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Welcome to the Junior School

primary school girls learn to code

Start Here, Go Anywhere

Welcome to Alexandra College Junior School. This is where your child’s educational journey begins. During her Preschool and Junior School years, your daughter will learn that she is part of a diverse, vibrant, caring community. She will learn to be an independent thinker and an interconnected contributor, to enquire widely into the world beyond the school gates, to work with others, and to develop a love of learning. In a place where she will feel wholly welcome and in which she will form strong and lasting friendships, she will learn a range of skills that will prepare her for life.

The Junior School provides a holistic education based on the principles of Friedrich Froebel. Our approach emphasises cross-curricular learning and interactive creative play. We follow the National Primary Curriculum as set by the Department of Education. Our class teachers are passionate educators with deep expertise in the stages of child development. We also have specialist teachers in French, music, PE, dance, drama, art and coding. Our aim is to keep Alexandra College always at the forefront of excellence in education, learning and child development, and to put the conditions in place in which each child will thrive and strive for all that they imagine they could be.


Avril Lamplugh, Head of the Junior School

Junior School at a Glance

  •  A Froebel School
  • Up to 325 girls from all over the world
  • From 3 to 12 years of age
  • Preschool up to J6
  • Education of the whole child - Hands, Heart and Head
  • Junior Boarding from age 10
  • Two Preschool Classes 
  • One KGLR, KGUPR and J1 Class
  • Two classes in each of J2 to J6
  • An innovative STEAM programme grounded in Froebelian principles and a long Alex tradition of music, creative arts, and sports education 



A typical primary school day in the Alexandra College Junior School

Launching A Lifetime of Learning

The Junior School offers a full child-centred educational programme from Preschool to J6 and a smooth transition into Senior School. It is at this early stage of their development that girls develop learning habits that will last a lifetime. We actively encourage them to have enquiring minds, to seek understanding, to reason respectfully and never to be afraid to ask questions and to question answers.

From her first day at school at Alexandra College, your daughter will learn to challenge and to be open to challenge, to be curious, gracious and to develop her unique potential, identity and talents while respecting those of others.

Attending Alexandra College Senior School is a natural progression for the girls when they complete their primary education in J6. It is there that the values, virtues, skills and habits they have learnt with us prove a true foundation for success in their formative teenage years.

Senior School 

We are always delighted to help new families from Ireland and from across the world to explore and discover life at our school. While we are currently unable to welcome you in person, please explore our Virtual Tour.