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Alexandra College

About Senior School

We are known for academic excellence and our girls consistently achieve results in the Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations that are well above the national average.

Every year, more than 90% of students who complete their studies with us accept offers from universities to continue their studies at a higher level.

During their time with us at Alexandra College Senior School, we aim to prepare our girls for the next stages in their lives and careers. We know they need more than academic qualifications to succeed. They also need the right behavioural and social skills, a breadth of interests and understanding and a clear perspective on what they wish to achieve. So everything we do is designed to give them all of these skills and ensure that when they leave us, they are fully prepared for life.

Pursuit of Excellence

All of our classes and activities are structured to help girls enjoy a challenge to do their best without pressure or anxiety.

We celebrate success and recognise the effort put in by our students. And we are very proud of the success we have in academic, artistic, musical and sporting arenas where, every year, girls and teams from Alexandra College get recognition, achieve their goals and win prizes at all levels.

We value the individual abilities and goals of each student. Our Resource Department ensures that every student, whatever her academic ability, will reach her potential and succeed. She will succeed first, as a person who is valued in our community and secondly, as a young woman who will contribute personally and professionally to society.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence for all.

Learning by Questioning

We go beyond the exam syllabus and encourage girls to be reflective in their learning, to be independent and to question assumptions.

Our goal is always to develop girls as inquisitive learners who are prepared for the challenges of life beyond school and university. They are taught to solve problems and love learning for its own sake.

Broad Academic Curriculum

The diversity of our student group means we have a broad range of academic subjects that may be studied for the State examinations.

Our students select from a list of approximately 25 subjects in the areas of language, the sciences and maths, business and the creative and social subjects. Our results are excellent, over the past five years our students have received A or B grades in two-thirds of all examinations taken. In the Leaving Certificate more than 80% of exams are taken at Higher Level and our students obtain almost 50% more points than the national average.

Study and Exam Preparation

Every year, more than 90% of students who complete their studies with us accept offers from universities at home and abroad.

We help to support the development of strong study habits by organising supervised study periods in the afternoon, evening and at weekends, as well as encouraging respect for health, happiness and relaxation.

We are very proud of our well-stocked library, where staff help the girls to use resources to the fullest in researching, studying or simply reading for enjoyment.

Pastoral Care

As our students go through periods of great change and development during the years they spend at Alexandra, our staff are very experienced at looking after and supporting their needs.

We provide counselling care, faith care, and the students themselves play a great part as role models and friends providing a natural support network for each other. We also work hard to ensure bullying and victimisation does not occur in our schools.

Career Guidance

We have extensive guidance options available to students at all stages, combining library materials for research and face-to-face meetings with experienced experts who can advise on career options, subject choices and higher education opportunities in Ireland and overseas.

All of our girls receive excellent advice and support so they make the best choices and typically achieve what they need to take the next steps available to them.

Over the years many Alexandrans have received sporting and academic scholarships enabling them to study at major universities in the United States and Britain.

Social and Charitable Project Work

Alexandra College has been known for community work from our earliest days, with a history of social involvement in the life of Dublin’s poor.

This continues today though our connection with local Irish charities and home-grown College charities such as the Alexandra College Bursaries Committee. Our students are involved in fundraising for causes in Nepal and India. Every year a group of our 5th year girls travels to India with the Hope Foundation to work in Kolkata, where they help to care for the street children of the city. A sense of communal responsibility and caring has always been prominent in our values and continues well beyond the school years through the work of Alexandra College Guild.