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Alexandra College

Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs

Education extends beyond the normal school day. Further learning and emotional development can also take place in social and group settings. At Alexandra College, we provide a range of extracurricular activities on Campus at an additional cost, together with a suite of in-school clubs at no extra cost. Each element of these programmes complements what your daughter learns during her school day. 

Optional Extracurricular Activities on Campus 

      • Drama & Public Speaking Lessons
      • Individual Music Lessons 
      • Ballet (Preschool to KG Upper) 
      • Playball (Preschool to KG Upper)
      • Catholic Faith Formation (J1 to J6)
      • Rockjam (J1 to J6)
      • Tennis(J1 to J6)
      • Club Gaeilge(J1 to J5)
      • Code Club (J3 & J4)
      • Makerspace Club (J3 to J6)
      • Multisports (J5)
      • Hockey (J3 & J4)

Optional In-School Clubs

      • Orchestra (J1 to J6)
      • Chess Club (All)
      • Dance (J1 to J6)
      • Choir (J3 to J6)


A variety of extracurricular activities are available to Junior School students. For more information, please contact us at