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Junior School News 8 April 2022


Dates for your Diary

25th April        J6W RSE (packed lunch required)

26th April        J3s Go Quest Trip

27th April        Bag2School collection

29th April       Preschool, Junior and Senior Schools closed (Boarding remains open)

2nd May         Bank Holiday (Boarding remains open)

3rd May          J2s trip to Airfield

4th May          J4 school trip to the Irish National Heritage Park

4th May          AIJS Debating competition -St.Conleth's 

5th May          Kg Lower trip to Airfield

6th May          J2 Preparation Mass for First Holy Communion 6-7pm

9th May          J6W Seashore Safari, Sandycove

10th May        J6R Seashore Safari, Sandycove

INSIDE ALEX Easter 2022

Easter Egg Hunt

For Easter, we did a small Easter egg hunt for the younger classes, from PS Lower to J1. We hid plastic eggs around the school campus for the children to find. After they found all the Easter eggs, we gave them a small treat. The Easter egg hunt was very enjoyable for everyone and everybody loved finding the eggs and eating the chocolate ones!  

JS Easter Egg Hunt 2022

KG Lower Easter Egg Hunt

The girls in KG Lower were treated to a very special treat on Wednesday afternoon. The J6 girls organised a very fun and exciting Easter egg hunt in the playground. We all worked together as a class to find all of the eggs and we were delighted to get a chocolate egg at the end! A big thank you to the J6 girls who made the Easter egg hunt possible. The next day, we decided to design our own Easter egg hunt during our handwriting lesson. In our pictures, we hid 5 eggs and had our friends try and find them. We had so much fun! Look at just some of the fantastic egg hunts that were created. We hope everyone has a lovely, safe and enjoyable Easter holiday. Cáisc Shona Daoibh!

KG Lower Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Book Club Assembly

On Monday the Junior School Book Club was delighted to present our assembly. We shared with the rest of the school a selection of books that we have read this year in the Book Club. We enjoyed working together to present a summary of the books as well as a review and an age recommendation for each book. We also shared some facts we had learned about the history of books. The books we have read and would recommend are: The Nothing to See Here Hotel by Steven Butler, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl, Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts by Katie and Kevin Tsang, and Rabbit and Bear, A Bite in The Night by Julian Gough and Jim Field.

J5 Trip to Henrietta Street

J5 has been reading the Sarah Webb book ‘The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street’. It is set in Dublin in 1911 and so we were delighted to visit 14, Henrietta Street last Friday, to see what life would have been like in a tenement house back then. We were lucky to have two super tour guides who told us about how the house would have been owned by one family, but when they moved to the suburbs, the house was converted into smaller flats and up to 100 people would have lived there! We learned about the great sense of community at that time, the games the children would have played and how burning pieces of newspaper were dropped through the staircase to light the stairs at night! The trip really allowed the girls to visualise life in Dublin 100 years ago and they cannot wait to finish the novel!

J5 visit Henrietta Street

J6 Trip to Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol 

By Sofia Sambataro and Lauren Kilcoyne (J6R)

On April 1st, the two J6 classes visited Kilmainham Gaol for the first time. We would describe Kilmainham Gaol as stony, cold, damp, claustrophobic and dark in the old wing. We could see how much the design improved over the years as the newer jail wing was big and bright. Some aspects of the design we thought displayed forward thinking were the old wing having holes in the floor (which allowed the guards to supervise many cells at once), as well as the new wing having a staircase with a metal arch (which protected prison guards from falling during prison riots). We also admired the dumb waiter, which carried food to all cells and that the underground kitchen featured manholes, which simultaneously allowed the kitchen to be lit and the cells above to be heated by rising air. 

We saw cells that many famous people had been kept in, such as Pádraig MacPiarais, Countess Markievicz and John Redmond. We also saw the church Grace Gifford married Joseph Plunkett in, as well as the Stonebreakers’ yard, where the 1916 leaders were executed. 

We learned the stories of many prisoners and really enjoyed our visit. Thank you to our guides and teachers! 


Our Trip to Kilmainham Gaol 

By Katie Weedle and Mery Vivancos (J6W)

When we visited Kilmainham Gaol on the 1st April, we saw many interesting things. First, we saw where Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett were married 7 hours before Joseph was shot. The church was small but it was beautiful. Then we visited cells in the old wing and learned that women and children had been segregated there. This was the oldest part of the jail and it was interesting that it had not changed. 

We went to see the east wing, where there were lots of cells and also underground kitchens that supplied the cells with food (as well as supplying heat). There were also punishment cells that many of us would have liked to see but they were closed off. 

When we visited Stonebreakers’ Yard, we noticed that the dates the 1916 leaders were executed on were commemorated with a plaque on the wall. Our guide showed us a place where some people tried to escape the gaol also. We found that fascinating. 

Finally, we visited the museum. They had many letters, pieces of clothing and other things. Our favourite item was a letter in a very pretty notebook. After we finished our tour, we had lunch in the grounds of the Irish Modern Museum of Art. 

We really enjoyed our tour and we hope to do more tours in the future. Our tour guides patiently explained many things to us and we would really recommend the Kilmainham Gaol tour to everyone. 

J6 visit Kilmainham Gaol

The Association of Independent Junior Schools Letter-writing Competition

We are delighted to announce that the following girls have won prizes in the AIJS Letter Writing Competition. Congratulations to each of the winners. Their certificates and prizes will arrive after Easter and they will be photographed with their awards then.

Category A-1st and 2nd Class

2nd place - Ann He


Category B-3rd and 4th Class

2nd place - Anais Weil Brennan


Category C-5th and 6th Class

1st place - Saoirse Jones

The Badminton Cup

We had a very exciting and sporting J5 Badminton Cup Final this week with Tory and Emily O’H coming through as winners opposite the brave and spirited pairing of Camellia and Emily M.  All played their very best while being watched by their fellow classmates, encouraging and applauding incredible rallies and smartly played returns.

Ms. Tracey