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Alexandra College

What is a Froebel education?

Hands, Hearts and Head

Preschool girls play in the leaves at Alexandra College Dublin

A learning experience grounded in:

        • recognition that each child has unique capacity and potential
        • an holistic view of each child's development
        • the value of a childhood in and of itself
        • recognition of each person as part of an ecosystem in the natural world
        • recognition of the child as part of the community
        • recognition that parents and educators work in harmony and partnership

Froebelian principles align closely with the Quaker values on which Alexandra College was founded.

 Preschoolers in Alexandra College Junior School learn to think, play, feel, sing, show patience, seek to understand, and develop active eager learning habits.

        This is Froebel              Engineers of Openness

Teaching & Ethos

We start where the child is. Our teachers have taught in different classes across the school so that they are invested in the holistic nature of the whole Junior School from Preschool to J6: this makes us a strong, united community of learners. 

Each student will enjoy a creative and holistic system of education that allows her to feel valued and trusted so that she enjoys her learning experience at Alexandra College.

Our Educational Philosophy       

Our philosophy of teaching and learning is child-centred and based on the principles of Friedrich Froebel, the German educator and founder of the Kindergarten method, who recognised the importance of childhood to healthy human development.

At Alexandra College Junior School we promote play as a life affirming activity for children. We place importance on activity and creativity, singing, dancing and gardening as a community.