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Useful Links

Alexandra College

TY Market Day Shopping Guide 2021

Market Day will take place on Friday 26 November 9 am to 2 pm in the HWC! There will be a rota for form classes to attend - check with your form tutor for more information. 

TY Mini Companies 2021



Instagram: @404errorty.minicompany_ 










Instagram: @ccandoraa

Website: Candora

Preorder Form 

Hi everyone! We are a TY mini company selling beaded jewellery (necklaces, rings and bracelets) along with twisted candles. All of our products are handmade by our team for your enjoyment. Each product is also made of sustainable materials. Our products are stylish and offered at a very affordable price. At the completion of our sales we will be donating to Trocaire Gifts of Love to support those in need around the world at Christmas.  to view our products. To make your order please complete our preorder form

We hope you will purchase some of our jewellery. Thank you!



Instagram: @choppinginalex


What are we going to sell: 

- different patterns and designs of chopsticks

- ramen/cup noodles

We are going to sell these products at affordable prices. The products we are selling are unique, which include asian culture, and different from other companies. So please support us on the market day. Thanks a million.






Fragrant Jewels

Instagram: @fragrantjewels2021

We are fragrant jewels, a company selling candles with a surprise inside, we have a jewellery or secret message inside. Our Instagram is @fragrantjewels2021 So please check us out, we will be sending out a preorder form with loads of different scents in the coming days.  






Greater than Gold Jewellery



Beautiful gold detailed jewellery and accessories, with really affordable prices and great deals.


Hair with Flare

Instagram: @hairrwithflaree








Happy Hampers

Instagram: @happyhamperszz



Happy Hampers is a business selling great value pouches containing jewellery, beauty face masks, hair accessories and sweets. Our product is perfect if you want to treat yourself or give a friend or family member a small gift. The contents are also available to buy separately. You can order from our website.





Il était une fois


J'adore la Décor

Instagram: @jadore_la_decor1


Preorder Form







Jepic Jewels

Instagram: @jepicjewels






Lil & Jo's Jewellery

Instagram: @liljosjewelleryalexmarketday









Local Beauty Gift Sets

Instagram: @localbeauty.giftsets








Miss Case


Hello, we are Renee, Ophelia, Ingrid and Apple from 4T. We will be selling iPhone and iPad cases of different models and with a variety of stylish designs. Our products aren’t only looking delicate, but also protective to the devices. An iPhone case or iPad case which looks pretty but useful at the same time would definitely be a great choice on your shopping list. There will be discounts too. If you are interested in our mini business, please support us by buying our products. Thank you very much.



Patched Up

Instagram: @patched.up_













Queen Beads

Instagram: @queen_beads


We are a TY mini company making handmade beaded bracelets, necklace's and phone charms.






Rings & Things

Instagram: @r1ngsandthings










Soya Bean

Instagram: @soya_bean_21


Email: or

We are a TY mini company ,and we are selling luxuries candles and beautifully scented soaps .they come as a bundle together and you can choose the scent and choose from are beautiful selection of colours to have your bundle.And it’s only €7.50 it’s perfect for a gift for someone or if you just want to treat yourself.Thank you


Taste of Spain

Instagram: @taste_of_spainn 

We are going to be selling assortments of spanish candy for 2-3 euros depending on the size of the pick n mix bag + box. come check us out on market day or preorder via instagram dms!






Tears of Time


The Coffee Company

Instagram: @the.coffeecompany


Email: or

Preorder Form

We are a TY Mini Company called "The Coffee Company". We are selling double walled, sticker customisable, BPA free coffee cups with strong, safe straws. Our coffee cups fit most cup holders and they are dishwasher safe. Check out our website, and learn more about our various waterproof sticker themes, and our products.

You can come visit us on market day and order your cups at our stall. Anyone who has preordered can pay on market day.

- Ayla and Aisling


The Phone Case

Instagram: @thephonecase.2 











Instagram: @totallytotesty

Preorder Form

Hi everyone, we are a TY mini company selling printed tote bags. These tote bags are organic and sustainable, and there are many patterns available. !!Last day to pre-order 15th November, and you will receive your order on Market Day!! (We will also be taking orders on Market Day to receive before Christmas)




Instagram: @_t.o.t.e.s_








Wax and Wix


Preorder Form


We are a ty mini company selling affordable candles. Our scents are cherry, Apple and pear, peach and orange, vanilla and red berries.