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Alexandra College

Partnering with Parents

Parents and teachers are partners in helping each child to:
  • enjoy her childhood,
  • learn to love learning,
  • acknowledge and name her feelings, and
  • day by day achieve a successful transition to adulthood.

This combined support is essential if the transition is to be a positive developmental experience for your daughter. A good relationship with your daughter's teacher will make it easier for you and her teacher to stay informed about her progress across all areas of schooling and to work together to develop your child’s learning and potential throughout the year. 

Information Meetings for Parents

Each Class Teacher will meet with the parents in her class at the beginning of the school year and outline the classroom routine, schedule, expectations and any information that you might need for the school year.

JACA: The Alexandra College Junior School Association of Parents and Teachers 

The primary goal of JACA is to support the school in providing an environment in which each of our girls can thrive and strive for all that they imagine they could be.  Membership is open to all parents and active membership is welcomed and encouraged. The association is governed by a written constitution and an Annual General Meeting is held each year.

The JACA Committee

The work of the association is coordinated by a committee of volunteer parents comprising of a chairperson, treasurer, secretary, class representatives (2 per class), Head of the Junior School and a teacher representative.

The committee meets monthly, working together throughout the school year to organise and support key fundraising activities for the Junior School, including:

  • Annual Christmas Gift and Christmas Cards
  • Toy & Book Fair
  • Easter Cake Sale
  • Annual Social Fundraising Dinner/JACA Auction

The funds raised from these activities enable JACA to support the Junior School in the provision of a high standard of educational, intellectual and social development for the girls.

How to Get Involved

The success of JACA is only possible with the unfailing support, which we receive from the parents, guardians and school staff who make up our wider membership.

You can help support JACA in a number of ways; by nominating to be a class representative, volunteering at JACA events, donating a prize for the girls annual Christmas raffle and donating a prize for the annual fundraising event.

Get in Touch

You can contact the committee directly at