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Student Council Annual Review 2022

We are the Student Council and we’d like to share with you the accomplishments that the Council has made this year.

We started with a student council news assembly. These are a great way to keep the students informed on current affairs and events happening in the world. We talked about things such as this year’s COP26 and innovation in space travel. Throughout the year we held several more news assemblies that help keep students involved in the world around them.

This year, the council sent four of its members to the ISSU Regional Council. The Irish Second-Level Students Union (ISSU) is an organisation dedicated to representing, uplifting and defending students’ voices. The Regional Council is a council of schools that allows students to come together for a day of debate, skill sharing and networking. Regional Officers are also elected at these meetings. Myself and Jieni Peng were sent as voting delegates and Ciara Conroy was sent as an observer. Grace O’Duffy also attended and ran for Regional Officer and was elected into the position! Well done Grace! 

Perhaps the highlight of the year was Stand Up Week that ran from 15th-19th November. Stand Up Awareness Week is a week designed to encourage students to take a stand against homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. It is an opportunity to create safe spaces and offer support to LGBT+ students.

The Student Council worked together to put together many fun events like pronoun pin making and LGBT+ trivia table quizzes, and also had an assembly about the importance of tolerance and love in school environments. We also decked out the school with lots of pride-related decorations such as posters, flags and signs.

For some fun, festive cheer, the Student Council ran a Christmas card making initiative in aid of the Saoirse Women’s Refuge in the last week of school before Christmas break. We also teamed up with the Simon Community and represented Alex on Grafton Street, caroling and collecting donations for the charity. 

In the new year, we ran an initiative on behalf of Epilepsy Ireland, a charity that is very near and dear to our hearts. We took time out of SPHE classes to look at Epilepsy Ireland’s “Degree” which is a 10-minute crash course in epilepsy awareness. It covers the different types of epilepsy and how to help people who may be epileptic or suffering from a seizure.

Later on in the year we ran a Ukraine badge initiative, selling handmade Ukraine flag badges for €2 in aid of the UNHRC. This cause is extremely important to us as two of our student council representatives are from Ukraine and are deeply impacted by this conflict. 

Finally, we sent two of our representatives to the ISSU General Assembly in April where they were introduced to the voting procedures for various roles such as Coiste Gno and other officer types. To finish off the year we signed in our Student Council constitution that has been a work in progress for almost a year. Here’s the link to our constitution:

Student Council Constitution

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the entire school community for supporting us this year with all of our events and projects. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did! If you have any questions or concerns you can bring them up with me and contact me at We love to hear the opinions of the study body so we really encourage you to get involved! Keep an eye out for lots more exciting projects from the Student Council next year!

Sienna O’Riordan 5M