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Junior School News 8 October 2021

Dates for your Diary | Farewell to Summer | From the Office | From JACA | Be Yourself | Virtual Author Visit: Dara McAnulty | Inspirational Women | News from KG Lower | From the Art Department


Dates for your Diary

Thursday 14              Marine workshops J3W/J4W

Friday 15                    International Coffee Morning 8:30 am outside Dropping Well

                                     Art pack items due for women’s refuge (see below)


Farewell to Summer

By Katie Smith   J6R


Kicking leaves on the ground

I hear crunching and crackling sounds,

As the evenings get darker and the wind is howling all around.


When the prickly hedgehogs start to hibernate

Everything disappears except the squirrels gathering their acorns.


All is changing – colours here we come!

Touching the leaves as if I were there –

Gold, red, brown, orange and green.


Less light  - here come dark nights –

High in the sky as the birds say “Bye Bye”,

Our summer has come to an end!

From the Office

School shoes

The girls have been very good about wearing their correct uniform on the correct day. As they are all taking part in the programme, the girls in J2-J6 may wear their runners with their brown uniforms for the weeks leading up to mid-term. School shoes must be worn again then after the break (from Nov. 1st)

PE shorts

School shorts are permitted to be worn until the break, Friday October 22nd. It is cooler now though and doors and windows have to be left open every day to keep the classrooms well ventilated. Red fleeces may be worn with brown uniforms.

Hair tied up

We have had 3 cases of head lice reported to us this term already. Hair has to kept tied up at all times. Please check your daughter’s head regularly too.

Saoirse Women’s Charity

Two of the Transition Year girls are making up art packs for the children living in this refuge. Your support would be much appreciated. There are collection boxes at the front entrance of the JS School and Jellicoe.

The following items are needed:

  • Colouring books
  • Packets of markers and crayons
  • Watercolour paints with paintbrushes
  • Sheets of stickers
  • Sketch pads


Cybersafe Workshops & Webinar

Thank you to everyone who attended the Cybersafe webinar last night, it was an extremely informative evening.

Navigating the digital world of our children takes a combination of understanding what they are doing, and how parents can get on board to help manage their daughters’ time online. The Cybersafe Workshops and Webinar helped enable both parents and the girls (J3-J6) to feel more empowered and certainly better informed about safety online.

JACA Challenge 2021

The JACA Challenge is off to a flying start, with the J6 Sports Captains leading the girls and keeping motivation high!!

At the end of week 1, an amazing 4,373 miles have been recorded. We are thrilled with this result, and are organising a few surprises to reward this great effort and to help keep the girls motivated over the coming weeks.

Keep up the good work, girls and teachers!!


Pre-Loved Uniform Sale

Why not help out the planet and your wallet at the same time, by giving a pre-loved uniform item a new life and save it from landfill.  JACA is trying to do their part by putting together a uniform sale for you. 

Around 63,000 tons of garments end up in landfills or incinerated each year.  Garments that end up in landfills take about 200 years to decompose!

As we and our girls become more aware of our global environmental challenges, with this activity, we aim to normalise the reusing of clothing and other school items to help reduce our footprint and reduce landfills.

This is also a great way for Alexandra College JS to strengthen its green school credentials whilst educating our children, by supporting a recycled culture directly within the school community.

We thank you so much for supporting this initiative by generously donating your used uniforms and a big thank you to Class Reps, Gemma (PS Lower), Meghan (PS Upper), Darina (KG Lower), Louise (J2W), Kelly (J3W), Marnie (J5R), Emma (J5W) and Maria Kelly for helping with the collection and sorting of Uniforms!!!!!

The online shop will run from Monday 11th until Friday 22nd Oct.

Happy Shopping!


In Other News...


Virtual Author Visit: Dara McAnulty

On Thursday, 30th of September, the J1 to J4 classes were treated to a creative and exciting webinar with teen naturalist and author, Dara McAnulty. Over the course of the interview, Dara showed us his fantastic new book; Wild Child and told us about his favourite animals, how he became interested in nature and how much fun he had writing his book. We all learned something new about biodiversity across Ireland, how we can protect it and we cannot wait to use some of Dara’s tips to explore nature all around us.

Ms Murray

Inspirational Women

Our J4W students led a wonderful assembly this morning telling us all about inspirational women who they have learned about. Well done, girls.

News from KG Lower!

Buddy Reading

KG Lower have been taking a few minutes out of their busy days to read some stories to our class teddies. The girls are doing a fantastic job looking at the pictures and making up their own stories!

Caring for our Teeth

Here in KG Lower we brush our teeth twice a day to keep all the bad cavities away!!! We've been learning about the healthy foods that are good for us and the unhealthy foods that can be bad for our bodies.

Signs of Autumn

For the next few weeks, KG Lowers are learning all about the season of Autumn. We used the leaves we collected last week for leaf rubbing and have been busy finger painting some beautiful Autumn trees. We love the colours the leaves have turned and we were so lucky to see a real squirrel this week! 


From the Art Department……

Papier-mâché Bowls 

J3R and J3W started their papier-mâché bowls just in time for trick or treating over Hallowe’en. We learnt about the history of paper and how to make bowls using glue and recycled paper.  Finished piece yet to come! Thanks to the TY students for their help.

Ms. Smith