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Alexandra College

Engineers of Openness

Our teachers are dedicated educators. They are learners too. They engineer openness by putting in place the conditions in which free, eager and happy learning happens. Their skilled and informed observation of children underpins effective teaching and learning. 


Here are some examples of how they describe the experience of teaching: 

My teaching plan is organic. A child’s unexpected intervention can change the whole day’s plan. I love being in such a dynamic student-led learning environment.

 The girls are comfortable not knowing where the day will go. They will happily take a risk, try something, start somewhere without worrying too much about whether it is the right place to start.

My classroom is a labour of love.

I can see the learning taking place.

Teachers are learners too.

Our immediate environment, wherever that is, is a learning space.

What shapes you is your experience - what you become with the girls.