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TY Carlingford Diaries 2019


The Transition Year students spent four fantastic days in Carlingford Adventure Centre in October. Read their diaries of their experience below!


We arrived in school very excited at around 8:15am and then we did the roll call in the concourse. Then the two busses arrived and we all got on the bus and had another roll call once we got onto the buses. We then departed just before 9am and we set off on our journey to Carlingford Adventure Centre in County Louth. The bus ride took around an hour and a half. We got to Carlingford at around 11:30 and when we arrived we went straight to the bag room and dropped our bags and had our first talk from the instructors. Then the teachers split us into 3 different groups, group A, B and C. 
Group A went straight to canoeing, Group B went to the Sky Park and Group C did the combat archery and football golfing. After the first activity of the day we went to lunch at 2pm. After lunch we went to our second activity Group A did the archery combat and football golf, Group B went canoeing and Group C did the high ropes course. 
After our activities we went back to the Adventure Centre for dinner. After dinner we went to the common room and we were assigned our bedrooms. We moved our bags from the bag room to our bedrooms and got ready for our night time activities.  Group A did the Carlingford challenge activities in the sportshall, Group B and C went to the campfire up in the hills and made s’mores. 
After the night activities we had free time up in our rooms and explored the adventure centre. We then had to go back to our own rooms at 11pm and went to sleep as we were very tired after a long day!
By Camille and Alison 


We woke up around 8am and had breakfast in the kitchen all together. We then split off into our smaller groups for our morning activity. Some people did ziplining and high ropes while others did team building activities and rotations. It was very cold and a bit windy but we we all wrapped up and still had a good time. After lunch we had another activity, and our group did combat archery and foot golf (which is like golf except that you kick a soccer ball into larger hole). We then walked back into Carlingford town to the adventure centre where we slept and had our meals. We had dinner and then had some down time in our rooms. 
In the evening, some people went up to the campfire for s’mores. The rest participated in the “Carlingford Challenge” in the Adventure Centre. Three instructors played bonding games with us. We played ‘shoe tower’ which you had to build the tallest tower by using everyone’s shoes; long jump which you had to try to jump as far as you can; ‘human table’ which four people lay on each other while standing to make a table shape. 
By Grace, Ellie, Gillian


We woke up at 8 in the morning. Our group, Group A did laser combat as our first activity. We dressed up in camouflage clothing and they gave each of us a laser gun. We did 5 rounds where we had to catch the other team. It was a lot of fun to do the laser combat, we had a great time. Then we went back to the house and we had lunch.
After eating our lunch we went to ziplining until 4 and then we returned to the lodge for dinner. At 6 pm we climbed the mountain to do another activity called the blindfold walk. We had to make a line with our eyes closed and we had to dodge objects. When we finished we went down again to the lodge where we waited for the other groups to come back. We were all very tired and went straight to bed after our night time activity!
By Laura and Marta


Much to our dismay, our last day finally arrived. There were mixed emotions, as although many of us were excited to get a good night’s sleep in our own bed, we had an amazing week that we didn’t want to end! We were awoken by the intercom for the last time that morning, and had to pack our bags and tidy up our rooms before going down to our final breakfast. Once dressed and ready, we were then led off to our final activity. Those in Group A and B were brought on a final walk up the mountain, while Group C headed off to the SkyPark. Group B spent the morning playing an intense game of laser combat while Group A ziplined in the trees above. We all had a tremendous amount of fun, but before we knew it, the activities came to an end.
We finally returned to the centre and enjoyed a delicious, well-earned lunch. Afterwards we gathered up our bags and headed to the buses. We took a year group photo and got onboard the buses to return home. The ride home was long and we were all very tired but we’d had lots of fun all week and had had one of the best experiences ever.  

By Ella, Rachel, Izzy