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Alexandra College

Principal's Welcome

You are very welcome to the Alexandra College website where we seek to give you a true feeling of what it is like to be part of the family at the school.

For over 150 years we have helped girls mature into young women with a balance of knowledge, experience and values that makes them ready to enjoy their lives and careers.

Ready to accept challenges, to keep learning, to stretch themselves and to help others along the way.

Learning To Think and Thinking To Learn

We know that learning is about discovering, understanding and using information, so we encourage our students to have enquiring minds, to think carefully about what they learn, and to be open to discussion and debate. We help them develop the necessary mindset to value the learning process itself.

Work, Play and Be Happy

We know that academic learning is just part of the picture and that academic excellence goes hand-in-hand with a full spectrum of activities. So we run excellent programmes in art, drama, music and sport that provide broad, healthy and creative development for all of our students. We ensure a warm friendly environment for our boarders. We show all our girls how to have balanced happy lives, how to pursue their interests and how important community and friendship are in all that they accomplish.

Encouraging The Right Values

Our core values are independent thinking, diversity, respect and responsibility. Each of these suggests a series of principles that, when followed, help us to think and behave in the right way, reach sound decisions and maintain the ethos at Alexandra College.

Keeping Parents In The Picture

We give parents direct web access to information on class timetables, academic reports, absenteeism and excursions; sporting events, school calendars and news, awards received, detention and other matters that allow them be more actively involved in their daughter’s school life. Each week parents also receive a personal newsletter via email that tells them about the weekly activity for their child and covers forthcoming events and the latest school news.

Qualities To Achieve Success

To cope with our world we all need traits such as creativity, lateral thinking and flexibility. And we need to be fit, healthy and happy.

At Alexandra College our values and beliefs mean that our students will always be:

  • Girls who are happy, confident and enthusiastic
  • Girls who are generous, compassionate and tolerant
  • Girls with integrity, courage and a sense of fairness
  • Girls who are resourceful, innovative and determined

I hope our site gives you a strong impression of what we stand for and what we consider to be important. Of course, there is no substitute for direct experience of the College itself, and we are always happy to receive visitors to our Junior/Senior schools and to the boarding facilities. Please contact us to arrange a visit and we will be delighted to show you what we believe makes Alexandra College so special.

Barbara Ennis