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Alexandra College


Alexandra College Preschool is a two-year programme for 3- and 4-year-old girls. 

The Preschool provides a happy and exciting learning environment in which every girl is encouraged to believe in, expand and achieve her full potential. The programme encourages individual and social development, resulting in a community of self-sufficient, curious and happy children who participate eagerly in all class and social activities and who are well prepared to make a smooth transition into the KG Lower class.

The Preschool girls experience all of the excellent indoor and outdoor facilities that the Junior School has to offer and participate in many activities in the Junior School throughout the school year. Girls who attend the Preschool will be offered a place in the Junior School. 

School Day

    • The Preschool year runs for 38 weeks from the end of August to mid-June. 

    • The Preschool class runs from 8:45 am to 1:00 pm, Monday to Friday. 

Optional Extra Classes

Ballet and Playball classes are available on Campus at an extra cost in the afternoons after 1 pm.


Educational Programme

Childhood marks the beginning of each person’s lifelong learning journey.  Aistear is the new early childhood curriculum framework for children from birth to six years in Ireland. Aistear is the Irish word for journey. The Aistear framework provides information to help practitioners, including infant teachers and Early Start teachers, to plan for and provide learning experiences that will allow each child to grow and develop as a competent and confident learner. Aistear describes the types of learning experiences that are important for children in early childhood. 

Part 1 sets out 12 principles and 4 themes to describe the content of children’s learning. 

The themes are:

      • Well-being

      • Identity and Belonging

      • Communicating

      • Exploring and Thinking

Each theme connects with most, if not all, of the subjects in the Primary School Curriculum. Aistear focuses on developing children’s dispositions and skills, nurturing attitudes and values, and building knowledge and understanding of their world through these themes.


Curiosity, Independence, Perseverance, and Playfulness


Walking, Climbing, Cutting, and Mark-making

Attitudes and Values

Respect for others, Care for the environment, and Positive attitudes to learning and life

Knowledge and Understanding

Developing a sense of colour, shape and number, Learning how things work and that words have a meaning


Part 2 of Aistear consists of four sets of guidelines. These focus on:

      • enriching learning through interactions

      • learning through play

      • using assessment to support learning

      • working with parents.

Children attending our Preschool may avail of the ECCE Scheme. To see if your daughter is eligible for the ECCE Scheme, click here for the ECCE calculator.

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