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Staff Spotlight - Bill McCann

Every Friday we feature a member of staff in our Staff Spotlight! This week we spoke to our Catering Manager, Sodexo’s Bill McCann, about his time in Alex.


How did you get interested in working in catering?  

I attended catering college in Toronto, Canada  – what sold me on catering was a stint on a cruise ship sailing around the Caribbean. It was a great experience seeing many countries and experiencing different cultures.


Are there any differences between your previous job and your work at Alex?

I have worked with Sodexo at other similar schools, including Clongowes in Clane and relief manager for other schools such as Victoria College and Rathmore Grammar in Belfast. Before my time with Sodexo, I was Director for Food and beverage for Carton House and I particularly enjoyed my role working with IRFU catering to the Irish Rugby Team when they were in camp – the players loved my immune-boosting chicken soup.


Why did you choose to join the Alex community? What do you like best about Alex?

 I am excited to be at Alexandra College as I enjoy a fast-paced working environment. I find the management progressive and put the nutrition and well being of the students first, and I look forward to contributing in this regard.


How have you adapted your work for Covid-19?

 I feel that the eyes of Ireland were looking at the schools reopening with much interest; I feel that the education sector have made the right decisions generally, and corporate Ireland can learn from the schools reopening experience.


What has been the highlight of your time in Alex so far?

 The warm welcome from the Preschool students when introduced to them – many address me by name now which is nice. They’re all so polite and friendly – the future looks bright for society if these students are our future leaders.