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Believe in Alex

Here in Alex, we truly understand that by giving you receive more than you already have. 

Our ambitious plans cannot come to fruition without you. Since launching our 'Embracing Our Future' fundraising campaign, we have noticed not only the generosity of our parents and alumnae, but also the fact that their emotional connection to the school is what encourages them to give an extra financial contribution on top of the fees. 

These contributions have acknowledged the illustrious legacy of the College, its role in building a better society, and the fact that it stands on the shoulders of giants. 

Support Our Future

There are many ways to give to the College; to learn more, please contact us below. 



Fee Free Places through Scholarships and Bursaries


Amount Raised to date through Philanthropy


A Completely New Alex Campus in Milltown

Embracing Our Future

Our Strategic and Development Plan


A 3D rendering of a long white brick building with a grassy lawn in front.
A 3D rendering of a long white building with a grassy quad in front.