and got time to ask lots of interesting questions! Thank you very much JACA for sponsoring and supporting this special event. We loved it!

We are all keen to visit Dublin zoo sometime soon and to see the animals that we have been learning about. It has inspired us in our playtimes too - inside and outside!

To more exploring and adventures!

Ms Boyd and KG Lower


Ainmhithe agus Ealaín!

Tá an scoil go léir ag foghlaim faoin Zú agus na hainmhithe a chonaíonn sa Zú. Tá gach duine ag baint an-taitneamh as na ceachtanna agus na hagallamh leis na daoine a bhíonn ag obair sa Zú.

An seachtain seo, rinne rang a dó ainmhithe éagsúla i gClub Gaeilge. Rinne siad ainmhithe cosúil le eilifint, lasairéin, sioráf, síota, péacóige, madraí agus a lán ainmhithe eile. Nach bhfuil siad go hiontach? Maith sibh cailíní.


J5W – Living Things

For Assembly this week, the girls in J5W gave a presentation on their workshop with Dublin Zoo and the project that they had completed on Living Things. Prior to the workshop, the students had completed lessons on what conservation is and investigated which animals were on the IUCN red list. They also learned about the important work that Dublin Zoo does to help with the conservation of endangered species. The students in J5W then began work in small groups, researching the different animals and the biomes in which they live. Due to their project, they had lots of questions during their workshop for Kelly, the facilitator from Dublin Zoo, and Kelly was very impressed with the standard of their questions - well done J5W!!!


Preschool Upper – Zoo Animals

The preschool Upper girls just completed learning  about their favourite zoo animals. They loved learning about the toucan. In captivity,  toucans can learn to do tricks  and appear to be quite smart. They moved on to the rhinoceros, the second largest mammal in the world and discovered that they had small brains and are critically endangered and finally that white and black rhinos are actually the same colour. The next animal they looked at was the orangutan from the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra in Asia. They particularly enjoyed learning about the camel and how they had two rows of eyelashes to keep sand out of their eyes. They discovered that the cheetah was the fastest land mammal and that the flamingo does not breathe while eating.  After learning all about the various zoo animals, they enjoyed craft work making toucans and bears. Great work, girls!

Ms. Murphy and Ms. Moran