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Useful Links

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Oklahoma! - Meet the Crew

The Publicity Team

Adriana Diaz, Isabel Vallejo Sarandeses, Paloma Llorente and Patrizia Lleal

The Publicity Team’s main goal is to publicise the musical and give updates about how the production is coming along each week. They are currently working on interviews with the cast and also completing research on the play and its history. The Publicity team is in charge of sponsorship and are looking for anyone who is willing to sponsor the show, through our raffle or as an advertisement in the program. You can contact Ms Rycraft if you are interested in sponsorship.

Please keep an eye on the TY musical Instagram account as they regularly post about their work and share photos.


The Costume Team

Olivia Zhu, Jasmyn Hayes, Emma Ryan, Aoife Callaghan, Laura Falco, Laura Lopez, Sofia Monteagudo, Georgina Pratdesaba Sitjes, Maria Santacreu Claraso.

The Costume Team's main objective is to make the audience members feel as though they are immersed in the 1960s while watching this production. The costumes team has just finished researching the 1960s costume era, they looked at the layout of the musical so that they can organise what the characters are going to wear during each scene. They are now finding costumes that are best suited to the personality of each character.

The Props & Set Team

Stage Managers: Oriel Leavy Gray and Aoife Callaghan

Head of Props: Catalina Clavo Collado

Claire Amyot d’Inville, Isabella Corona, Camille Fitzpatrick, Minju Kim, Lauren O’Loan, Ruiyun Long, Mina Maguire, Marta Martinez, Marie De La Mettrie, Ángela Monasterio, Sofia Monteagudo Echevarria, Alison O’Neill, Georgina Pratdesaba Sitjes, Ane Rivas, Maria Santacreu Claraso, Satsuki Shiba and Olivia Vivanco.

The set design of the musical helps to give the audience an idea of the setting and when and where it took place. The props help to make the musical more authentic. This team have been busy researching the furniture and settings of the era and are currently working on a number of projects. They are making corn crops, dollar bills, fortune cards and posters for the Smokehouse. They are gathering props such as baskets, carpet beaters and suitcases. They are busy working with the set builder to design the set and bring it to life.


By Adriana Diaz and Isabel Vallejo